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Friday, June 10, 2011

Kisses for Lapierre - Whistle your way to the cup !!!

Max Lapierre makes the funniest faces and is very entertaining to watch. The canucks in gereral are a very annoying team to play and like to get under the skin of the opposition. Burrows and kesler try hard to play whistle to whistle but sometimes the urge to talk smack is too great and they give in. Most people dont know this but the sedins love to annoy and troll the other team too. How many time have you seen Henrik give the opposing goalie a snow shower lol.

Burrows, kesler the sedins where all taught how to troll from the great jarrko ruttu. I dont understand y the media and people get so upset about the canucks antics. I personally think its funny and very entertaining. But, the un-original bruins turned the finger taunt into a side show. If they did it first it be cool but there not as witty as max Lapierre and had to copy him.

So the moral of the story is Max Lapierre shouldn't have too play whistle to whistle and I really hope AV or anyone else in the canucks organization isn't telling lappy to play whistle to whistle. He gets under the skin of the Bruins advantage Canucks. Just let the boys play no1 should be telling them how to play its all up to them now.

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