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Thursday, May 6, 2010

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Souvlaki Hut in Melbourne

A Melbourne Greek restaurant chain with under 20 outlets is at the top of a survey measuring the satisfaction level of Australian franchisees, according to market research group, 10 Thousand Feet.

Souvlaki Hut, founded by Bill and John Fotiadis in 2004 in the Melbourne suburb of Hillside, was ranked number one in a survey of 900 franchisees from more than 50 franchise systems in Australia, outranking the larger Quest Serviced Apartments and Frontline Recruitment.
Franchisees ranked SouvlakiHut, which has 16 outlets, for their intention to renew franchises, the level of financial and social rewards, lifestyle, support and opportunities.
Ian Krawitz, Head of Intelligence at 10 Thousand Feet, said it was a surprise for a relatively small franchise system to come out on top.
''But when we examined Souvlaki Hut's success in more detail, it was clear that its focus on training and supporting its franchisees was the deciding factor,'' he said.
The survey ranked waterless car washing franchise Ecowash Mobile in 4th place, followed by Beaumont Tiles, Xpresso Delight, Mortgage Choice (which has more than 400 franchises) and ANZ Mortgage Solutions.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Early Kytherians

The Early Kytherians

Murbah appeared on the Greek menu in 1903, a year after the town was incorporated as a municipality, when E. Comino of the Premier Oyster Saloon in Brisbane, Purveyor to His Excellency Sir Herbert Chermside, started running regular large adverts in the local papers urging all Northern NSW travellers to his fair city to give E.C. a trial. ‘E.C.’ was in fact the alias of the tricky Freeleagus Bros taking advantage of the high-profile Comino brand name, which was almost synonymous with oyster saloons by then. But they gave up on their entreaties to the Murbahians a couple of years later when Samio & Andronico brought the first physical Greek presence to town. Grand celebrations took place on Saturday 27May1905 when this pair opened The Sydney Oyster Saloon in Main Street, about where the Pouloudis fruit shop in the present Tweed Fruit Exchange building now stands.

Samio was 17yr old Athanasios Anastasios Aloizos and Andronico was 19yr old Theodoros Constantinos Andronicos. Athanasios (Arthur) was as tricky as the Freeleagus and alternated between his two names over the three years he spent in town. He landed in mid 1903 and went straight to Coonamble to join Andronicos, both moving out together around late 1904, Andronicos to Casino and Samios to Sydney, before they met up again in Murbah. They were both being economical with the truth when they advertised that ‘Our experience has been gained in the leading Metropolitan Saloons’. Andronicos had landed in 1901 and spent all his time out west while Samios could only claim 8mths in Sydney. (Who staked the two teenagers is a mystery, but 18mths later the first Greek oyster saloon appeared in Tenterfield with much the same opening adverts - Andronico Bros... Their experience has been gained in the LEADING METROPOLITAN SALOONS..., and claiming they had branches at Tenterfield, Muswellbrook, Casino and Murwillumbah, perhaps implying the Tenterfield Andronicos, Con, Stan, David and Charlie, the sons of the Reverend Father Theo of Kousounari on Kythera, were the benefactors.)

Aphrodite and the Mixed Grill

Australia in the mid-20th century was a boom time for a type of business that has all but disappeared. With names like the Paragon, the Olympia or the Parthenon, and often with an art deco facade, the Greek cafe used to be a part of everyday Australian life. A Queensland researcher is now trying document this often overlooked chapter of recent Australian history, and has self-published a book on the subject entitled Aphrodite and the Mixed Grill.

KERRY O'BRIEN: Australia in the mid 20th Century was a boom time for a type of business that has all but disappeared. With names like the Paragon, Olympia and the Parthenon and often with an art-deco facade, the Greek cafe used to be a part of every day life. A Queensland researcher is documenting this part of Australia's history and has a self-published a book Aphrodite and the Mixed Grill. As Peter McCutcheon discovered, this part of history for many Greek Australians is still very much alive.

PETER MCCUTCHEON: Angelo Pippos is one of the last of his kind. His business in western NSW is a rare living example of a phenomenon that swept the country nearly a century ago: the Greek cafe.

ANGELO PIPPOS: It's one of the original ethnic things that ever happened in Australia as far as we're concerned.

Café De Luxe opened in 1926 by George Pippos and 83yrs later his son Angelo and wife Margie Pippos are still carrying on the traditions from 1926.
When you step through the cafe’s doors you’re hit with the true colors of the outback’s friendly surroundings and our friendly staff.

Come in from a weary day of travel or a hard day at work or even just if you’re passing by. Try our home made hand cut chips (the only potato cut chips in Australia.) Our mouth watering mixed grills, T-Bone Steaks, famous fish and home made Lemon, Orange and Pineapple squashes.

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