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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Classic Greek - Min arhisis tin mourmoura - Aggelopoulos

Helena Paparizou - Poso M' Aresei

love's secret - Mystika pos Sagapo - DImitris Yfantis

YiaYia's Loukoumathes - Yummy Greek Honey puffs!

Traditional Greek Smyrneika Music

Sophia Bilides sings and plays santouri (Greek hammered dulcimer) and zilia (finger cymbals). Smyrneika songs arose out an urban population where the music of Greeks, Turks, Jews, and Armenians influenced each other in the early decades of the 20th century. This vibrant cultural scene was shattered when conflicts led to the 1922 Asia-Minor Catastrophe. The destruction of the port city of Smyrna (Izmir) led to the expulsion of two million Greeks from their homeland. Fortunately, highly skilled refugee musicians managed to keep alive their urban musical traditions by bringing their cosmopolitan talents to the Greek mainland and to America. Speaker Biography: Sophia Bilides has been called the foremost practitioner of Smyrneika, a cabaret tradition that originated among Greek refugees in Asia Minor. A second-generation Greek-Italian American, Sophia was raised in New Haven, Connecticut, where the refugees of the village of Permata, including her grandparents, had resettled. She grew up absorbing the songs of their generation, heard at weddings, dances, church events, and family gatherings. Despite many other musical influences vying for her attention, Sophia was drawn to the hearfelt and highly ornamented singing style of her Greek Asia-Minor roots. With many of the elders gone by the early 1980s, source material came primarily from her mentor, Dino Pappas, an important collector of early Greek recordings. She also collected songs from community members willing to sing into her tape recorder.

Dr. Brian Weiss -- Same Soul, Many Bodies

Fun New Moon in Sagittarius December 2nd/3rd

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Earthquake uptick in Europe, be safe everyone


Overview of the week - Monday the 25th is the final Mercury Saturn conjunction (exact at 8:55 p.m. EST) that has been hampering our enthusiasm since early October so trust that what comes up is finishing up a cycle of fear, uncertainty, committed focus, hard work, planning, challenging "travels", sibling or children situations. We also have a number of Moon VOID periods this week (appropriately enough for us in the US who are celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday with the exception of retail workers at Walmart and a few other morally bankrupt retail stores). The Moon went VOID most of Sunday and enters discerning, discriminating and health conscious Virgo at 7:11 a.m. EST.

We are busy preparing, handling details and being of "service" through Wednesday. On Tuesday the Moon connects in positive and emotionally supportive aspects throughout the day.

On Wednesday the Moon goes VOID in Virgo at 6:44 a.m. until 5 p.m. EST when she ingresses relationship oriented Libra and we are emotionally driven to participate in "right relations." Venus also receives a sweet sextile from Mercury easing up the worry over resources (time, money, psychological or emotional) we experienced on Monday. Our thoughts and conversations are focused on the light, pleasant and charming. MERCURY is now past his SHADOW period that begin October 1st (the very day the Affordable Health Care website went live). We can trust the information flow, agreements, planning, buying/selling and travel are now functioning at full capacity.

On Thursday the positive vibes continue (as soon as we wake up) as Mercury reaches out to expansive, generous, and upbeat Jupiter in the sign of home and family, Cancer. Venus moves into opposition with Jupiter suggesting a desire for "more" - more drama, more connection, more excitement, more wine, and more food. Venus has been hard at work in serious and career drive Capricorn and are in the mood for a little more levity, extravagance and overindulgence (careful).

Recuperation comes on Friday as the Moon in Libra goes VOID early in the a.m., 6:14 and lasts just after 11:04 p.m. EST. No heavy lifting required . The Moon enters emotionally transformative Scorpio Friday evening as we review and seek to understand the emotional climate experienced over the past few days. We focus on our resources over the weekend.

Zumba in Thessaloniki

Transformational Storms of November 2013

Monday's Last Quarter Moon comes at a crucial time, as we prepare to leave the transformational storms of November for the even more intense configurations of December and the upcoming year. This phase in any case corresponds to taking a second look at everything that has been happening over the course of the pre-existing lunar cycle, with the idea of bringing the knowledge that we have accumulated into the next. As we mull over the previous three weeks, in keeping with these times of prominent Uranus-Pluto, we are likely to come to certain epiphanies regarding where we are headed with our lives, in a deeper fashion than the ways of the world nominally dictate.

This Last Quarter Moon configuration is quite interesting symbolically. For one thing, the Sun and Moon tellingly activate the spaciness and cosmic numinousity of Neptune; the Moon is in close opposition and the Sun is in square, each within about a degree of Zodiacal longitude, forming a T-square. With strong Neptune, we have the reminder that deep inside ourselves lies an otherworldly emphasis on insubstantiality over solid matter and for spiritual rather than material gains. We might be able to lament along with Wordsworth that "the world is too much with us," but it is rare that we have the spare cycles to be able to do anything about it. In a phrase that is even more meaningful today, two hundred years later, he went on to say "getting and spending we lay waste our powers/ Little we see in nature that is ours." This last part of the month of November might however be geared to some form of retreat from business as usual.

The emphasis on Neptune brings all three outer planets into prominence, since the Sun and Moon also aspectPluto and Uranus, in their extremely close 90-degree collision, re-emphasized in the chart of the Winter Solstice and due for another exact hit in the spring of 2014. Thus, once we pause to reflect, we can see that there is a transformational thrust to everything that happens to us now, together with an action-orientation since Mars is aspected by this quarter moon also. A note of optimism comes into this pattern as well, since Venus is opposite to Jupiter, while alternatively, the Saturn-Mercury conjunction that briefly forms for this occasion brings sharpness of mind and even a touch of cynicism to the fore.

With the personal planets so activated, we are in the soup, no way around it; stirred by events and inner fantasies, in whichever direction these might take us. We do well to plan, in whatever way we can, to allow the time and space to get more centered in ourselves. Once we do, and contemplate our lives from that true vantage point, we begin to see what we might have been missing — the message of our Higher Self. You can refer to this numinous influence, well symbolized in astrology by the outer planets, as the Universe, the Cosmos, God or Goddess, and it is the same. Within this perspective we are all One. This is so because the deepest level of the psyche directly corresponds to this higher dimensional awareness in which we all share.

Astrology provides a synchronistic chime with this vital perspective, one that we are all tuning into, as we can, and at whatever level we can plug in. The Sabian Symbol for the Sun in this quarter moon configuration gives us a beautiful message that relates to this process of ever-growing awareness. It is, for the 4th degree ofSagittarius: "A little child learning to walk." For this symbol, Marc Edmund Jones give the keyword INDIVIDUALITY and states that it represents "exceptional facility for entering experience on its own terms while yet preserving the full genius of self-hood." 

For each of us, may it be so.

The Reincarnations of Jesus Christ

"Who do people say I am?" This was the question Jesus asked his disciples. Their reply was that people were saying he was one of the Old Testament prophets "raised from the dead." Considering the fact that the Resurrection of the Dead at the End of Days has not yet occurred, this begs the question: what did these people mean by Jesus being a prophet "raised from the dead?" The answer can be found by examining the belief systems of the people of Israel in those days. The concept of a End of Days resurrection of corpses originated with the ancient Persian religion of Zoroastrianism (of Magi fame) and was adopted by the Hebrews during the Babylonian exile. Both Jesus and the Pharisees believed in this doctrine of an End of Days resurrection as well. Reincarnation was also a widely held belief throughout Israel in those days and there is strong evidence in the New Testament that Jesus believed and taught reincarnation as well. So the answer to Jesus' question of, "Who do people say I am?," can only refer to people believing Jesus to be the reincarnation of an Old Testament prophet..
More evidence of reincarnation being a teaching by Jesus can be found in the belief systems of the early Judeo-Christians. One group, known as the Ebionites, believed the Holy Spirit had incarnated first as Adam and then later Jesus. Other  groups, such as the Elkasaites and Nazarites, also believed this. In the Clementine Homilies, an early Judeo-Christian document, also taught of Jesus having many previous incarnations. The Jewish sect of Samaritans in Jesus' day, believed the spirit of Adam had reincarnated as Seth, Noah, Abraham, and Moses. Even today, Orthodox Judaism teaches reincarnation. Also, many Church Fathers and leaders were believers in reincarnation. Most bishops of the early Church were pagan by birth and were well educated in reincarnational ideas. But ideas concerning reincarnation were later suppressed by the Church in the West because the Church of Rome viewed pre-existence (a teaching held by the great Church Father Origen and others) as heresy. But despite the historical changes of New Testament canon, a large amount of references to reincarnation can still be found there.

Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy - Evidence of Reincarnation

In another life documentary of Reincarnation

Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

Evidence of Reincarnation Through Coincidence and Synchronicity

Dr. John K. Lattimer (1914--2007) was an expert on the Lincoln assassination as well as the Kennedy family's autopsy expert. This is what he had to say about the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations in his book Kennedy and Lincoln: Medical & Ballistic Comparisons of Their Assassinations"The assassination of President John F. Kennedy has turned out to bealmost a replay of the assassinations of President Abraham Lincoln, point by point. The similarities, coincidences, and associations are so striking as to be worthy of assembling in the epilogue that follows." Dr. Lattimer devoted the entire epilogue of his book (pages 335-365) to the these similarities, coincidences, and associations. As you will see in these articles, the evidence is overwhelming.

Does Reincarnation Exist?

Robert Snow, a former police chief from Indiana, was a firm non-believer until he suddenly had an experience that made him believe he was a famous artist in a past life.