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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Greek Yoghurt in Queensland

Our Greek yoghurt is made from natural ingredients (milk and honey) and has a thick, creamy consistency because of the traditional methods we follow to produce our Greek yoghurt. The fruits we mix with the Greek yoghurt are 100% real fruit. The fruits contain no colouring, no flavouring and no preservatives. Only real 100% fruit.

The Greek Yoghurt Company
46 Caswell Street
East Brisbane
Queensland 4169

The Greek Yoghurt Company distributes Real Greek Yoghurt. The Greek Yoghurt is hand crafted following traditional methods and a 100 year old family recipe.
Many companies attempt to imitate our Greek yoghurt, but The Greek Yoghurt Company remains the only Real Greek yoghurt on the market.
Simply follow the Quality Assurance Checklist to make sure you are buying Real Greek Yoghurt supplied by The Greek Yoghurt Company. Don't be confused or misled by false branding.

What is the difference between Real Greek yoghurt and Greek "style" yoghurt?
Real Greek yoghurt is made using natural ingredients (milk and honey) and has a thick, creamy consistency due to the traditional techniques applied to make Greek yoghurt. Greek "style" yoghurt contains one or more of the following ingredients; cream, gelatine, gum blends, stabilizers, preservatives, non-fat milk solids and milk solids. Greek "style" yoghurt is thick because of these thickening agents. Greek "style" yoghurt is not Real Greek yoghurt

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zorba in Queensland

Along the water at Margate, Redcliffe, Queensland, Fast and tasty, Pizza Pasta and Gelati.
 Have a Stroll along the boardwalk with your gelati, or enjoy their great greek pizza outdoors in the outdoor patio setting.
Margate, near Redcliffe, is a coastal strip which features one of the Moreton Bay area's longest mainland stretches of sand beach. The name is greek, but the menu tends to a more Italian flavour :-)

It also boasts a long, flat boardwalk promenade, making it ideal for those who like to walk, cycle, rollerblade or even scooter. There's always a lively and active atmosphere just metres from the waters of Moreton Bay.
Seating and shelters, with barbecues and other picnic amenities are located at regular intervals along the esplanade for visitors. There's a popular swimming spot with clean white sand and sheltered waters - making it a favorite dipping spot for families with young children.
When the wind is up, Scotts Point at the southern end of Margate is perfect for windsurfing. This is one of the few locations close to Brisbane which is not majorly affected by tides.
The quaint swimming pavilion at Scotts Point is an historical reference to a bygone era. There are many Norfolk Pine trees lining the esplanade which were planted by the first settlers in the area, more than 150 years ago.
With eateries and seaside stores conveniently located along the esplanade or nearby Oxley Avenue, Margate is well worth a visit. It's about 50 minutes' drive from the centre of Brisbane.