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Friday, July 18, 2014

Lada Duncheva explains Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Leo

Lucky Jupiter is moving into entertaining Leo on July 16, where it will stay for an entire year. Jupiter will take all of Leo's favorite things -- like love, parties, children, entertainment and sports -- and make them even better! Jupiter may also expand Leo's love of self, so there could be some clashes of ego and hints of arrogance... But for the most part, Jupiter in Leo will help enhance honesty, enthusiasm and reliability. On July 18, Venus will also make a move -- this time into home-loving Cancer -- where it will stay until mid-August. These next few weeks will be perfect for family get-together's and small, intimate parties.

Then, Mercury forms a peaceful alignment with Neptune on July 19, inspiring sympathy and kindness. However, the Sun and Mars will also clash on the 19th as they form a square in sky, which could unsettle the dreamy mood. You'll push hard to get your way, without any regard to tact -- and everyone else will do the same. This could be emotionally challenging, but at least it will help clear the air of tensions.

On July 16, the planet Jupiter moves out of the watery realm of Cancer and ignites in fiery Leo.  In traditional astrology, Jupiter is considered the ‘great benefic’, and is known to bestow luck upon those he favors.  In modern astrology, Jupiter is the planet of expansion, inspiration, and our need to believe in something so that the future is viewed with optimism, meaning, and potential — granting vision and hope to everyday life.
The sign Jupiter is in describes how he will operate.  In many ways, it’s his ‘cosmic mission’ statement of the year (Jupiter stays in a sign for approximately 1 year).  In Leo, Jupiter is concerned with self-expansion, self-expression, and personal uniqueness.  In essence, Jupiter in Leo provides us with an opportunity to creatively craft our future and move forward along our individual journey with inner authenticity and inner meaning.  Rather than having faith in the outer world (which usually leads to disappointment), we develop faith in ourselves and the vision to pursue our god given potential.
Sounds good, doesn’t it?  Well, there is even better news! Jupiter in Leo does not just influence the sign of Leo, it influences everyone.  In every single chart the sign of Leo will be connected to one of our astrological houses.  The sign tells us about Jupiter’s mission statement, but the house tells us where this will likely occur. con't