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Saturday, October 16, 2010

To koritsi apopse theli na horepsi tsiftetelli

1946 - Rewind

Greek Odyssey Festival

Amongst it all are light-hearted feature films such as the opening night film, the box office hit Nisos, a not-so-classic whodunit shot on the beautiful island of Sifnos, and I Love Karditsa (dir. Stratos Markidis), a prince and pauper story of a very different kind.
Dangerous Cooking (dir. Vasilis Tselemegos) starring Georges Corraface (Touch of Spice, 2009) serves up a menage a trois between two cooks and the beautiful Nana (Katia Zygouli) and in 180 Degrees (dir. Nicholas Dimitropoulos), art, crime and infidelity take centre stage in this hilarious madcap adventure.
It's a road-trip of chance encounters, lost loves and new adventures in the thought provoking Athens - Istanbul (dir. Nikos Panayotoupoulos), while racism, religious belief and provincial pride come under scrutiny in The Mountain in Front.
With Heart & Soul (dir. Pantelis Voulgaris) pays tribute to the young victims of the Greek Civil War.
Also being featured are two short-films from Greek-Australian filmmakers, one that has travelled the globe via the internet, Maritsa by Constantine Krystallis and from Adelaide writer, director, producer Viron Papadopoulos, Bad Language. 



Greece, 2008

Greek language with English subtitles
Written by Michel Fais and Nikos Panayotopoulos
Produced by Greek Film Centre, Finos Films, Alpha
Cast: Lefteris Voyiatzis, Alexia Kaltsiki, Dimitris Poulikakos
Dir. Nikos Panayotopoulos
A thought-provoking road-movie of chance encounters, lost loves and new adventures where it's not the destination that matters, but getting there.
Setting off on a journey to visit his sick father in Thessaloniki becomes a journey of self-discovery for one middle-aged recent divorcee in Athens - Istanbul. Depressive, lost and on the run from his past, a chance encounter with a young woman and her musician husband takes him on a detour to Istanbul where he might just find himself.
Love, life, death, sex and money, the big and the not so big questions and everything in between are faced at every stop along the way. Featuring gentle humour and a standout performance from Lefteris Voyatzis.

Any reviews on this film???

George Dalaras - 2010 World Encore tour

George Dalaras:
The 2010 World Encore Tour

George Dalaras, Greece's most influential artist, has collaborated
with the likes of Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Youssou'n'Dour, Paco de
Lucia, Peter Gabriel and Goran Bregovic. His extraordinary passion
and skill have had an undying influence on world music. He is Greece's
most important musical ambassador.
With over 75 personal albums and 55 other collaborative recordings,
he has achieved multi gold & platinum record sales, with totals
exceeding 14 million copies. Dalaras will bring one of the highest calibre
musical experiences we have had in a long time.
Currently performing his world ‘Encore Tour’ to sell-out audiences across
Europe, and for the very first time in Istanbul, he will reach Australia this
October. He will perform a repertoire spanning his 40-year career.
Dalaras will bring the essence of Greece to our shores.
Along with contemporary artists Melina Aslanidou and Michalis
Tzouganakis, he is sure to inspire and excite audiences across the
country.  Learn more about this tour
Purchase tickets for this tour
Sydney October 26, 2010. Buy Tickets
Adelaide October 28, 2010. Buy Tickets
Melbourne October 30, 2010. Buy Tickets

Hellenic Voice

Hellenic Communication Service was established by Christos and Mary Papoutsy in 1998 as a free service for Hellenic communities, made possible through a grant from the Christos and Mary Papoutsy Charitable Foundation, one of whose chief goals is to strengthen the globalization of Hellenism through communication and participation.
The mission of Hellenic Communication is to bring Greek-Americans and Greeks of the diaspora all the information they need about Hellenic events, news, and activities, while advancing Hellenism into the information age. Visitors to the site can find news stories about important developments in Greece and the Hellenic diaspora, as well as community news. The site offers feature stories on a variety of topics, ranging from business and genealogy to culture and the arts. Editorials address timely topics of concern to the Greek-American community as a whole.

In the American system, our media is an essential source of information that is at the heart of a free society. This critical role endows the media with its own power, which, when used irresponsibly, can threaten a free society. Journalists everywhere have a vital role in providing the public with knowledge and understanding. As we practice our craft in a global world that is both technologically and geographically changing, systematic standards must be established to guide our work and mission to serve society in an ethically responsible and constructive fashion.

Hellenic Communication Service is pleased to put forth its own Code of Ethics to stand for the journalistic values of honesty, courage, fairness, balance, independence, and credibility.

Athens becomes Art

In a pilot public art, or graffiti, programme with the City of Athens and the motto "Imagine a city where waiting at a bus stop is not boring," the Carpe Diem group has set out to add zest and colour to the walls of dull public buildings.
Carpe Diem is Greece's first "graffiti crew"; it made its appearance in 1991, and became a legally recognised association in 2002. Its artist members want to carry out projects in close cooperation with municipal authorities and communities throughout Greece.
Its first major public art project in central Athens was in the neighbourhood of Psyrri, where it painted murals on three buildings, following agreements with their owners. The programme, under the umbrella name of "Carpe Diem Public Murals - Prosopsi", has now been extended to other Athens neighbourhoods.

Marika Papagika

Marika Papagika Vol. 1. Recordings 1918-29

01 - To len i kouki sta vouna [The Cuckoos Sing it on the Mountains]
02 - Bournovalio manes (varitera ap ta sidera) (Heavier That Iron)
03 - Kremete i kapota [The Shephard's Coat is Hanging]
04 - Ntavelis (Davelis)
05 - Gel Gel (Come Come)
06 - Katsantonis (Katsantonis)
07 - Mavrideroula (Black-Skinned Girl)
08 - Tourka derni ti sklava tis (Turkish Lady Beats Her Slave)
09 - Daskala (Teacher)
10 - Sta Salona (In Salona)
11 - Stis Arkadias ton platano (Under the Arcadian Plane)
12 - Kinisa o mavros (I Departed the Poor One)
13 - Apano se trikorfo vouno (On a Three Peak's Mountain)
14 - Ti se meli esenane (What Do You Care About)
15 - To vlepis kino to vouno (Do You See That Mountain)
16 - Kenouria logia mou pane (New Words They Said to Me)
17 - Mes tin Agia Paraskevi (In Saint Paraskevi).mp3
18 - Lemonaki (Little Lemon)
19 - O horos tou Zalongou (Dance of Zalogo)

Rebetiko in Turkey

Marginality—A Key Concept to
Understanding the Resurgence
of Rebetiko in Turkey

From the study of record labels it can safely be inferred that by the beginning of the twentieth century the term “rebetiko” was already current among the Greek-speaking population of cities within the Ottoman Empire, although it is unclear in which sense it was used.[1] Since then, however, Greek journalists, musicians, scholars, record producers, and other authorities have applied the term with some inconsistency to songs that differ considerably in terms of melodic properties, the content and style of their lyrics, or the manner of performance. If one tried to give a one-size-fits-all definition, one would probably not arrive at much more than the vague conclusion that, in an eclectic fashion, rebetiko songs combined elements common to a wide range of musical traditions in the Eastern Mediterranean. This result would, of course, not be a very satisfactory one; and some debaters have actually suggested avoiding the term altogether.[2] Yet, there is no denying the widespread acceptance of the label “rebetiko.” Instead of striving to classify this genre according to formal criteria, I find it more productive to concentrate on its functional aspects—to regard “rebetiko” not as a technical term but as a quite abstract, imprecise or “fuzzy” concept that individuals (whether experts or laypersons) internalize under specific circumstances, that each of them uses in a specific context and for a particular purpose. Therefore, any serious examination of this concept requires asking how it “works” within the changing parameters that are set by personal dispositions, public discourses, socio-economic conditions, political ideologies, cultural traditions, and so forth.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eleni Menegaki

Eleni Menegaki (Greek: Ελένη Μενεγάκη) (born October 29, 1969) is a Greek model, actress and television show hostess. In 2001 she married Ioannis Latsios. The two now have two children; a son, Aggelos-Ioannis, born in 2002 and a daughter, born in February 2005.
From 1995 to 2005, she was the TV host for Proinos Kafes, a daytime show which aired on ANT1. She also was the presenter of Star Hellas pageants, hosting almost all events since the pageant was promoted by ANT1. Before that she was co-hostess of a daytimeshow in MEGA CHANNEL and, later on, of a tv game. Eleni also starred on a sitcom Pater Imon(Our Father), which aired on ANT1 along with Kostas Karras.
In September 2005 she began presenting the morning show on Alpha TV.

Fan club

"Without Borders": Συνάντηση κορυφής μεταξύ Γ.Θεοφάνους - Γ. Νταλάρα

"Without Borders": Συνάντηση κορυφής μεταξύ Γ.Θεοφάνους - Γ. Νταλάρα