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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Will another Junta save Greece?

The Crisis, The Junta and Why Greeks Are On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Angry and Trapped  
Not many Greeks believe there’s really going to be a dictatorship anytime soon. Yet anyone who lives in Greece clearly sees that there’s now more space for conservatism, intolerance and aggression than what it used to be and these are characteristics that are expressed by the political far right. Wherever you turn there’s a political discussion. Everyone tries to shout louder than the other, just like on Greek television. Greeks are stressed and angry as the crisis is awakening their survival instincts. They push each other as if they are in a crowd waiting to get into a stadium. The doors do not open and more and more people arrive. They are exhausted. For the past two years they keep arguing non-stop. On the street, in the car, for the rent they can’t pay anymore, for the gas that has now become a luxury, for the new property tax, for the new salary cuts. They are angry at the politicians, they are angry at the EU, they are angry at themselves for voting these politicians in.
Nine out of ten keep saying they want to immigrate, yet the reality is that only a small percentage can get a decent job abroad. For instance, while the Greek media circulated that there are massive waves of Greek immigrants to Australia, the Australian Immigration Department spokesman said that during 2011 only 12 immigrants were able to immigrate to Australia, adding that Greeks did show interest of migrating to Australia but there were no relevant applications.
ATHENS, Greece — Nov. 17 is an important date for Greeks, especially for the left. It is a day of mourning, in commemoration of the Athens Polytechnic uprising in 1973 when the Greek military junta stormed a Greek university and killed an unknown number of students protesting the regime.
The day also gave its name to the country's longest running, most deadly terrorist group. The group, which was broken by Greek police in 2002, killed at least 23 people over a period of more than 27 years.
But as Greece marks the anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising this year, the country is bracing for a new wave of anti-authoritarian violence.
Over the past year, there has been a surge in anarchist and anti-authoritarian attacks in Greece, primarily against government and political targets. The escalation in violence was sparked by the killing last December of a 16- year-old boy by police in a neighborhood known as a stronghold of extreme left-wing groups.
The shooting set off weeks of riots and gave new life to extremist groups. Analysts say the riots tapped into simmering youth discontent in Greece — especially over rising unemployment and corruption — and helped win extreme groups new recruits.
"There has been an increase in incidence, there has been an escalation," said Mary Bossis, a professor at the University of Piraeus who studies Greek terrorism. "And it will only get worse."
Greece has a long tradition of far-left political violence and a high public tolerance for such acts, as long as they stay within certain limits.
Large protest marches, including the annual one to the U.S. Embassy on Nov. 17, usually end with clashes between masked "anarchists," armed with clubs and Molotov cocktails, and police. And small, late-night bomb attacks against multinational companies or government offices are frequent.
But another legacy of the events of the Nov. 17 Polytechnic uprising is that the Greek public holds the police and other law enforcement in low regard. And police are barred from entering university or school campuses, which allows extremist groups to use them as bases.

Den exei h kolasi foties

Another Suicide caused by the economic crisis in Greece

To σύστημα δολοφονεί

 για ακόμα μια φορά.

Η καπιταλιστική οικονομική κρίση δημιουργεί εκατόμβες θυμάτων καθημερινά.
Το νέο του θύμα που έπεσε εχθές νεκρός από τις σφαίρες της αβεβαιότητας, της ανέχεια και της μιζέριας είναι ο δρ. γεωλογίας, εκλεγμένος Λέκτορας του Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών Νίκος Παλυβός.
Ο Ν. Παλυβός 38 χρονών, περιμένοντας δυο χρόνια των διορισμό του και ενώ οι καθημερινές ανάγκες τον έπνιγαν καθημερινά, έθεσε εχθές τέλος στην ζωή του.

Translated* Another victim of the Greek Crisis, Nikos Palybou, 38  Doctor of Geology, Lecturer at the University of Athens , commits suicide.

Lindsay Lohan will portray the legendary Elizabeth Taylor?

Los Angeles, CA (April 23, 2012) – Lindsay Lohan is set to star as the legendary Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime Original MovieLiz & Dick, based on the true story of the screen icon’s historic romance with actor Richard Burton. Principal photography on the movie will begin in early June in Los Angeles, it was announced today by Rob Sharenow, Executive Vice President, Programming, of Lifetime Networks.
For nearly a quarter of a century, Taylor and Burton were Hollywood royalty and their fiery romance — often called “the marriage of the century” — was the most notorious, publicized and celebrated love affair of its day. Swarmed by paparazzi, Taylor and Burton’s love affair was played out entirely in front of the global press from the time they met on the set of the major motion picture Cleopatra, left their respective spouses, married and divorced, only to remarry and divorce once again. Despite their roller coaster romance for the public eye to see, Taylor and Burton shared an undeniable love greater than most people could have ever dreamed.
Regarding the announcement, Lohan said, “I have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor. She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well. I am very honored to have been asked to play this role.”
“We are thrilled Lindsay will portray beloved Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor,” added Sharenow. “She is one of the rare actresses who possesses the talent, beauty and intrigue to capture the spirit of such a provocative icon.”
Liz & Dick will be produced by Larry A. Thompson Productions, Inc. Larry A. Thompson (Amish Grace, Lucy & Desi) will serve as executive producer, with Christopher Monger (Temple Grandin) writing.
One of the most famous romances of all time was influenced by the stars. The astrologically favored union between Richard Burton, the passionate Scorpio and Elizabeth Taylor, the ultra feminine Pisces, represents a true case study for this harmonious astral alliance. Scorpio man/Pisces woman is a powerful combination and the physical chemistry between them is practically narcotic. When together, these two forget to eat, sleep and think. But the Scorpio male can be moody, macabre and difficult to understand, then suddenly sting with savage sarcasm, while Pisces female, although soft and womanly, has a subtle way of nagging akin to Chinese water torture. She also has an underlying need to be taken care of that can irritate Scorpio. “He likes to be challenged, she wants to be gratified. She controls him through desire; he devours her through control. A love/hate affair that is likely to be memorable.” 
“Elizabeth, you are a dark and bottomless ocean and I have no choice but to drown in you.” Richard Burton
Why do some people including celebrities defy the old adage "Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me? Without shame the singer Pink and her ex-husband Gary Hart, rapper Eminem and his ex, now current wife Kim, and pop stars Chris Brown and Riahana all repeatedly return to seemingly toxic relationships. A classic example of this type of relationship is the one between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Certainly not exclusive to celebrities, this behavior does raise the question are they weak or are they drawn to the relationship because of their past actions or past lives, their karma?
Karma is defined as "the total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny". In astrology the planet Saturn is the Karma planet. Romans and Greeks associated Saturn with the God of Time. In Hindu astrology the planet Saturn is known as The Judge determining everyone by his or her own good and bad deeds. In Hinduism and Buddhism the root of the word Karma is action. The Karma of thought has less impact on consequences than the Karma of action. If a person helped someone from a sense of duty rather than from true compassion there could me karmic thought results.
Often actions are repeated over and over again until a lesson is learned from them. Some traditions believe that this can take multiple lifetimes and other cultures believe the lessons may never be learned. It can simply be a case of an individual's willingness and ability to learn and change.
Many people, like Geri Halliwell, who want to find love and break from bad relationships, consult a psychic. Truly gifted psychics are guides enlightening people to things they can't perceive themselves. To learn about past actions, even those in past lives that might be impacting present relationships psychics are consulted for a past life reading.
Since Saturn holds the key the psychic charts Saturn's position at the time of birth arriving at the Karmic sign.
Saturn remains in one astrological sign for 2.5 years. It takes Saturn 29 years to return to each astrological sign. Saturn's alignment to other planets, location of the house Saturn occupied and whether or not Saturn was retrograde is crucial in fully understanding a person's Karma.
Each astrological planet and house can hold a Karma key. The knowledge of planet alignment and which planets oppose each other can hold the key that unlocks a whole new life. When an opposition aspect appears in a person's astrological chart that person usually brings people in to their life that make them miserable or take away from the joy that person is capable of feeling.
To fully understand and benefit from astrology and how it impacts a person's life it is advisable to consult a psychic for a professional Karma charting.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Via Combusta Saturn

Saturn Re-Enters A Fixed Star Safe Haven From the Heat of the Via Combusta
Saturn, in its final retrograde in Libra, is currently backing into conjunctions to the highly fortunate fixed stars Arcturus (24 Libra) and Spica (23 Libra) and will be conjunct Spica at the time of the Sun-Venus conjunction and Venus Transit in Gemini June 5/6.

This is good news, as Saturn is transiting an area of the zodiac called the Via Combusta, known to involve great karmic challenge and difficulty, particularly in relationships. Saturn first entered this area of the zodiac in December 2010 and will exit it November 2013.

From a previous post:

"- Willow's Web Astrology on the Via Combusta -

The Via Combusta is an area of the zodiac between 15 degrees Libra and 15 degrees Scorpio (except for 23 and 24 degrees Libra) known as the burning path or combustible way. Traditionally, it is associated with "unfortunate and ineffectual events."

My interpretation of the Via Combusta is humanized and comes from the point-of-view of a person experiencing life with key natal placements in this area.

When the Via Combusta is strongly highlighted, there is a feeling of running the gauntlet through sometimes seemingly insurmountable odds, collective karma, booby traps, and friction, very often related to relationship dynamics, which are Libra and Scorpio territory.

There's a fire in the Via Combusta and within people with a strong Via Combusta signature that keeps them burning, burning, burning a path through life as you would imagine a shooting star burning an accelerated path through the night's sky. There's a feeling here that one has to keep going, no matter what, through the wreckage of old, crystallized layers that would keep us stultified, constricted, and unsatisfied with old wounds perpetually reopened by a revolving cast of characters.

The basic goal of the Via Combusta is to reach escape velocity. In space travel, this is the point a space shuttle reaches when its speed and momentum allow it to escape the effects of gravity pulling it back down to Earth. In the case of the Via Combusta, it's about reaching the points of awareness and pure momentum where we escape the gravity of the sticky, tricky wreckage trying to draw us back into old territory, especially involving old constructs and dynamics of relating.

But with Saturn in the Via Combusta, we have to earn the right to pass. We have to prove that we're mature enough, serious enough, and that we've taken full responsibility for moving on completely, resolving the bits of dramatic charge and the last karmic tendrils that would catch us, tempt us, and drag us back. This is escape velocity for the long-term, under the weight of Saturn."

Tis kardiasmou to votani - Bitali

Monday, April 23, 2012

So you think you can dance - sizzler

Anna Menenakou a star is born

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio until Nov 18th

This week the patterns that permeate the season are born into being.  The New Moon comes Thursday, laying the orphic egg of the month to come.  Also on Thursday, Venus finally goes retrograde, beginning her season-long underworld journey in earnest.  The tension between elegantly balanced plans and meandering passions that defines this week is the seed pattern for weeks to come.

New Moon: The Anatomy of Equilibrium

The New Moon in Libra comes this Thursday, bidding goodbye to a fast paced month of intense communications and beginning one of intense passions.  This New Moon  is conjunct both Mercury andSaturn, only a day before their conjunction on Friday.  Not only that, but this New Moon, in Venus-ruled Libra, comes only a day before Venus’ turn retrograde.
This New Moon, conjunct Mercury and Saturn places an emphasis on formulating and concretizing a plan or discipline which preserves balance.  Although rarely a terrible idea, this plan to retain balance is absolutely necessary this year, largely due to the Venus retrograde.  For as Venus canoes the waters of the underworld rivers, visions of fear and desire line the banks.  Her retrograde through Scorpio will pull people into these dark rivers, with powerful emotional responses temporarily distorting priorities.
In all, the night sky’s configuration challenges us to remain balanced as we explore emotional terrain that is anything but.

Venus Retrograde Station:  Rafting the Dark River

Venus finally stations retrograde this week, beginning a backward journey through emotional underworlds that will last until Nov. 18th, when she begins to paddle her light canoe back to the surface realms.  Each Venus retrograde is not just a movement backwards, but also a movement downwards, an exploration of depths usually left untouched.  With Venus in Scorpio, the emphasis on this statement is doubled.
And so we’ll journey to the heart of the relationships and flows of money connected to the shining planet.  But the path is not always clear, for the underworld rivers do not flow in straight or orderly lines.  Instead they twist and meander, the direction of the course often seeming to contradict their destination.  Follow the winding road of the dark rivers as they twist and turn, revealing the forgotten truths about the course of your desires.  Mirages of forgetful pleasure and despair are to be found along each bank.  Note them but do not stop too long.  This trip is one of truth and transformation, with pleasure and pain as mere moments along the way.
Ships In The Night
Although theoretically possible, I’ve rarely, if ever, seen a relationship began under the auspices of a retrograde Venus end in a satisfying conclusion.  This goes for professional relationships as well as romantic ones.  Often the people who come into one’s life during a Venus retrograde emerge in order to help facilitate one’s emotional transition, not to become permanent fixtures.   Explore the relationships that emerge this time, but do not commit or attempt to make permanent what is still unknown.  If it was meant to be, it still will be in 6 weeks.
That said, people born with Venus retrograde seem to be largely exempt from this set of warnings.  To see whether you have Venus retrograde natally, go to or a similiar website and pull up your chart.  If there’s a little “R” next to Venus’ symbol, then you’re one of the “lucky” ones.
For more on the Venus retrograde, check out “Love’s Basement” and “Venus Retrograde Basics.”

More Suicides in Greece to follow????

Σοκ προκαλεί η είδηση ότι ένας 45χρονος δάσκαλος αυτοκτόνησε στη Σταυρούπολητο απόγευμα του Σαββάτου σε ένδειξη πολιτικής διαμαρτυρίας. Σύμφωνα με το ξανθιώτικο site πρόκειται για ένα δάσκαλο, ο οποίος υπηρετούσε  στην Αθήνα και βρέθηκε στην ιδιαίτερη πατρίδα του για τις ημέρες του Πασχα. 

Ο αυτόχειρας Σ. Μ απαγχονίστηκε λίγο μετά τις 5 το απόγευμα σε αποθήκη της πατρικής κατοικίας του στη Σταυρούπολη. Άφησε πολυσέλιδο σημείωμα στο οποίο εξηγεί ότι οι λόγοι της αυτοκτονίας του είναι ξεκάθαρα πολιτικοί και ότι διαμαρτύρεται για το μνημόνιο και την οικονομική κατάσταση της χώρας.Aποτελεί ένα μανιφέστο ενάντια στην μνημόνιο και τις επιπτώσεις στην ελληνική κοινωνία.

Είναι η δεύτερη αυτοκτονία Έλληνα που έχει χαρακτήρα πολιτικής διαμαρτυρίας για την κατάσταση στη χώρα και την οικονομική κρίση.
Η δεύτερη αυτοκτονία σύμφωνα με το Ράδιο Έβρος σημειώθηκε στην Φτελία Έβρου όπου ένας 57χρονος οικογενειάρχης έβαλε τέλος στην ζωή του τυλίγοντας μία θηλιά στον λαιμό του. Το περιστατικό συνέβη στις 4 το απόγευμα του Σαββάτου στην αποθήκη του σπιτιού του.Οι λόγοι της τελευταίας πράξης του παραμένουν άγνωστοι,ενώ, λίγες ώρες νωρίτερα, επισκέφθηκε καρδιολόγο στην Ορεστιάδα, ο οποίος αφού τον εξέτασε , του είπε ότι ήταν απολύτως υγιής


Shock caused by the news that one teacher, 45, committed suicide in StavropolSaturday afternoon in a show of political protest. According to the Xanthi is a teacher, who served in Athens and was found in his home on Easter Day. M S. The suicide was hanged shortly after 5 pm in a warehouse on the father's residence in Stavropol 

The second suicide according to Radio occurred in Evros Evros Elm 57chronos a family man put an end to his life by wrapping a noose around his neck. The incident happened at 4 pm Saturday at the warehouse of his home.

Mariza The stubborn donkey

" To contantly evolve into a better, higher-skilled character animator with experiences and character, that will be built up through the co-working with talented people who share deep respect for the art and the industry."

Constantine Krystallis is a professional 3D Character animator with generalist skills and high regard to detail and precision.He is able to give tasteful character and personality to animated and inanimate objects. Proficient at balancing key-frames and pushing vertices as well as making precise (almost) brush-strokes on a tablet. Cheerful, multitasking, focused and diligent. Realist but optimist.

Work experience in the areas Games Development and Advertising. Previous work includes: being part of the team for the development and release of Darkfall online, by Aventurine SA. Mostly involved but not limited to creature animations and Video Effects. Producing animations for Iphone applications with RockPocket SA. Working for promotional projects for clients like Nestle, 3M, Henkel, Nescafe, Buondi, Diageo.

Mariza (2008):

~4th Athens Animfest 2009. Winner of 3rd place & Audience Award.
~Naoussa International Film Festival 2009. Winner Best Animated Film & Best Animation Audience Award.
~London Greek Film Festival 2009. Winner www.visitor Choice Award.
~Nickelodeon Animation Festival 2009. Official Selection.
~Platforma Video9: Jury Special Mention.