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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Picture of the Day

Kostas Makedonas - Auti h nichta meni - This night lasts

Hatzigiannis - Friends and Enemies


Please read this over and if you agree with it, print it off or forward it to everyone you know, asking them to join in, in their minds, at 11:00 ‘clock p.m. Pacific Standard Time every evening and Affirm as follows –

“We NOW jointly and severally affirm that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is NOW stopped. We place a White Light, (Dome of Protection) over all people, machines and equipment that they are using to reduce and stop the leak which in turn lessens the harm to all life-forms. We send love, healing, and protection to the Eco System and all Forms of Life, Mother Earth, Oceans, Beaches, Skies, and the air we breathe. We affirm that the safe pockets in the ocean continue to team with healthy life.
We affirm a positive and highly successful re-building and cleansing of the water, beaches, and all life forms that have been and are being negatively affected by this oil spill, and that our ocean water becomes clean, clear, and healthy for all concerned. We also affirm for money and people, both employed and/or volunteers to complete all that is needed in the re-building and cleansing operation. We affirm healing, prosperity, and peace of mind for all those who have lost their source of livelihood and income. We give thanks and honor all those who have and are working so diligently to mitigate and stop this leak. We collectively send them love, healing, loads of positive energy, protection, and our deepest gratitude. We now join in with any person, anywhere in the world who is at this moment thinking thoughts of total success in stopping the oil leak; healing, peace, and love, and we jointly and severally these thoughts into every corner of the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” AND SO IT IS
(Written by Dr. Evers:

Chiron in Pisces - We have to die to it in order to gain from it.

Chiron was immortal, being born from godly heritage but he was struck accidentally by a poisoned arrow from Hercules, one of his students. He was wounded but because he was born from a God and Goddess (immortals themselves) he could not die. So to get out of eternal suffering he had to create an exchange. So he cut a deal and swapped positions with Prometheus, who of course was chained to that nasty rock He ripped off fire from the God-realms himself and so was being tortured. This is another myth altogether. Chiron was able to give up his immortality and was finally placed in the sky by Zeus, as the legend goes, in the Constellation Centaurus. Chiron is the Centuar. You know...that half human half horse animal.
Chiron embraced "death" and found release from his suffering.  Astrologically, Chiron’s placement in one's horoscope indicates one's experience of the wound that does not heal. We have to die to it in order to gain from it. So if we hold onto our wound we will suffer needlessly.

Chiron in Pisces, 2010-18, a healing transit

 Pisces, last in the sequence of twelve Signs, represents the end product of the entire cycle and also contains, in seed form, the future cycle. Chiron, the healer centaur of ancient lore, with his wisdom and knowledge of nature’s remedies, in Pisces will show us the way to merge with the natural environment, to participate emotionally, not merely intellectually to the suffering of the less privileged and of the Planet itself.On the negative side this position of Chiron may increase the risk of serious pandemics, because the medium of Pisces, with its openness and fluidity, is ideal for the spread of infections, the absorption of poisons and the lowering of our collective immunity. Tears and powerlessness, with the loss of control are some of the traditional attributes of mystical Pisces, when its energy is mishandled. The Earth may become more susceptible to illnesses brought about by pollution and neglect, the same applying to all the beings that populate it, animals and humans. The situation on our planet may worsen before the healing can begin.One way or the other, this long transit will make us realize that, if any member of the human family suffers, the whole of humanity suffers. The potential for collective healing through this configuration is self-evident, but only via spiritual surrender of ego centred attitudes. Chiron in Pisces basically suggests that to cure the body (ours, the Earth’s) we need to heal the soul.
Chiron’s station tonight brings attention to these deep, painful places within us. Feelings of overwhelm, depression, anxiety and just plain exhaustion are readily available. It’s easy to want to numb out, reach for our favorite addiction to mask the pain. But Chiron teaches that the only way out is through, and that, if we have the courage to feel into the wound, we can access its healing gift.
We are all responsible for healing the culture’s destruction of the feminine, for becoming conscious, for creating what Marion Woodman calls “a new order of reality.”  If we are truly all connected, then every step we take toward healing ourselves heals the collective:
“Working toward that consciousness, we suffer, but our suffering opens us to the wounds of the world and the love that can heal. It is our immediate task to relate to the emerging feminine whether she comes to us in dreams, in the loss of those we love, in body disease, or in ecological distress. Each of us in our own way is being brought face to face with Her challenge.”

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stranded Tourists In Greece

Elderly sitting on their luggage, mothers with their children, foreign tourists on vacation, drivers delivering wares… Hundreds of travelers are stranded on the docks of Piraeus port as striking port workers prevented passengers to board ship and ferries.

Dozens of port workers of PAME – Communists Trade Union – have prevented passengers to board on ships and ferries heading from biggest port of Greece to islands in the Aegean and Argosaronikos

PAME members protest over planned reforms to pensions and labor laws, as well the lifting of cabotage, allowing cruisers to dock to Piraeus, even if they do not hire a certain percentage of Greek seamen.  Protesters  will  be blocking  the departure of ferries until Wednesday  midnight. The strike has been declared ‘illegal’ by the court.
The port strike affects the vital for Greece tourist industry, which is facing already a decrease in bookings amid a huge financial crisis and recession.

Only yesterday Greece announced it will to pay extra room & board to stranded tourists. Today the first check …arrived…







Photograph by: John Kolesidis, Reuters

Fifa 2010 Greece 0 - Argentina 2

Defender Martin Demichelis and substitute Martin Palermo succeeded where Argentina's multi-talented strikeforce had failed as they scored the goals to break Greece's resilience and end their World Cup hopes at the Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane.
Three minutes into the second half Greece almost snatched the lead when Samaras beat Demichelis to another long ball out of defence and raced into the penalty area but drove wide of far post with his left foot - Greece's first shot of the match.
But injuries were not kind to Rehhagel's side as they lost Georgios Karagounis, Konstantinos Katsouranis and Vasileios Torosidis all within 10 minutes of the restart.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The private love letters of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor - Their love was like a greek tragedy

Dame Elizabeth has kept this trove of some 40 letters and notes from Richard secret for decades. Now, however, she has agreed to share their contents for the first dual biography about their extraor­dinary lives.
She also agreed to work with us behind the scenes by allowing us to see parts of her 1965 autobiography Elizabeth Taylor, which she had previously suppressed for fear they might hurt people or disappoint her fans.
For Dame Elizabeth, 78, her union with Richard was the one true marriage and, more than 26 years after his untimely death at the age of just 58, she wants the world to know the place he held, and continues to hold, in her heart.
'I don't care what you write about me', she told us. 'God knows I've heart it all, just as long as you honour Richard.'

A Sun Sign Scorpio with an easy energetic connection (trine) to Pluto this was a man who was used to being in control and in charge. With Uranus in Pisces sitting on the Ascendant (the horizon at the time you are born) he was magnetic with glamour thrown all around him. According to Wikepedia, Lauren Bacall recalled, “Bogie loved him. We all did. You had no alternative.”
With an eighth house Sun, he was driven to explore the mysteries of life through sexual conquest, though with Saturn sitting along side his Sun there was an element of proving his masculinity as well.
Taylor’s potent Moon in Scorpio (trine her own Pluto) was conjunct his Sun. Here were two people that were driven by Plutonian forces, a union that neither heaven or hell dared to deny. At least that is how they felt. In the composite chart of Taylor and Burton Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Capricorn opposite Pluto in Cancer. Capricorn in Mercury can be biting and sarcastic. In tension aspect to Pluto, it can be brutal. Despite intense passion it can be seen where both could rip each other apart.
Another aspect of the composite chart is Pluto opposite the Sun. In the composite chart the Sun literally represent the man. Here is where this master of all he surveyed felt that “there is no life without you.”
But one does not challenge Piscean fairy tales long. When the illusion of perfect love shatters, Pisces will swim away and so did Taylor. With all the influence of Pluto in both their charts and the composite it is easy to imagine though that the memories of that time haunted him to the end of his days and one imagines haunts Taylor still. That’s the nature of a Pluto connection.

 One of the most famous romances of all time was influenced by the stars. The astrologically favored union between Richard Burton, the passionate Scorpio and Elizabeth Taylor, the ultra feminine Pisces, represents a true case study for this harmonious astral alliance. Scorpio man/Pisces woman is a powerful combination and the physical chemistry between them is practically narcotic. When together, these two forget to eat, sleep and think. But the Scorpio male can be moody, macabre and difficult to understand, then suddenly sting with savage sarcasm, while Pisces female, although soft and womanly, has a subtle way of nagging akin to Chinese water torture. She also has an underlying need to be taken care of that can irritate Scorpio. “He likes to be challenged, she wants to be gratified. She controls him through desire; he devours her through control. A love/hate affair that is likely to be memorable.”

The Evil Eye

This is by far the most famous of all Greek superstitions with very old roots in Hellenic culture from the time of paganism.  Paintings of Greek triremes over two thousand years ago have an eye painted at the front of the trireme in an attempt to ward off the Evil Eye. (My Homepage also has an eye as its emblem) The Evil Eye is known widely throughout Greece and the  Greek Islands.  The Evil Eye is said to be able to strike anywhere (including blogs and the Internet!) without notice and no one can be the wiser. Haven't I scared you away yet? Let me retry!
Think back to a time when someone complemented you on how nice you looked only for you to have a painful headache immediately after. Happenings such as this are attributed to the Evil Eye.
To ward off the Evil Eye several things can be done.  An eye is painted into the middle of a blue charm, this charm is then worn as a necklace or as a bracelet.  Blue beads can also be  worn instead of the eye charm in the form of a necklace or bracelet. The reason why the colour blue and the painted eye are used is that both are thought to ward off the evil of the eye.  Unfortunately people who have blue eyes are thought to be exceptional givers of it. In such, believers of the Evil Eye are weary of compliments received from a blue eyed person.
It is also said that a clove of garlic has the ability to chase away the evil eye.  Many people keep the clove of garlic in their clothes or in their pockets. Also touch wood!
It is customary for Greeks to spit towards someone if they pay them a compliment. Sometimes they will spit three times, a symbolism of the using of the Holy Trinity to defend against the eye.  This custom of spitting has its roots in the Evil Eye.  The spitting  is an attempt to ward of the evil of the eye.
The Greek Orthodox Church also believes in the evil eye, and they refer to it as "Vaskania".  There are people who are said to know how to remove the eye from someone who is affected.  The Greek Orthodox church strictly forbids this.  The church sees this as dangerous ground, and only a priest has the power to read a person in an attempt to remove the eye. However, Greeks openly practise the removing off the eye against the wishes of the Church.  The church fears that attempts to remove the eye can result in possession.  Believers of the evil eye should understand that the person who is attempting to remove the eye should be using the method that  the church uses, and not some custom that has been passed down generation to generation. Many of the readings that are passed down have their roots in paganism and do not adhere to Orthodoxy, the church attempts to guard against these readings.
Watch out for that Evil Eye!
Evil eye

My Favorite Song - Melina Aslanidou - To Lathos

For my dad, Happy fathers day !!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Byzantine Fashion

The people who we know today as the Byzantines called themselves Romans, spoke Greek, and lived in modern-day Turkey. (The name Byzantine came from the founder of the empire's capital, a Greek man named Byzas, who may have existed only in legend.) While the areas that were once ruled by the Roman Empire fell into disorder as conflicting tribes fought for control of their territory, the Byzantines maintained a legacy of learning and a civilization inherited from the Greeks and Romans for more than a thousand years. In the meantime they developed extensive trading relationships with the Middle East and the Orient, including India and China. From 476 C.E. until the collapse of the empire in 1453 C.E. , the Byzantine Empire was the most powerful and developed civilization in the Western world.
Byzantines were great traders. They opened trade routes throughout the Middle East and into Asia and soon were exposed to Eastern styles of clothing, jewels, and decoration. Byzantine costume thus became a mix of Roman garments, such as the tunic (shirt) and the stola (a type of long dress), mixed with Eastern ornament and pattern. It was this mix that made Byzantine culture distinct.
The mixture of Eastern and Western influences also could be seen in the many churches and monasteries built during the years of the Byzantine Empire. Such religious structures were built throughout the empire, but none was greater than the Church of Hagia Sophia (also known as Saint Sophia), built in Constantinople by the emperor Justinian (483–565) in the sixth century C.E. The massive church, with its huge central dome and many spires, took ten thousand workers five years to build. It still stands in the modern Turkish city of Istanbul, the new name for the old capital. This and other churches have led scholars to claim that the Byzantine Empire's greatest achievements were in architecture.

The most important method the Byzantines used for decorating their clothing was embroidery. Embroidery is the decoration of fabric with patterns of stitching or needlework, in which thread is pushed through the fabric to make a raised pattern and tied off in back. Forms of embroidery have been found in ancient Egypt and ancient China and were developed several thousand years ago. The art of embroidery was fully realized during the time of the Byzantine Empire (476–1453 B.C.E. ), when embroidered fabric, trim pieces, and decorative patches became essential to Byzantine costume.
The Byzantines generally wore plain fabric garments that were heavily decorated. Some might have elaborate patterns of embroidery sewn directly on, while others used strips or panels of embroidered fabric sewn at the hem, the waist, or on the sleeves. They were especially fond of geometric patterns, such as repeating squares, circles, or diamonds, and they also used flowers and leaves for ornament. Often birds or mythological creatures were embroidered within the patterns as well. One form of ornament favored by the very wealthy was the tablion, a square piece of heavily embroidered fabric, six to twelve inches wide, attached to the front of a dalmatica (a type of overgarment) or a cloak. Embroiderers used many rich and colorful types of thread to make their work stand out. They might use silk or gold thread, and they favored bright colors, especially purples, golds, reds, blues, and yellows. The rich and beautiful nature of so much Byzantine clothing owes much to the art of the embroiderer. Byzantine embroidery was a great influence on the embroidery of clothing throughout the Middle Ages (c. 500–c. 1500 C.E. ) and beyond in Europe and Russia in particular.

 Read more: The Byzantine Empire - Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear through the Ages

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