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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ax Ellada Sagapo - Poso Poso - Aslanidou

Smyrneika Tragoudia

Domna Samiou

Domna Samiou was born on 12 October 1928 in Kesariani Athens. Her parents were refugees from Asia Minor, and lived in a village, Baintiri, outside Izmir. Her mother came to Greece after the disaster, and her father four years later, «because he remained there as a prisoner». She was introduced to Greek folk music at an early age by her parents, as she admits in an interview. In this way she grows up and loves the folk songs and music.
At the age of 13 years she becomes actively involved in music. She goes to "Association for Diadosin of National Music", where she is taught by the intellectual supporter, researcher and teacher of Greek Music, Simon Karras. There she takes the first courses of Byzantine music and discovers the secrets of the traditional songs. Also, at that time she attends the nocturnal Gymnasium.
From 1954 till 1971 she works at the National Radio Institute (E.I.R) along with the Greek Television (E.R.T) where she takes part in the preparation of a series of musical documentaries titled "Musical Journey". This preparation will help her gain a rich reservoir of musical materials, which proved important, aiming at the preservation of traditional Greek music.
In 1971, a milestone year for her future course, she performs traditional songs on the stage together with Dionissis Savvopoulos. But her singles and Lps have already been popular in Greece, France and Sweden since1960, which represent the impact of her work mainly in Greece and the Greek Diaspora.
Against the commercial abuse and the popularisation of Greek tradition, she begins to show over the years her most authentic performance. She not only gives countless concerts in which she sings in her own authentic way, but also presents original and creative artists of the folk tradition.
Her works go beyond the Greek borders and the Greek language. She becomes well-known in many countries of Europe, America and cities in Australia, where she gives concerts. 

Gone but not forgotten
Δόμνα Σαμίου; 12 October 1928–10 March 2012 

Terirem - Glykeria

The alchemist

Apagorevete - Boskopoulos

♥...όμως τις νύχτες, τις ατέλειωτες νυχτες
στα ονειρά μου σε φέρνω, στο κορμί μου σε παίρνω,
στην ψυχή μου σε δένω και μαζί σου πεθαίνω....♥♥
✿⊱╮✿.• ♥.•°`•.¸¸.•´Ευτυχώς που υπάρχει το όνειρο✿⊱╮✿.•´.•` * *» ♥.• 

Ma ti na kano sagapo

Συ με 'κανες να περπατώ και να παραμιλάω,
να αναστενάζω να πονώ ποτέ να μη γελάω 

Όταν με δεις κρυφά-κρυφά μου λες θα μ' ανταμώσεις
μες στα στενάκια του Ψυρρή φιλάκια να μου δώσεις 

Όλη την νύχτα αγρυπνώ, σε καρτερώ ο καημένος
δεν με πονάς δεν έρχεσαι και φεύγω δακρυσμένος 

Πως δεν σε μέλει, άπονη, για μένανε το ξέρω
μα τι να κάνω σ' αγαπώ κι όλα τα υποφέρω 

DOMNA VISVIZI - The heroine of the 1821 THRAKIOTISSA

Born in 1784 by a wealthy family in Eastern Thrace, Ainos prominent maritime city, known since the time of Homer, which evolved over the centuries and developed as residents stood for the authenticity of the Greek spirit.
We do not know her maiden name, nor her childhood except that his father was a landowner in the area and that in 1808 he married the wealthy shipowner and master Visvizi Anthony, with whom she had five children, three boys, of which died in an epidemic of small and two girls-one-deaf-mute. We see that close to the riches and the good fits in pain.
Captain Visvizis was brave man, energetic, patriotic and full of enthusiasm and vision. From the first member of the Society of Friends, had offered to fight for self all his heart and too much money. She said: "We regret to spend money, since with them will be built the golden palace of liberty."
Domna followed her husband in his travels and knows way more and more enslaved parts of the country. Through the desire rages about the Resurrection of the Nation and soon becomes one of the most active members of the Society of Friends. With the outbreak of the Revolution the Turks who first broke the fury, hatred and anger were the closest Christian - Greek population of Eastern Thrace. They plunged into mourning the Ainos. Soon, however, in May, sailed into port Psariana four ships led by Captain Giannitsis.The Turkish castle accepted the first rule and the battle continued until night, when the Greek crews, protected by darkness landed ashore and captured 24 guns, loaded the ship itself and Psara. This was expected, and Captain Anthony Visvizis. Without another thought, the boat loads of women and children, icons, money, jewelry and anything else that would carry and opened in the sea to catch the Psara. He left behind him, without a second premise, the mansion, its fertile lands, place, who would not never seen neither he nor Domna. And entered the dance of the Revolution, war and sacrifice. Home became the "Kalomoira", "the pot" of Visvizi.
The baptism of fire took the waters of Imbros and from there follow the Thermaikos, Chalkidiki, Hydra, the Stilida, Volos and Evia where they called home to the race. Sympolemistria the captain's captain Domna!
On July 21, 1822, Captain Visvizis, led a fleet of 30 ships large and small, located in Maliakos Gulf. With Androutsos in Diovouniotis aluminum and chieftains, give great battle, during which, before the eyes of Domna slumped dead brave husband. Orders to carry him in the hold and takes command of the race. You must justify the death and the struggle of the captain! Suppressing her feelings, these tragic hours, putting foremost the homeland. In front of the stand with respect and admiration of all men of the crew, tough, cooked seafood! Captain Visvizis buried behind the altar in the Holy Anargyroi Lihada of Evia and Domna mother and father made for her five children, governor and captain for the crew and continues the sacred struggle for freedom.

Free Pizza anyone?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Flying like a bird

If God had meant for man to fly, he would have apparently given him a Wii before this.
A Dutch engineer has -- if you can believe what your eyes see on YouTube -- made it off the ground flapping bird-like wings.
While Jarno Smeets did not respond to an interview request by QMI Agency, he wrote in a press release that while it was assumed it was impossible for a human to fly like a bird, he added bits of modern technology to give him the extra oomph to move his 17.2-metre artificial wings. He claims his contraption includes two Wii controllers and parts from a HTC Wildfire S smartphone.Together, they created a robotic extension to his arms.The wings, he explained, are fashioned from kite and carbon windsurf masts.
"Ever since I was a little boy I have been inspired by pioneers like (German aviation pioneer) Otto Lilienthal, Leonardo da Vinci and also my own grandfather," he wrote in a press release, boasting the March 18 liftoff was prompted by sketches from his grandfather.
The remarkable -- if true -- video was apparently shot in a park in The Hague.

Na To Paris To Koritsi Koula Nikolaidou



Gourban se son to theleman by Babis Kemanetzidis & Pela Nikolaidou

New Moon in Aries - March 22, 2012

March 22, 2012: Aries New Moon (exact at 7:37 am PDT)

Since Aries and the New Moon both symbolize the ushering in of beginnings, this lunar event signals the advent of a new cycle. If Mars were not retrograde, it would be an auspicious time to start a new project. Yet, the planet of action doesn’t turn direct until April 13.
Therefore, instead of creating something anew, use the initiatory palpable energy to reposition and redirect an existing action. For example, rethink your approach to your exercise regimen or kick-start your current dietary strategy, shifting it into a whole new gear.
The Aries New Moon can really be a great motivator. And if you’ve wanted to tackle a problem but found yourself lacking in the moxie department, the Aries New Moon may give you an infusion of courage and daring that can help you persevere.
A caveat, though. With so much initiating energy around, it may seem as if everyone wants things to happen now, or even before. Since Aries prizes immediacy, impatience and/or bursts of anger—within your self or expressed by others—may be heightened around this time (this may be compounded given Mars’ being retrograde). While the go-get-‘em energy instilled by this New Moon can help motivate us into a challenge, rushing can often lead to rashness, a surefire prescription for stress and accidents.
The fact that the New Moon is conjunct Uranus can give the day a flair of the erratic. There’s a sense of adolescent rebellion in the air, a sort of “Don’t fence me in and don’t tell me what to do.” Watch that you don’t get in others’ proverbial line of fire. And if it’s you that’s at the helm of this rebellion, try to keep your eye on the prize–your desire to liberate your authentic being from self-imposed shackles—rather than revolt for revolt’s sake. After all, it’s often counter productive to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Uranus reflects the earthquake archetype. Something may happen, and it may not last long, but it changes the landscape forever. Knowing to expect the unexpected itself (what I call “Living in the I-Don’t-Know”) may give solace today as then you are open to the any and the all, and won’t be as caught off guard should something occur you weren’t anticipating. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be negative. The day may very well have beneficial and productive initiatory surprises in store. If you can find the courage to assert your individuality in a new and expanded way, this time can offer you great potential. Yet, do be aware that many may be on edge with a sense of low-level anxiety potentially more palpable.
With Mercury also connected to this New Moon (itself being at 0+ Aries), expressing your thoughts and feelings takes prime importance. Blocking your expression is a recipe for frustration and sensations of nervousness.
This month’s New Moon falls at 3 degrees of Aries (the location of both the Sun and Moon). While everyone experiences the energies of the New Moon, if you have planets or pivotal points (i.e., Ascendant/Descendant or Nadir/Midheaven) around this degree in Aries or the other cardinal signs—Cancer, Libra, Capricorn—it may impact you more intensely.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

7.4 Earthquake in Mexico

An earthquake measuring 7.4 struck today in southern Mexico, about 110 miles from Acapulco, the U.S. Geological Survey reports.

Update at 6:10 p.m. ET: The governor of Guerrero state is now saying that least 800 homes collapsed in Igualapa, CNN reports. Igualapa is a city of about 10,000 people in the coastal region south of Chilpancingo.

Update at 5:07 p.m. ET: The USGS says the quake was caused by "thrust-faulting on or near the plate boundary interface between the Cocos and North America plates" along the Pacific coast.

Historically, there have been several significant earthquakes along the southern coast of Mexico. In 1932, a magnitude 8.4 thrust earthquake struck in the region of Jalisco, several hundred kilometers to the northwest of today's event. On October 9, 1995 a magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck in the Colima-Jalisco region, killing at least 49 people and leaving 1,000 homeless. The deadliest nearby earthquake occurred in the Michoacan region 470 km to the northwest of today's event, on September 19, 1985. This magnitude 8.0 earthquake killed at least 9,500 people, injured about 30,000, and left 100,000 people homeless. More recently, a 2003 magnitude 7.6 Colima, Mexico earthquake 640 km to the northwest of today's event killed 29 people, destroyed more than 2,000 homes and left more than 10,000 homeless

The Great Bear Rainforest

The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the last cradles of biodiversity on the planet. Grizzly bears, spirit bears, and coastal wolves roam the ancient forests, while whales and five species of salmon swim the waters. Despite their appeal and ecological importance, much is still unknown about these wildlife populations and their complex predator-prey relationships. Increased knowledge on these matters is crucial to raising awareness and making informed land and marine-use decisions.

Pacific Wild is working to improve our understanding of elusive coastal wildlife in the most non-invasive manner possible. Traditional approaches to wildlife behaviour research have caused habituation to humans and displacement of wildlife from prime foraging areas.

Our remote sensing systems utilize a new generation of technology including pan-tilt zoom cameras, underwater cameras, and hydrophones. This equipment can be installed in remote locations and beamed back to our headquarters using wireless transmitters and alternative energy systems. The result is our unique opportunity to gather new information while leaving wildlife completely undisturbed. We use the data we collect as an educational tool as a part of the SEAS Community Initiative, as well as for research and conservation planning.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Alone in a Mountain Village

"One of the worst moments in Greek Football"

The Athens derby between Panathinaikos and Olympiakos was abandoned on Sunday after home fans reportedly set fire to several parts of the stadium.
The Superleague encounter between the two arch-rivals was called off nine minutes before full-time after Panathinaikos fans lit fires around the stadium and threw missiles and flares at police.
Away fans were not in attendance at the Olympic Stadium due to league restrictions.
Initial crowd disturbances delayed the start of the second half by nearly an hour, and the mood in the stadium was not helped when Olympiakos took the lead through Djamel Abdoun's 51st-minute strike.
Referee Anastasio Kakos eventually called a halt to proceedings in the 81st minute after a number of explosions occurred close to the field of play.
Panathinaikos skipper Kostas Katsouranis told reporters the incidents marked a black day for Greek football.
''That was not football,'' he said. ''It is one of the worst moments in Greek football.'' 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Aint it funny - Jennifer Lopez

Dreaming of you - Remembering Selena

Techy Stephanie Fatule - makin me crazy - SONG OF THE MONTH

Zo perimenondas na ziso - Michalis Ermilis

Περνάει αδιάφορα ο καιρός
κι η σκέψη μου είναι σε σένα διαρκώς
με μνήμες ζω και αναμνήσεις
κρατώ κλειδωμένες ορμές και αισθήσεις!

Ακόμα και η μοναξιά
κουράστηκε να μου κρατάει συντροφιά
παλεύω τα ίχνη σου να σβήσω
ζω περιμένοντας να ζήσω!

Μ' απόψε που δεν είσαι εδώ
τ' όνομά σου φωνάζω, με μένα τα βάζω
κι αρκούμαι στο να προσδοκώ
κι ο καημός μου με πνίγει, πληγές μου ανοίγει
δεν ξέρω από που να πιαστώ, να πιαστώ να σωθώ!

Όπου το βλέμμα μου γυρίσω
όπου σταθώ, ό,τι κι αν πω
όλα εσένα μου θυμίζουν
κλείνομαι μέσα μου να μην πληγωθώ!

Ακόμα και η μοναξιά
κουράστηκε να μου κρατάει συντροφιά
παλεύω τα ίχνη σου να σβήσω
ζω περιμένοντας να ζήσω!

Μ' απόψε που δεν είσαι εδώ
τ' όνομά σου φωνάζω, με μένα τα βάζω
κι αρκούμαι στο να προσδοκώ
κι ο καημός μου με πνίγει, πληγές μου ανοίγει
δεν ξέρω από που να πιαστώ, να πιαστώ να σωθώ!

Μ' απόψε που δεν είσαι εδώ
τ' όνομά σου φωνάζω, με μένα τα βάζω
κι αρκούμαι στο να προσδοκώ
κι ο καημός μου με πνίγει, πληγές μου ανοίγει
δεν ξέρω από που να πιαστώ, να πιαστώ να σωθώ!

Poses Thallases - Petros Imvrios

I met my soul in a coffee shop

Na me xriazese - Giwrgos Mahs