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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis

We won't know for a while how this pair measure up above the shoulders, but the signs are cause for optimism.
Rea, who is coaching Kyrgios one-on-one under Tennis Australia's new coaching regime, called his pupil ''incredibly driven'' and ''hugely competitive'', with ''a big personality'' and belief in his ability.
Kyrgios and Rea have identified physicality - the teen has had a sore shoulder - and net play as areas needing work, adding: ''There's some things Nick and I have identified in the way he goes about things from a mentality perspective that we both agree he can be better at.
''If he can take care of … things on a daily basis, the ranking gains will take care of themselves.''
The same applies to Kokkinakis, who as Newk suggested, wasn't afraid of the moment on showcourt three. When other Australians faltered, the Ks seized it. ''We're all incredibly excited about what may lie in wait for them,'' said Rea. ''But also understand the long journey that's ahead and we hope there's another crop of youngsters not far behind them.''

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