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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thalea Matika of Min mou les Antio fame in a new movie, Elias Of the 16th Precinct



Dir. Nikos Zapatinas
Greek with English subtitles
Written by Katia Kissonergi
Produced by Odeon/CL Productions
Alekos Sakellarios’ much-loved film from 1959, based on a play by Sakellarios-Giannakopoulous, gets a working over for a whole new generation, proving good humour never dates.

Elias of the 16th Precinct follows three friends – Elias, Thomas and Vangelis – who face considerable financial hurdles with their debts rivalling the size of Everest. They decide the only solution is to snatch money from Vangelis’ boss, Labros ; a cafeteria owner, pawnbroker and fence. While Thomas will attempt the breaking and entering, Elias will be disguised as a police officer – for security reasons, of course. Hilarity ensues as this comedy of errors sends their plan spiralling off in a totally different direction.

Cast: Petros Filippidis, Thanassis Tsaltabassis, Costas Apostolakis, Tasos Costis, Themis Bazaka, Ero Mane, Christos Simardanis, Thaleia Matika, Dimitris Liolios, Antonis Antoniou, Panos Skouroliakos, Orfeas Avgoustidis, Michalis Yannatos, Laertis Malkotsis, Arietta Moutousi

About the Director:
Born in Athens, Nikos Zapatinas studied maths (Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki), cinema (Paris III) and music in various academies. He has directed television series, documentaries and films, including Feedback (1974), Nannies (1979) and Bonus (2001).

We are Baladi dance company


Balady or Baladi (بلدي) is an Arabic word meaning local, indigenous, native, endemic; and by extension it may be used in a sense of (locally) traditional. And:

* Baladi (music), a duple meter used in Arabic music;
and also rustic or folk tradition music.
* Baladi cheese, a Middle Eastern feta.
* Balady citron, a variety of citron in Israel.
* The Baladi group of Yemenite Jews.

Tsiftetelli Oriental with hip hop lol Chryssanthi, you go girl !!!

opaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - kosta me ta orea sou - Ithikon Akmeotaton

NBC plans Russell Peters sitcom - Entertainment News, Top News, Media - Variety

NBC plans Russell Peters sitcom - Entertainment News, Top News, Media - Variety

New Nikiforos 2010 - Written and sung by him

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Natassa Theodoridou - Agapi pou skotoni

Bougas - Me tin kilitsa ekso

Sensual Bellydance


Greek TV

Large Selection

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KISMET - Turkish with Greek subtitles

" The ISLAND " To Nisi

"The Island", one of the best seller books in 2009 is being brought to life in a big-budget production by MegaChannel, which will premiere on Monday, October 11 at 9.50 p.m. The homonym TV series is based on the novel “The Island” (To Nisi in Greek) written by the British writer and journalist Victoria Hislop, whose patent love for the island of Crete and her engaging writing have captured approximately 850,000 readers just in the UK. The rights of the book were sold to more than 17 countries. The renowned script writer Mirella Papaoikonomou took over the difficult task to adapt the book for the TV, creating a new TV series, expected to be the most expensive production ever made in the history of the Greek TV programs. The ambitious project is estimated to cost 150,000 euros per episode.

Spinalonga and Plaka
Spinalonga is a small dot on the map, located off the Northern Coast of the island of Crete. Spinalonga is very close to Elounda and boats take thousands of tourists to this island - fortress, which became a leper colony from 1903 to 1957.

Plaka, the fishing village had nothing to do with the leper colony, but the facts prove that the two places were actually pretty much associated, relying heaving the one on the other.

Leprosy was a loathed disease, because according to the religion, it was a disease of the unclean and cursed people, thus, many lepers were sent to Spinalonga, living as exiled people under terrible conditions.

Lepers in Spinalonga
Of course, during the 50s when Medicine discovered that leprosy is actually the result of bacteria, the disease became treatable and not so feared anymore. It was then that Spinalonga stopped being the “lepers’ island or prison”.

The inhabitants of Plaka, during these 50 years of the colony, were earning their income from the leper colony, creating a rather unusual and fearsome bond with the lepers.

The island of Spinalonga is deserted nowadays. There are no people and the silence echoes heavily all along the place, reminding even today the painful years and the uncanny conditions and atmosphere of their lives on the island.

When visiting the island of Spinalonga the abandonment and desolation are evident, however, it feels as if the people who lived there have left something of their aura behind.

Karmic Lessons

The Nodes of the Moon aren’t actual planets but rather mathematical points in time which show where the moon’s orbit intersects the planet of the ecliptic and describe the relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth in present time, or in a birth chart, at the exact time of our birth. They describe, Karmic Lessons, the life experiences that will be showing up in order for us to grow and evolve spiritually.
The South Node describes where we are coming from -- the qualities, habits and experiences that come naturally to us and that we tend to fall back on.

The North Node describes the new experiences and territory that will broaden and expand upon these talents and experiences, in other words, the best direction for our evolutionary growth. The key is to find a balance between the two - to use the experiences and talents that we already embody, but not fall back upon them habitually and allow ourselves to stretch and grow.

The true purpose of Astrology is to give us light on our Path and reveal our buried hurts and emotional blockages so we can acknowledge them, heal and be freed to live our lives as our highest selves.

During November the North Node of the Moon conjuncts Pluto

This was written for November 2010 by Mark Borax, author of 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future

During November the North Node of the Moon conjuncts Pluto, something that happens every eighteen years or so. During these times we have to go backward to go forward, because Pluto's realm is the personal inner hell we all carry, compounded of unexpressed and unresolved issues of the deep past, while the North Node is the path forward. The past becomes the way to the future, something designed to confound modern linear analytical intellect. How can going backward lead you ahead?

How can going backward lead you ahead? Amplifying this confounding theme is the degree where the conjunction occurs, 4 Capricorn: Footprints in the snow. This degree requires old cycles to run their course to get us to new ground. In some way the old patterns need to play out one more time before bringing us beyond them. The danger here is how do you distinguish the forward motion while caught in some dark undertow?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Scorpio New Moon, November 5-6 « Cristina Laird’s Astrology

In this New Moon we find the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Vesta in Scorpio. The intensity of these energies, will upset more than one relationship, many will be in the process of separation, many trying out a reconciliation, but the opportunity of this New Moon and Vesta is that of connecting with that part of ourselves that cannot be touched by power struggles. IT is our ability to follow out path and our calling, which takes us away from the loss of power inherent in many relationships.
To love does not mean to lose one’s power, to the point that if we realize that the present relationship does not allow us to grow, believe that we are trapped in it. We can always walk away. Never mind how difficult it seems. Vesta remind us of never getting to that point.
Vesta is the feminine principle in men and in women. If you are an Aquarian or a Leo, this could be a real situation in your life now. If you are a Cancerian or a Piscean, your relationships will become more intense and the opportunity to dig in and find out what is below the surface, is there for you. Aries and Libra, which are affected by Saturn and Pluto and their relationships are being tried as well, will get a chance to transform their approach to their relationships.
With all of what I said, it may sound that this would be a terrible 15 days to the next Full Moon in Taurus when this month’s cycle will conclude, but never forget that the transformative energies of Scorpio, can be extremely useful to take our minds and soul beyond the surface, beyond superficiality.
This is a good moment to really try to communicate your true feelings and find out what your “other one” is made of. What your relationship is made of.
If you are not in relationship, this is a great opportunity to connect to your work, your creativity and focus in what is important in your life. Vesta helps us focus on our true calling, our true work in life.
Mercury makes and exact square to Neptune, so it won’t be difficult to fantasize and create. The test of time will be necessary to make sure that what we see is real. It also contacts Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, so new ideas and projects will present themselves, creating a more positive outlook of life.
Pluto and the North Node seem to support the Scorpion energies of the Moon, inducing us to dig in and connect with our most secret feelings. If you are brave enough to enjoy digging into yourself, you will definitely enjoy this New Moon.
Juno is also part of the equation, as it is in Sextile to the Sun and Moon, so it will help us find a compromise in our relationships. She is the opposite of Vesta, Juno was Hera in Greek Mythology and it represents the “Wife”, who remained married to Zeus, in spite of his unfaithfulness.
If you find yourself in a relationship where you seem to be alienated from your true path in life, use the energies of this Moon to connect to your inner Vesta and let her get you back on track.
The one person you cannot afford to betray, EVER,is yourself.