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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Using Yogurt to pelt your politicians and musicians lol SO GREEK lol
George Dalaras who was giving a performance in Dafni was pelted with tangerines and bottles of water. (source newsit)
But there is nothing like a good variety of thick yogurt from sheep mil to get that real stained effect. Oranges, tangerines and bottles of water can be consumed, eggs and tomatoes are slippery so if you have an urge to shoot remember to carry the right ammunition...

Oh... and please remember to only use and endorse Greek products!

Greeks are not keen with “food fighting” but they have a knack of throwing things at people they do not like. And they throw anything and everything imaginable. From water bottles, to tangerines and from eggs and various vegetables to good old fashioned yogurt, when Greek people get mad then watch out... or at least duck! This act is called “yaourtoma” and the act of  “yogurt(ing) someone” means to hit someone (usually in the face) with a yogurt. When citizens commit “yaourtoma” it is usually to show their dissatisfaction against a public figure, such as a politician, a singer, or the media. Obviously many call it inappropriate but "we are a difficult people" as Kissinger said and "difficult to tame". On such a note, EVangelos Venizelos should not be surprised in receiving a "dairy delight" today since he is one of the least liked politicians in Greece.

72 days to Freedom

Standing 103 feet tall and leaving a mark in the Atlanta skyline, The Freedom Art Installation is a visual reminder to the city that slavery still exists but together, we can help set the captives free. The sculpture is being displayed at Passion City Church located at 515 Garson Drive, Atlanta, Georgia for 72 days (Feb. 27 - May 8).
The sculpture was first constructed and displayed as part of Passion 2012 that took place in Atlanta, Georgia January 2-5, 2012. Beautiful worship happened in both song and deed as 43,000 18-25 year olds filled the Georgia Dome.The Freedom Art took form outside the Dome as an artistic expression of freedom and was completed as the students gave financially to fund the Do Something Now Freedom projects. Attendees stood lines a thousand students deep to give their financial gift to the cause of freedom. After giving a donation, attendees wrote prayers and added their signature to the materials used to create the sculpture. During the 4 days, attendees gave more than $3.3 million to fund freedom causes around the globe!
The materials used to create the sculpture include items found on the Department of Labor's list of top goods produced by forced labor and child labor around the world such as coffee, cotton clothing, soccer balls, Christmas decorations, rice bags, brick, toys, shoes, and other materials symbolic of sex trafficking and the abuses faced by the women and children who are exploited (children’s dresses, red fabric, and. The reclaimed materials used on the sculpture were collected by the Passion team from trash piles, thrift store, and homes. In its final form the Freedom Art is a powerful and visual symbol meant to challenge and call people to action.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lets take them home

Greece gets massive last minute bailout

ATHENS, GREECE—Greece has cleared a major hurdle in its race to avoid bankruptcy by persuading the vast majority of its private creditors to sign up to the biggest national debt writedown in history, paving the way for a second massive bailout.
Following weeks of intense discussions, the Greek government said Friday that 83.5 per cent of private investors holding its government bonds were participating in a bond swap. Of the investors holding the €177 billion ($234 billion) in bonds governed by Greek law, 85.8 per cent joined.
“We have achieved an exceptional success ... and I believe everyone will soon realize that this is the only way to keep the country on its feet and give it a second historic chance that it needs,” Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos told Parliament.
He said he would recommend the activation of legislation known as “collective action clauses” to force bondholders who refused to sign up into the swap. The issue was to be discussed at a Cabinet meeting Friday afternoon.
“A window of opportunity is opening” with the success of the deal to reduce the country’s €368 billion debt by €105 billion, or about 50 percentage points of gross domestic product, he said.
The investors will exchange their bonds with new ones worth 53.5 per cent less in face value and easier repayment terms for Greece. A total of €206 billion ($273 billion) of Greece’s debt is in private hands. The swap will effectively shift the bulk of the remaining debt into public hands — mainly eurozone countries contributing to Greece’s bailouts.
If the exchange had failed, Greece would have risked defaulting on its debts in two weeks, when it faced a large bond redemption. A successful bond swap is also a key condition for Greece to receive a €130 billion ($172 billion) package of rescue loans from other eurozone countries and the International Monetary Fund.
Eurozone finance ministers said after a conference call on Friday that Greece has fulfilled the conditions to soon get approval for the bailout, most likely on Monday. The IMF has set a tentative date of March 15 to discuss the size of its participation in the bailout.
The ministers also released up to €35.5 billion ($47 billion) in bailout money to fund the debt swap. Investors exchanging bonds will receive up to €30 billion — or 15 per cent of the remaining money they are owed — as a sweetener for the deal and €5.5 billion for outstanding interest payments.

Kalokairini Broxi- Andreas Kappa

New moon in Virgo - March 8, 2012

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 19* Virgo is: A swimming race.    Swimming takes us into the watery realm of feelings and the unconscious, psychic dimensions of life.   As in all competitions, we ultimately come up against ourselves, testing our own endurance, speed and skills.   The race gives us a community to interact with, a group that is engaged in the same efforts as we are.   We help each other be the best we can be when we put ourselves to this friendly test.   It's not about winning; it's about playing well.  
            This Virgo full Moon takes in the mystical light of the Pisces Sun and reflects back to us the transformative light of discipleship.   The Master passes on his tradition; it is in the swimming race that the disciple if tested.   Pisces opens our perceptions to unseen realities; Virgo strives to understand and discern how those realities shape us.    Pisces' energy unites us to Cosmic Consciousness, which Virgo's energy helps us incarnate that higher Wisdom in body, mind and spirit.  
But it takes discipline to be a disciple.   The words disciple and discipline both derive fromdiscere which means "to learn' or "to teach'.      The function of a disciple is to focus a stream of energy of some special kind upon the physical plane where it can become an attractive center and draw to itself similar types of ideas and thought currents, feelings and visions .   I am not suggesting that the Virgo within us needs to find a guru and become her/his disciple.   What I do suggest is that we need to become the disciple of our own Soul purpose.   We need to take this time to learn who we are and teach what we are.   We have to occupy our world with our authenticity.   Know who you are and choose well what you want to be a focus for.
 I saw this painting by Raphael at the Vatican and was awed by it.   He depicts all the ancient philosophers, including the great female philosopher, Hypatia of Alexandria.   They were all teachers - and at one point, disciples.
            If you've been following the astrological news, you know that the big "background' energies for the next few years are the Pluto/Uranus squares and Neptune in Pisces.   We are all participating in the revolutionary energies of Uranus in Aries, which is our cosmic wake-up call to become the heroes/heras of our own stories amidst the breakdown of our patriarchal culture -- Pluto in Capricorn.    We are blessed by the outpouring of spiritual and creative energies which are more easily available to us now that Neptune has returned to its own sign of Pisces.   The Waters of the Cosmic Ocean are rising up.   You might be experiencing this through tidal wave dreams.

With these background energies supporting us, now we turn to the smaller details of our own lives.   This year we have to look into our hearts (Venus), our minds (Mercury) and our desires (Mars) and discover what really nurtures (Moon) us.   Not what we've been told we desire, but what we really desire.   Three of these personal planets go retrograde this year, helping us to re-align their energies.   Mars is retrograde in Virgo from January 23 to April 13.   Mercury goes retrograde about three times a year, and is about to go retrograde on March 12 until April 4, blending Aries and Pisces energies.   Venus will go retrograde in Gemini on May 15 until June 27, passing in front of the Sun on June 5th.   Take these retrogrades seriously.   We are being given a cosmic boost to help us re-align our desires, our love nature and our ability to speak our Truth.   We will be fine-tuning and honing ourselves for the hard work of attuning to these next years of cultural change.    
Once we know our own minds, hearts and desires, we have to use our Will (Sun) to "make it so'.    We've begun the process by grounding in our relationships (Saturn in Libra) with justice and balance and by returning to an awareness of the important things that sustain Life (Jupiter in Taurus).   Now we begin the task of making the changes we've imagined concrete.   
As above, so below.   As within, so without.

            Discipleship is the discipline of staying true to our beliefs and goals.   Virgo wants to be of service and Virgo wants to do it her way.   Virgo is the Virgin, the woman who belongs-to- herself.   She is the feeling source of Life and yet she also has to discern what constitutes appropriate nurturing. She is the Mother of our new Piscean visions, and needs to focus all her resources into nurturing that vision-child.   This takes the discipline of motherhood, of nurturing the potentials for this new life rather than controlling its outcome.   Believe me, the only way to become a good Mother is to know yourself, so that you don't unconsciously cause the new life to repeat your old patterns.

In the Gospel of Philip, Mary Magdalene is described as Jesus' companion and partner.   "And the companion of the Saviour was Mary Magdalene. [Christ loved] Mary more than [all] the disciples, and used to kiss her [often] on her [mouth]. The rest of the disciples were offended by it and expressed disapproval. They said to him, "Why do you love her more than all of us?" The Saviour answered and said to them, "Why do I not love you like her?""
Mary Magdalene poured her love, her wisdom and her passion into being the partner and disciple of Jesus.    The disciple of love uses the discipline of mystic vision and wisdom to commune with the Risen Lord.     Our discipleship to our own destiny needs the love and encouragement of this visionary part of ourselves.
  The Virgo/Pisces full Moon asks you to dedicate yourself to your awakening purpose by letting your soul guide you to a fuller, deeper, richer life.    
Mercury is slowing down to turn retrograde on Monday March 12 at 7* Aries: A Man succeeds in expressing himself simultaneously in two realms.   This suggests a union of spiritual and physical energies, using both sides of the brain, thinking holistically. Mercury joins the asteroid Vesta, channeling Vesta's fires to warm you and bring you home to yourself.   Express Yourself!   On this full Moon, Mercury becomes part of the Uranus/Pluto square energy, so talk about what you want to do, how you want our world to look, how communities work together.   Mercury retrograde in Aries, contacting Uranus in Aries three times, opens us up to new ideas and a new sense of ourselves, and when it backs up into Pisces again, gives us another chance to open the doors of perception and fine-tune our visions of the future

Mantinades - Nikos Zoidakis


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Eurovision 2012 Preselection for Greece

Vote For Your Favorite :
The official line up of the Greek National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan! The Nominees are
1) Baby I'm Yours - Dora
2) Cassiopeia - Killer Bee
3) No Parking - Velvet Fire
4) Aphrodisiac - Eleftheria Eleftheriou

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bizarre Foods of Greece

Andrew Zimmern visited Greece a few months ago and presented an episode of “Bizarre Foods” from the Mediterranean country. Watch the video to see what Greek dishes he thought are bizarre.  He tried tripe soup, cow-lung soup, sea squirt and goat.
Watch the video with Andrew Zimmern’s choices of Greek Bizarre Foods:

Greeks be careful of FAKE Immigration Consultants


Unknown individuals, posing as immigration "advisors", have attempted and/or planned to extort loads of money from interested Greeks that wanted to emigrate there for false work permits and/or visas. Greek citizens wishing to leave Greece because of the huge debt problem fell victim to this scam via some website. The victims claim that the persistent racketeers are still annoying them with consecutive threatening phone calls and e-mails until they extract their money.A report, carried out by the Community, surprisingly showed that many Greek citizens fell victim to this operation via some misleading websites. According to the “Neos Kosmos” homogenous newspaper, the offices of the Greek Community is receiving a massive load of complaints from Greeks every day.

The newspaper quoted the general secretary of the Community, Kostas Markou, as saying that from what has been uncovered so far the scam began in Australia (and in particular from 101 Collins Street in Melbourne, web address  He said the website operates under false promises, and its aim is to extract personal information from interested parties and then unknown people begin to bother the applicants for visa about payment.
 He also underlined that the organization is totally non- existent and a total scam. Interested parties should be aware.

For those wishing to immigrate to Australia it is better if they log on to the Australian immigration ministry’s web page ( The web page also provides a list with the names of legal immigration consultants.
Originally posted TUESDAY, AUGUST 02, 2011  HELLAS FRAPPE  

Immigrating to CANADA???? 
Immigration law is our sole area of practice. We have assisted clients from over 100 different countries (many of which we have visited), including United Kingdom of Great Britain, Korea, Philippines, Germany, France, Holland, Australia, Fiji, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Greece, Indonesia, U.S.A., Mexico, China and Iran.

Mark & Company Law Corporation, Barristers & Solicitors, is an Immigration lawyer in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. We have been providing high quality legal services in Canadian Immigration Law since 1990. The senior lawyer, Linda Mark, has over 20 years of experience in Immigration Law and is a member in good standing of the Law Society of British Columbia, Canada.

Apple wants to buy Greece??

We have heard so many stupidities over the last few months, most of which simply provoked our level of patience here in Greece. Well... believe it or not friends another one was made onThursday! At an Apple shareholders meeting one investor turned to the company's CEO and suggested that the electronics company buy out Greece for 97 billion euros and when we say buy out Greece we mean artifacts, people and all, just like they would a company! 
Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, who yesterday (Thursday) told investors they would get more say in picking board members, signaled greater willingness than his predecessor to heed the concerns of his company’s shareholders.
Turning the conversation back to cash, an investor asked whether Apple would consider using its cash to buy Greece, which faces a debt crisis.

“We’ve looked into many things,” but not that, Cook said. Bloomberg

separate report on defencenet said that the proposal was very specific and included detailed financial data and it was submitted to the shareholders who argued that the bailout by Germany was 30 billion, but they can go a step further with 70 billion more and gain overall control of the country, after coming into an agreement with the Greek government. 

The report quoted CEO, Tim Cook as saying that the cash is available and more than what they need to operate and expand the company and soon will be much more!

Note - Jesus Christ, if this is not the most insane proposal we have heard so far, then we do not know what is. Then again... if they throw in an IPhone, a couple of IPads then maybe we can take the idea up for a referendum (kidding of course).