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Saturday, December 22, 2012

21 December 2012: The Astrology Behind It

The four solstice and equinoxes points(the day of the change of seasons), when the Sun changes direction(it is actually the Earth which reaches key points in its path around the Sun), is when the greatest cosmic influences can be received by our planet Earth. Ancient seers and magi could perceive this with their psychic eyes and gave these 4 periods of the year, great significance by performing special rituals to enchance and recieve these energies in the right way. A cosmic gate opens during these special days and flood Earth--the reason why witches and pagans still worship the changes of the seasons.
It was observed that when on one of these days the Sun was rising at the background of a certain importnant star or area of the sky, it became a lense through which the energy of the this particular star was intensified and transmited to the Earth, and as we know from astrology each star has a differnet positive or negative character. This influence would then grow and over the years and centuries intergrate its influence in the consciousness of people and life on planet Earth.
It so happens that approximately every 6.5 thousand years, the Sun would be rising on one of those 4 equinox or solstice days at the backdrop of the Central Sun Alfiola --this is the gigantic black hole at the middle of our Milky Way Galaxy. People with esoteric knowledge know that the most powerful spiritual and evolutionary impulses come from our Central Sun Alfiola. Hence every 6.5 tthousand years a new and very powerful evolutionary impulse is sent to earth.
On the 21st of Dec 2012, is the first day of the Winter---Winter Solstice and the Sun is rising atthe backdrop of the Central Sun Alfiola, so the whole planet is opening to the energies coming from there. But this is not just that day! Actually, the backdrop of stars move so slowly that it takes 72 years for the Central Sun to visibly move one degree. It means the for the past 50 years almost, on every winter Solstice the Sun has been rising within the degree of the Central Sun, and the actual most precise conjuctionwhen the Sun was rising right in the heart of Central Sunwas in Dec 1998, but the effects of the spiritual impulse has been raising the vibrations of the Earth for the past 100 years almost--and has been increasing with the close of the conjucntion, which was most powerful within the last 20 years. Of course, you all have noticed this: all the scientific advance, the increased awareness through Internet, increased cThose evolutionary impulses which have been coming to us for the past decades, will take a few thousand years to fully develop into the consciousness of all humans, just like it took Christian principles of charity and compassion 2000 years to be accepted by most people.
More and more people will be awakening to higher states of consciousness and have been for the past 20-30 years, but it will not be an overnight event. More and more people are suffering as well from mental and physical disorders due to these increased frequencies of the Earth, as they are too high for people with dense consciousness, hence the ubiquitous panics and depressions, once they stop resisting those processes, they will be able to naturally align with the increased vibes of the Earth. And indeed it is scientifically proven that in the past 10-20 years the Earth vibrations has risen dramatically.onsciousness, fastness of developments and manifestation of Earth etc.
Well all I can add, is that we are at a turning point in the development of humanity and the whole universe is observing us and will be within the next 100 years to see how we handle the raising of consciousness. If there is too much resistance from us, due to ignorance or refusal to let go of old patterns of being, you can expect cataclysms because they are caused by Haman's consciousness, but if these come, they will not be before mid 20-ties of this century.

Friday, December 21, 2012

First Nations Protest

OTTAWA — More than 2,000 aboriginal protesters took a “dire” call for change to the nation’s capital on Friday in a bid to pressure the government to meet and discuss treaty rights and “crises” plaguing First Nations communities.
The demonstrators, who were taking part in a growing grassroots First Nations movement called “Idle No More,” met at Ottawa’s Victoria Island on Friday before marching to Parliament Hill.
The march, which remained peaceful, shut down a major downtown Ottawa street. The RCMP was hand to close the road and direct traffic.