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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Canadian Election and Astrology - Please Vote and make a difference

The new moon on Canada’s Federal Election day occurs after the polls close. Technically, the election happens during the dark of the moon, or the balsamic cycle, which is an especially potent time of seeding for the extended future. This Canadian election is already a history making one due to the fact that the government (commonly referred to as Harper’s regime) collapsed on charges of contempt of parliament. I predict it will be history making in another regard and that is because there will be a record number of young voters (the Pluto in Scorpio generation).
We can expect a tough fight to the finish. Both Conservative leader Stephen Harper, our current Prime Minister, and Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, the current leading opposition party, are Taurus born. This is a tenacious sign, and as we have seen, especially with Harper, it can be a stubborn one too. Both men also share their moon positions in cool and collected Aquarius, an apt placement for political and public life. Of the two moons, Ignatieff expresses his moon through an intellectual filter, while Harper expresses his moon with a detached presence. Many would say that Harper is out of touch with the people’s needs and wants. Although the moon in Aquarius is group, community, and people oriented, it is not a warm and fuzzy moon placement, which is one of the reasons that Cancer born Jack Layton has found such opportunity in grooming public favour. Layton’s ascendant, Mars and Neptune in Libra make him personable and accessible – and most would say he’s handsome too. (You can’t ignore the fact that physical appearance counts too.)
The new moon in Taurus, May 2, 11:51 pm PDT, favors Harper’s sun, suggesting his supporters will stay loyal. It also suggests that as he is promises to do, that he will deliver more of the same. If Harper’s steering is not to your liking, check out this website:
Ignatieff’s chart receives impact from the Aries line-up. The enraged with “as is” are in his camp.  Still there are a number of challenges to his chart. The transit of Jupiter could signal a big exodus of voters, I truly hope not, especially if it results in Harper’s gain. The transit of Jupiter conjoins his Sedna – will he be thrown overboard in keeping with this Inuit mythological symbol? It is looking possible right now. Ignatieff’s progressed Jupiter at station has not allowed him to be as dynamic in the public debates as he needed to be. Into the fall and beyond, we’ll see a more forceful and recalibrated leadership as Ignatieff’s Jupiter picks up a stronger momentum. Signalling a new trajectory, he begins a new Mars cycle on election day. Perhaps this election has been astrologically premature for Ignatieff. His potential is building, but his chart has not yet reached its fullness.
Cancer born Jack Layton’s sudden popularity rise is due to Uranus, Venus, Mercury, the karmic axis, Chiron, and the July 1st solar eclipse. With Eris on his side, he plays the golden apple position. He is the wild card draw and it seems he is on the way to delivering a strong finish. The young voters are in his camp. Layton’s moon is in Virgo, a service oriented and hard working sign. He and Ignatieff are of the Pluto in Leo generation, a good placement for a leader. Although Layton can display charming “favourite uncle” humbleness, Mercury in Leo gives him bravado too. Be rest assured, he is just as ambitious and self-assured as the rest are. By the way, Harper is of the Pluto in Virgo generation. Criticism comes his way a lot – and rightly so. How can you choose women’s health as your global initiative and not include reproductive health???
Given the nature of the stars, anything could happen, but one thing is for sure.Apathy is boring. Please get out and vote on May 2. And a special plea to our Pluto in Scorpio generation – you have the power to turn the tides. Our nation pins its hope on you.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tsetstos - Thrace

Tsestos is a challenging dance from Northern Greece(the region named Thrace or in greek language Thraki). The dance starts with a moderate rhythm and is danced by both men and women with very few figure(this is an intro dance named Dousko,the steps are the same whit the dance Zonaradiko . As it goes on men come in front and they catch each other by the zonari (belt). At this point the dance becomes very quick and it consists of figures only.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Greek Hip Hop aka Pentozali

The Pentozali or Pentozalis is the trademark folk dance of the island of Crete. It takes its name from its five ("pente") basic steps and its sprightly and ultimately very fast pace ("zalos" being a rare Greek word for "jump"). The name can thus be translated as "five-jumps", its typically Greek wordplay implying that dancing it can make one jump five times over. Also in the spirit of wordplay, "zali" means dizziness, and the name of the dance can also be understood ("five-dizzy") as one that can make the dancers dizzy five times over.
The Pentozali is a war dance, vigorous, with high jumping movements and allows for much improvisation. It starts at a moderate pace and accelerates progressively. The dancers hold each other by the shoulders and form an incomplete circle, which rotates counterclockwise very slowly, or sometimes not at all, because most of the lively steps are semistationary. The first dancer is expected to improvise engaging in acrobatics; in this case he and the second dancer hold hands, rather than shoulders, and the second dancer stands still and rigid, so that the first dancer has a stable base on which to perform. Once the first dancer has finished his part, he is expected to break ranks and slowly dance his way to the back of the line, yielding his place to the second, and so on. Women also perform the dance, but their steps are more restrained because their dress does not allow for high jumps. Traditional Cretan menswear, on the other hand, facilitates acrobatic dancing as it includes the black vraka, a variant of breeches that are worn tight around the waist and thighs and extremely baggy and loose around the hips.
Pentozali music is instrumental: the main tune is played by the pear-shaped, bowed Cretan lyre, to the accompaniment of a lute, played not in a melodic but in a percussive-like fashion. It is the lyre player who usually directs the flow of the dance: he improvises to signal the first dancer to improvise too, and resumes the main tune when it is time for the first dancer to yield his place to another.
It has often been suggested that this may be the descendant of a Minoan dance, perhaps that of the Kouretes, a mythical troupe of ancient warriors. There is a forgotten dance of the area of the Psiloritis Mountains where the Kouretes lived, called Empyrrikios (from the ancientPyrrichios), whose steps are very similar to Pentozali.