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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pisces 2012 Forecast

Neptune moves into your sign in February to stay which is great for Pisces.

Whilst Neptune has been in the background for you, it was almost like you were wearing mirror shades, you know the ones where you can see out but people can’t see in. This made for some interesting one way conversations over the years. People perhaps in some ways talked through, at or past you not really knowing what was going on underneath the shades. There was an element of having to keep a major part of yourself under wraps and if you have been invisible in some way for a very long time, you get the freedom to be who you want to be minus the weird contraptions you have had to fit in to be part of the world you live in. In other words, you are coming out Pisces.

Pluto started to influence your sense of community and ideals and the people you bond with who share your values from 2008. Pluto is slow and thorough, so even though you were perhaps beginning to observe changes to your ideals, this may have felt quite subtle. 2012 brings this into sharp focus. What you will continue to learn through this process is that it is much better to be yourself, than to squeeze yourself into places where you do not belong.

This can manifest in so many ways. Pluto can be quite dark and deep at times bringing out the envious, manipulative, deceptive and fanatical side of people, so it’s good to be cautious in order to avoid becoming the group scapegoat (of course this is the extreme end of the spectrum and hopefully organisations you belong to and the people you associate with are benign and friendly!)

You may find that you are challenged in some way for the first 6 months of the year Pisces. As you come into you own, people may not appreciate your new found independence and capabilities. If you find yourself at the other end of people’s projections for the first half of the year, pick your jaw off the floor Pisces and know that the issues stem a lot deeper than first appearances.

It’s a bit like your walking along the street and people on the other side of the road are shouting at someone, but you take no notice and walk on because they are not shouting your name. Then it becomes apparent that they are trying to get your attention and you tell them that they have it wrong and that is not your name, but they are adamant that it is your name and further more they are accusing you of something you have absolutely no knowledge of. You know your own name, so you carry on walking, but in the back of your mind you think… Why on earth do they think I am someone else? Mars retrograde may have you pondering on that.

Whitney Houston dead at 48

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Legendary pop singer Whitney Houston was found dead at a Beverly Hills, California, hotel at age 48, officials said Saturday night.
The entertainer, whose incredible talent was discovered at an early age, was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. (6:55 p.m. ET) at the Beverly Hilton despite resuscitation efforts, a police spokesman said.
Beverly Hills Police Lt. Mark Rosen said there were "no obvious signs of criminal intent" and that the cause of her death is being investigated.
Houston's bodyguard found her body, said Courtney Barnes, publicist for hip-hop artist Ray J, who was dating the pop diva.
According to her official website, Houston sold more than 170 million albums, singles and videos. But she also struggled with addiction problems over the years.
Houston died on the eve of the 54th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.
Houston was set to appear in this year's "Sparkle," a remake of the 1976 hit, which was loosely based on the story of The Supremes. It was her first movie role since 1996's "The Preacher's Wife."
News of her death elicited a flood of reaction on social media, from fans and fellow celebrities alike.

Somebody Somewhere - CMT Canada no# 1 - way to go Steven !!

This week,
Stephano Barberis celebrates having the Canadian #1 music video for Dallas Smith's "Somebody Somewhere" - this makes it the director's tenth official #1 music video in Canada (and Australia)!

130 billion euro bailout deal

Eurozone finance ministers on Thursday night agreed to attach additional conditions to Greece’s 130-billion-euro bailout deal and postponed the final decision until next Wednesday, the meeting’s chairman said on Friday.
Finance ministers from the 17 euro countries met on Thursday night in Brussels for discussions on the bailout package for Greece, which is teetering on the brink of financial collapse.
“We did not have all the elements necessary for making decisions on the table today,” Jean-Claude Juncker, who chaired the meeting, said.
He named three requirements for Greece to secure the bailout: firstly, Greece needs additional 325 million euro ($432 million) in savings for 2012, secondly, the Greek parliament will have to pass the package of cuts and reforms and thirdly, Greek political forces should guarantee that the austerity measures will continue to be implemented regardless of the outcome of April’s elections.
“The final decision will be taken next week. The Eurogroup is to convene on Wednesday, it will be made if Greece complies with the terms,” Juncker said.
The announcement comes hours after Greek political leaders finally struck a deal on new austerity measures demanded by creditors to secure a 130-billion euro bailout to avoid default and keep the country afloat. The deal included pension and wages cuts.
The troika of international lenders comprising the European Central Bank, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund demanded from Greece to introduce pension budget cuts as well as to cut additional income in private sectors, to reduce minimal wages and insurance payments.
Greece has been receiving financial support from the EU and the IMF since May 2010 to reduce the country's large budget deficit. However, the austerity measures approved by the government have sparked numerous riots and strikes, and the Greek government has missed its targets.

Liana Kanelli on CNN - We want our life back

In an interview (Video) CNN hosted the Liana Kanellis showing forth the title as Member of the "Communist Party" (a red flag for the American audience) and the interview was framed by the gestures and theatrical antics of the journalist Richard ..

Well done CNN, now take also an interview from Karatzaferis in order to complete the provocation of influence to the American public opinion, that Greece is supposedly composed of Communists and Fascists so the Greeks in vain to expect the advent of the "US Cavalry" for to salvage the situation ... with the Indian-Europeans ..

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Famous Greek Chefs

Masterchef judge and one of Australia's most regarded chefs came to Brisbane to appear at the Greek Club to talk about his approach to cookery and the influence his greek heritage has on his life. It was a very entertaining evening with George engaged in conversation with the always good value John Birmingham.

Bon Appetit magazine's Chef Of The Year Michael Psilakis shows Harry Smith how to make Greek meatballs on "National Men Cook Dinner Day

No comment needed

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bankrupt or merely deprived?

By Nikos Konstandaras

Bankrupt or merely deprived, Greece is entering a new era. For our debt to be reduced and a new loan awarded, we will all suffer a huge reduction in our incomes. If there is no deal, our incomes and benefits will be reduced even further. We will have to pass through the eye of the needle, leaving behind much of what we knew. We will be different, and so will our country. But the one thing that we will still have to deal with is the age-old divide between those who advocate reforms and closer ties with our partners in the European Union and those who express the forces of inertia and laziness, who will do everything they can to remain dominant. The outcome of this battle will determine the quality of our democracy.

It is impossible and unfair to separate the Greeks between those who want to change the country's structures and our mentality, and those who support the forces of indifference, inertia and selfishness. The citizens are not divided into two clear camps. The fault line runs within parties and professional groups, between members of the same families. Very often it exists within individuals, depending on their needs and interests at the time.

Our society is built on the collusion and conflict of the forces of progress and reaction. Even the use of such terms betrays the confusion of our situation: For example, the forces of the left are the most conservative in their social and political thinking. Whereas they preach a better future, they are unyielding in their defense of a political, economic and social system that managed only to keep reproducing its incompetence until it drove the country into bankruptcy. And as the ship sinks, they parade up and down the tilting deck with their little flags, hurling insults at the offending iceberg and the incompetent crew. But we also saw PASOK and New Democracy preaching reforms in order to win votes and then doing nothing that would disturb the army of apparatchiks on which they based their power.

This is why it is so difficult for a new, mass movement of reformists to take shape. The people who could form the core of such a grouping are scattered among various parties -- and they know from experience that if they do not rely on the party hacks who know their way around the corrupt political and state machinery, even the most ambitious manifestoes are nothing but hot air. In today's recession, where populism reigns, we are more likely to see new parties that will express society's most reactionary forces rather than its progressive ones.

From its inception, the Greek state has been shaken by the conflict between progress and reaction, leading either to a fragile balance, conflict or political paralysis. Our country's accession to the European Economic Community in 1981 provided a unique opportunity for social and economic reformers to lead Greece closer to Europe's most developed countries. Unfortunately, the stability and prosperity that came with this new environment did not lead to a new mentality and the strengthening of institutions; instead, they were absorbed by the old structures of client-patron politics, sloppiness and mindless waste.

Under PASOK, the deliberate crushing of the public administration and education systems' backbone brought the triumph of laziness and illegality, of a sense of entitlement without responsibility. We saw the result in the most dramatic way in 2001, when the reaction of his own party's trade unions forced Prime Minister Costas Simitis to abandon the effort to reform the social security system. The next government, under Costas Karamanlis, got the message: It spoke continually of reforms but never dared implement them, bowing instead to the demands of its own populists. All of us -- self-proclaimed reformers, populists, rich and poor -- learned the trick: We preached reforms and we demanded a rational and efficient state, but we accepted nothing that would affect us. The easy road led to defeat.

Today we are obliged to lose much in order to fit through the needle's eye. We have to leave behind our worst mistakes and weaknesses. The new era demands that all of us -- reformers and reactionaries -- build on strong foundations. Even at this late stage, we need to turn our faces to the future and not aim only at preserving a failed past.

Cyprus Airways up for sale

Cyprus’s government has given green light for Cyprus Airways Ltd to increase its capital and authorized negotiations for the sale of an unspecified stake of the state-run carrier to investors.
The government reaffirmed a previous “decision to raise the share capital of the company and approved the participation of the government as main shareholder in the new capital issue,” government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou told reporters in Nicosia on Wednesday. “The government also decided to authorize the finance minister to negotiate the sale of Cyprus Airways shares and shape a relevant proposal that will be submitted to the cabinet for approval.”
The government’s decision to participate in the company’s capital increase must be approved by the east Mediterranean island’s commissioner for state aid, Stefanou said, declining to comment on the company’s value.
Last year, the airline, which posted 29.3 million euros in losses in the first half of 2011, received 20 million euros in a compensation package from the Cypriot government for extra costs incurred as a result of Turkey’s ban on Cypriot traffic and underwent a restructuring plan in an attempt to save 40 million euros annually.
Talks to sell the loss-making airline to Russia’s Aeroflot have already begun and are at an “advanced stage,” while Lebanon’s Middle East Airlines has also shown interest in buying a stake in the carrier. [Bloomberg]

Extreme weather in Greece

Schools closed due to extreme cold in Northern Greece


Part of Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint flooded
06 February 2012 | 13:42 | FOCUS News Agency
Home / Bulgaria
Haskovo. 300 meters of the E-80 road, between the Kapitan Andreevo village and the checkpoint with the same name, has been flooded by the overflowed Kalamitsa River, which is a feeder of the Maritsa River, the press office of the Interior Ministry announced.
The level of the water is 22 centimetres but it continues increasing.
Cars are being redirected to the Lesovo border checkpoint. 

Serious flooding provoked by heavy rainfall and hailstorms in the Peloponnese and northern Greece has caused massive damage as well as claiming the lives of three people.
Apart from the 82-year-old woman who was found drowned near her home in the village of Lithari on Sunday, a 75-year-old motorcyclist was killed on the Ionian island of Corfu when he was struck by a tree uprooted amid strong winds, and in the village of Avlaki in Aetoloacarnania, a 75-year-old woman was crushed when an outdoor structure collapsed under the weight of the snow that had accumulated on it.
In northern Greece, several homes were flooded, with the prefectures of Xanthi and Rhodope particularly badly hit.
The Peloponnesian prefecture of Ileia, which has still not recovered from massive forest fires that devastated the region in 2007, suffered major damages over the weekend due to extensive flooding.
Authorities had declared a state of emergency in the prefecture’s capital of Pyrgos on Sunday and had sought to divert the waters of the River Alfeios, which broke its banks following the heavy rainfall, to tributaries.
The regional fire service continued to receive dozens of calls from citizens seeking help for flooded basement stores or homes yesterday.
Meanwhile state inspectors started the tough job of assessing the extent of the damage -- to homes, public property and farmland. Their task was hampered by fresh rainfall which is set to continue, according to meteorologists.
In Attica, stormy weather led to several roads being closed due to flooding and knocked out the power supply in several neighborhoods, especially in southern and western Athens. The fire service was inundated with calls, chiefly reports of trees uprooted by winds reaching 10 on the Beaufort scale. Similar problems were reported in several smaller cities.
A number of scheduled ferry departures were canceled yesterday as gale-force winds in many parts made it too dangerous for ships to sail. Ferries are expected to remain moored in port today, irrespective of the weather, as seamen have said they will join a 24-hour strike called by labor unions.

Only the Self-accused condemn - Course in Miracles

You never hate anyone for HIS “sins”, but ONLY for your own.

Only the self-accused condemn. As you prepare to make a choice that will result in DIFFERENT outcomes, there is first one thing that must be overlearned.
 It must become a habit of response so typical of everything you do, that it becomes your FIRST response to all temptation, and to every situation that occurs.
 Learn this, and learn it well, for it is here delay of happiness is shortened by a span of time you cannot realize. 
You NEVER hate your brother for HIS “sins”, but ONLY for your own.
 Whatever form his sins appear to take, the form obscures the fact that you believe it to be yours, and THEREFORE meriting a just attack. 

Why should his sins BE sins, if you did not believe they could not be forgiven in you?

Forgive the past and let it go, for it is gone. 
You stand no longer on the ground that lies between the worlds. You have gone on, and reached the world that lies at Heaven's gate. There is no hindrance to the Will of God, nor any need that you repeat again a journey that was over long ago. Look gently on your brother, and behold the world in which perception of your hate has been transformed into a world of love.

Unconditional love

“The motive of True Love”

Most of the people who say they love you may just be tolerating you. The rest of them probably have ulterior motives. As humans, we do things for others so that we can get things done for us. If it is one thing that the world needs now is a big dose of genuine love. 

As numerous scholars have researched and discussed, the Greeks have identified four kinds of love. Those four kinds of love are an attempt to describe the different motives for love. “Eros” is the Greek word for sexual or carnal love. It is simply pleasure of the flesh. “Philio” is friendship love. The third word used for love is “storge,” which is family love. The Greeks also distinguished another kind of love, which they called “agape.” Agape is the type of love that the Greeks tried to define as divine love. Jesus also used this word to describe the love of God for humanity. This love is also possible between two people. 

Scripture shows that God made love a law. Why? He made it a law because He could not trust us to do it ourselves. He stated to His disciples, “This is my commandment that you love one another…” (Jn 15:12). A command is not debatable because it is your duty. Duty is absent of feelings. In other words, we think that love has to do with feelings. However, the love that Jesus commands us to have is one that is above feelings. In other words, in the Kingdom of God, the law is that you love them first and then learn to like them. Valentine’s Day is a day when you give flowers or candy to someone that you like. Unfortunately, the intent of this type of love falls short of the motive behind the kind of love that God says to give.

Agape refers to unconditional love. Therefore, if anyone attaches conditions or reasons to why he or she loves you, then agape, unconditional love, has ceased. If someone uses the words “if,” “when,” or “because” when they say that they love you, this is not an unconditional perspective. Wherever there is a reason, there is a condition. Wherever there is a condition, there is expectation. I estimate that 99% of all the problems in relationships have to do with expectation.
For instance, consider the condition: “As a husband, I expect you to cook for me.” What happens when you both work from nine to five, and she is exhausted when you get home? Expectation guarantees disappointment. Disappointment leads to division, which leads to divorce. Divorce can take place in any type of relationship and not just marriage.

Therefore, we need agape love, which is love without reason or condition. I challenge you from this Valentine’s Day forward to examine your motive for loving others and destroy these conditions because reason runs the risk of destroying your relationships.......Myles Munroe