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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Greece's TOP MODEL

The Next Top Model is a Greek reality television show that forms part of the Top Model series. Greek supermodel Vicky Kaya (Greek: Βίκυ Καγιά) assumes the role of Tyra Banks from the original series as the head of the search as well as a mentor for the contestants.[1] The number of contestants is 17 and the number of applications reached approximately 5000. Many of the applications have been sent in from abroad, which means that some of the contestants are from other countries. The show premiered on 12 October 2009.
The basic premise of the series is a group of young female contestants who live together in a house for several weeks whilst taking part in various challenges, photo shoots and meetings with members of the modeling industry. Normally, one poor-performing contestant is eliminated each week until the last contestant remaining is declared "The Next Top Model" and receives a modeling contract along with other associated prizes. *wikipedia*

Gamo tin Comedia tou Giannis

Giannis Zouganelis is a successful Greek composer, musician, and comedian, who was born in Athens.

At a pre-school age he started learning Byzantine music with a teacher at the church of St. Nicolas in Athens. During his early school years, he studied guitar and theory of music at the Greek Odium, Athens.

Giannis continued his studies at the National Odium of Greece, where he was first taught the piano, harmony and counterpoint. A determinant at his musical studies was the composer Nick Mamagakis, who taught his orchestration and rhythmics.

In 1975, Giannis won the first composition award for his 'Ten Byzantine Essays' in a competition organized by the Greek Department of Culture, a work of music for small symphony orchestra and mixed chorus.

The Academy of Athens rewarded him with a scholarship, and so Giannis went on to study composition and drama at the Academy of Arts of Munich, from which he graduated with honours. Since 1987, Giannis is emiritus professor at the University of Munich.

Giannis continues to compose music for theatrical shows, cinema, television as well for ballet shows. His first work in discography was in 1972 at the age of fifteen and to present date has released over 50 albums.

Giannis' albums consist of mostly instrumental music or music based on the Ancient Greek culture and is amongst the few Greek composers whose albums have been released worldwide.

Greek Books by Greek Authors
Bus Safety by Leo Foreo
Automobile Maintenance by Mick Hanicos
Home Electrical Tips by Alek Trologos
Chinese for Greeks by Ken Ezos
Map Reading for Dummies by Olie Hathicame
Reducing Stress by Dan Meniazi
Unemployment Tips by Tam Bellis
Easy BBQ Recipes by Lou Kaniko
Vegetarian Cooking by Mel Inzanes
Killing Time by Perry Meno
Drink Less & Enjoy Life by Al Kaholicos
Journalism by Effie Meritha
Gardening by Lou Louthi
Cooking by Lou Koumathes & Pat Sticho
Hobbies by Tina Kano (not relatead to Tina Kaneis LOL)
Reading & Comprehension by Den Katalaveno
Pencil Making by Mo Levi
Dancing American Indian Style by Chief Tedeli
BBQ Preparation by Sue Vlaki
Disappearing Acts by Anna Hathis
Peace by Irini Pasi
Unwanted Hair Removal by Harry Kolos
Winters by Connie Krio
How to Please a Man by Connie Erota

Friday, December 18, 2009

Notable Greek Canadians

List of notable Greek Canadians


 Maurine Karagianis (born August 17, 1950) is a Canadian politician, currently the New Democratic Party MLA for the riding of Esquimalt-Metchosin in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.
She was first elected in the 2005 election, garnering almost 50 percent of votes cast and 2,895 more votes than the next closest candidate.[1]
In August 2007, Karagianis was appointed the Official Opposition Critic for the Ministry of Transportation in New Democrat leader Carole James' shadow cabinet. She had previously served as the Official Opposition Critic for the Ministry Children and Family Development, and, prior to that, the Ministry of Small Business and Revenue.
Prior to serving as an MLA, she was elected as a municipal councillor in Esquimalt in 1996, and re-elected in 1999 and again in 2002. She is an entrepreneur, opening her own retail fashion store, operating a wholesale venture and a successful import/export business. She was also a co-founder of the Sunshine Folkfest in Powell River, BC.
Starting in 1998, she served three years with the provincial government as assistant to three NDP cabinet ministers – first in the Social Services ministry and then in Transportation and Highways. She recently ran a consulting company that works with non-profit organizations and First Nations communities to create affordable housing. *wikipedia*

Heroes fight like Greeks

"We will not say thereafter that the Greeks fight like heroes, but heroes fight like the Greeks!"

Winston Churchill

Who loves you baby

For thousands of years now the Greeks have been known for their hospitality. Evidence for this can be seen in the language; the word for 'foreigner' is 'Xenos' and 'hospitality' is 'filoxenia' which translates into English as 'friend to the foreigner'. Being a seafaring nation the Greek people do not suffer from 'xenophobia' which, ironically although a Greek word, doesn't apply to them! they are always friendly and will go out of their way to help you - so don't hesitate to ask for their assistance if you need to. The majority of Greeks speak English or another European language such as Italian, French or German and, indeed, many speak several of these! Being of a Mediterranean temperament, the Greeks like to talk loud, using extravagant body language. Many times in cafes or restaurants the non-Greek may misunderstand this and think they are fighting. No way! It's just Greeks having a friendly discussion.

Telly Savalas is mentioned as one of athens Guide's Famous Greeks.


The official site of the Savalas family. This site is maintained by real Savalas family members. We maintain it to honor the legacy left us by our ancestors, and preserve that heritage for our children. We have live webcasts, shopping, streaming media, free videochat, games, free eCards, links, and much more. **

Do you have a Greek Foot?

So believed ancient the Greek sculptors, and those who would later work in the classical tradition, artists who created statues of beautiful and impressive women with feet whose second toes were longer than their big toes, the so-called “Greek foot” (known more prosaically as Morton’s Toe).

Byzantine Websites




Ellopos Blog publishes notes and comments on the Greek-European culture. It is a service complementary to the main Ellopos site, which publishes lengthy study texts.




A Bridge to Ancient Greece Ancient Greek culture found a supreme refuge inside the Byzantine Walls.

Byzantium saved the Ancient Greek letters and transmitted them to East and West, South and North, to any nation that was able to receive the treasure. As Runciman observes, “For eleven hundred years there had stood on the Bosporous a city where the intellect was admired and the learning and letters of the classical past were studied and preserved. Without the help of Byzantine commentators and scribes there is little that we would know today about the literature of ancient Greece.”
Beyond that, without knowledge of the Byzantine spirit, we can not understand Ancient Greece, since it was precisely the Greeks that decided to be baptised in Christianity, and then formed the Roman Empire to the Christian empire of “Byzantium”. It is contradictory, useless and utopian to try a ‘jump’ to the Greek antiquity, ignoring the very road that Greeks themselves chose to create and follow.

ELPENOR is built around a Bilingual Anthology of all periods of Greek literature, including Homer, Lyric poets, Presocratic philosophers, Plato, Aristotle, Tragedy and Comedy, the Byzantine Fathers, Modern Greek poets, the New Testament and the Greek Old Testament (Septuagint).  

"They shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years. And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth ..."  - St. John's Revelation (1st c. A.D.)

Greek Dancing 101

A place for Greek dance teachers and enthusiasts from around the world to get advice and exchange knowledge. Please register to get full access to the forum.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Slaughter of Chios

     Αργειε νάλθη εκείνη η μέρα
        και ήταν όλα σιωπηλά,
       γιατί τάσκιαζε η φοβέρα
     Και τα πλάκωνε η σκλαβιά.

The Slaughter of Chios, Eugene Delacroix
A secret Greek nationalist organisation called the Friendly Society (Filiki Eteria) was formed in Odessa in 1814 (Nicolaos Skoufas, Athanasios Tsakalof and Emmanouil Xanthos). With the support of wealthy Greek exile communities in Britain and the United States, the aid of sympathisers in western Europe and covert assistance from Russia, they planned a rebellion. They secured as the leader of the planned revolt Capodistria, who after leaving the Ionian Islands had become Russian Foreign Minister. On March 25 (now Greek Independence Day) 1821, the Orthodox Metropolitan Germanos of Patras proclaimed the national uprising. Simultaneous risings were planned across Greece, including in Macedonia, Crete and Cyprus. With the initial advantage of surprise, and aided by Ottoman inefficiency, the Greeks succeeded in liberating the Peloponnese and some other areas. The Ottomans soon recovered, and retaliated with great savagery, massacring the Greek population of Chios and other towns. This worked to their disadvantage by provoking further sympathy for the Greeks in western Europe, although the British and French governments suspected that the uprising was a Russian plot to seize Greece and possibly Constantinople from the Ottomans. The Greeks were unable to establish a coherent government in the areas they controlled, and soon fell to fighting among themselves. Inconclusive fighting between Greeks and Ottomans continued until 1825, when the Sultan sent a powerful fleet and army from Egypt to ravage the Aegean islands and the Peloponnese.

Balkan Mix

Thamai kalo paidi

Greek Version of Gummy Bear song

i will be a good boy, an excellent student
only if you dance in my rythm.
come on you can do it, to be a dancer
only if you dance in my rythm (refren)

come and dance to train yourself
shake shake shake shake you will be excited

always first in school, in my hug always a book
when dancing im a fierce animal (meaning extreme, no tiring dancer)
dont do the chiken dance into the living room, listen i play and a trumpet, dance!


pa pa look how im dancing (x2), all the girls admire me
pa pa look how im dancing (x2), all the girls admire me

come and dance to train yourself
shake shake shake shake you will be excited

look how im moving, thats a great body, the stage is gonna make it, its strong enough
dance every song, move your body more, keep dancing even in the taxi

i will be a good boy, an excellent student
only if you dance in my rythm.
'am putting all the goals, i listen rock 'n roll, only if i see you moving all the scarves

enter into this, wild crazy dance, i cant accept "i cannot"
only do, what am doing, all together come to the rythm

pa pa look how im dancing (x2), all the girls admire me
pa pa look how im dancing (x2), all the girls admire me


i will be a good boy, an excellent student
only if you dance in my rythm.
early in the stadium, everytime champion, only if you dance in my rythm

i like hip-hop, i never say stop, if you want i can keep singing
early in the stadium, everytime champion, only if you dance in my rythm

oeo dance (x3)

The song "Fairytale" on my Greek Bouzouki instrument.