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Saturday, April 21, 2012


Conditions treatable with Past-Life Regression Therapy

A list of conditions which responded to past life therapy in his practice. It is to be noted that one individual may have several themes and related past-life stories that will need to be worked through in a regression process.

(1) Insecurity and fear of abandonment - this is often related to past life abandoment as a child, separation during a war, being orphaned, sold to slavery, left to die in a famine, etc.
(2) Depression - Past life memories of loss of a loved, unfinished grieving, suicide, despair, massacre, etc.
(3) Phobias - Traumas in past life: death by fire, drowning, suffocation, animals, insects, natural disasters, etc.
(4) Sadomasochistic behaviour - Past life memory of torture, often with loss of consciousness, usually with sexual overtones; associated with pain, rage, hatred and a desire to revenge oneself in some way.
(5) Guilt and martyr complexes - Past life memory of having killed loved ones or directly responsible for the death of others.
(6) Material insecurity and eating disorders - Past life memory of starvation, poverty
(7) Accidents, violence, physical brutality - Repetition of old battlefield memories; unfulfilled quests for power
(8) Family struggles - Past life scores to settle with parents, children, siblings: e.g. betrayal, abuse of power
(9) Sexual difficulties - Past life memories of rape, abuse, torture.
(10) Marital difficulties - Past life experience with the same mate in a different power, class or sexual constellation, e.g. mistress, slave, prostitute, where sex roles were reversed.
(11) Chronic physical ailments - Headaches may be related to past life intolerable mental choices, ulcers to memories of terror, neckaches to hanging or strangling.

(Source: Roger Wolger: "Other Lives, Other Selves." 1988.) 

Of course, this list is far from being exhaustive.

Our brain activity is normally classified into four levels by electroencephalogram (EEG) waveforms in terms of cycles per second.

BETA (18-40 cycles/sec) - This is the state when we are awake and experience in normal daytime consciousness. In this state we are at a critical thought level.

ALPHA (8-17 cycles/sec) - With relaxation and meditation we reach the alpha state. This is also the state we lapse into when we awaken in the morning from sleep and at night when we cross over to sleep. It is believed to be associated with imaginative thinking. It corresponds to light and medium levels of hypnosis.

THETA (4-7 cycles/sec) - This corresponds to a day-dreaming state or the early stages of sleep. It is associated with creative and innovative thinking and it corresponds to medium and deep levels of hypnosis.

DELTA (1-3 cycles/sec) - This is the state that corresponds to deep sleep and a dream state. The brain waves are slow and high in amplitude.

For most people hypnosis is in the alpha-theta range. Because of inherent hypersuggestibility in the alpha and theta levels, positive programming during hypnosis is an effective approach to creating changes in one's life.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reincarnation and the church

Why does the Christian church reject re-incarnation?
It has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus.
In fact, if you read the New Testament, (which few of the most strident Christians have bothered to do, BTW), it is completely silent about reincarnation. If the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) are accurate, and the born-again Bible-thumpers take great pains to assure us this is the case, Jesus never spoke of reincarnation and past lives.
In short, past lives are mentioned nowhere. This is most unusual considering how well-known the concept of reincarnation was in the Middle East two thousand years ago. It leaves begging the question of why so popular a spiritual concept be not mentioned or even referred to.
In any event, while the Bible is silent on the subject, the early Christian leaders up to the fall of Rome were lively in their debate on reincarnation, both for and against. In fact, that point of theology was quite rancorous as it led to many divisions within the early Christian church which were not easy to mend.
Many of these early arguments have not stood the test of time. For instance, St. Jerome, personal secretary to the pope 1600 years ago, argued against reincarnation because it would mean that men would have to come back into life as women and that was unacceptable. Yes, in the ancient world, such silly arguments were taken seriously.
While Rome ruled the ancient world, the Christian debate on reincarnation ebbed and flowed with no resolution, and it was not until a hundred years after the fall of Rome that the matter was put to rest by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, who in 553 CE ordered the Fifth Ecumenical Council in Constantinople to outlaw reincarnation.
His reasons had little to do with theology. He had decided to try to revive the Mediterranean Empire but had discovered that quarrelling religious factions stood in his way. So his move against reincarnation (to bring the dissident factions to conform to his personal beliefs) was part of a larger attempt to bring order to the crumbling political and military situation of the Mediterranean in the years following Rome's collapse.
In the end, reviving the empire didn't work. But his religious edict, based on political and military expediency some 1400 or so years ago, rules Christian thinking to this day, and few Christians have been told why it is they are not allowed to look at reincarnation. It has nothing to do with Jesus, and everything to do with a dead Byzantine emperor's quest for military power following the fall of Rome.

The natal chart is a circular map of the Sun, Moon, and planets relative to the earth and the stars at the moment of birth.
Each planet in your natal chart represents the way in which you use a certain energy. For example, Mercury is the mind, your ideas, mental energy. Venus in your chart describes what you value and how you reach out to others in love.
When a planet in your chart is retrograde, you experience the energy of the planet in a more subjective, internal way. Thus your experience and expression of the planet’s energy is very unique to you. There is also a link to the past, or a concern with the past. Some karmic astrologers believe that retrograde planets indicate a link to a past life.
With Venus retrograde in your natal chart, your concept of beauty is different, comes from a different place, than those around you. With Mercury retrograde, your thinking is different. With Jupiter, planet of philosophy, your ethics, morality and religion may differ from your family’s.
Is this because of a past life? Maybe. Some astrologers think so.
If so, is it a punishment? No. But, an astrologer who does not understand karma might choose to interpret difficult things in your chart as some form of punishment. We humans often make God in our image, forgetting that it’s supposed to be the other way around. Karma does not judge or punish. Those actions are from human emotions!
You chart shows your life’s lessons: those you have already learned and integrated, and those you’re still working on. It could be that you brought over the past life energy shown by the retrograde, to assist you in your soul growth in this lifetime.
The most important thing in karmic astrology is to use your chart as a map showing the way to inner peace and happiness, rather than to validate a negative view of yourself.

The Piano Dreamer

Fellow Virgoans

Light RainbowCollapse
Greeting fellow Virgoans - I feel your frustration, however i wish to confirm that depending on where you are in your life cycle, the coming year is going to make a huge difference to all people and in fact all life... we are at a crossroad now determining the very existence or extinction of life as we know it, our world and all the life forces contained in it, my life has been spinning in the vortex like the rest of you and it appears that it is going to get faster still, my advice is hold on, stay positive, look for the lessons in your experiences and learn them if you dont wish to repeat the pain, and if you do repeat them then change the response within you to alter the outcome and you will have graduated at least to the next level challenge, I wish you all love, life, light and fearlessness as we face our uncertain future together.....let us be the change that is required and lead by example as we were born to do xoxoxox

VirgoVirgo Horoscope (August 23 - September 22)
Mutable Earth. Your ruling planet is Mercury.

The roller-coaster ride continues, Virgo, and might be getting even wilder with this spring season. You are in the midst of important and far-reaching cycle of personal evolution, and it is vital that you recognize the magnitude of the changes coming down. Equally, you must not give in to imagining fearful scenarios, instead finding a way to trust in the capacity of the surrounding cosmos to take care of you no matter what. Partners have a lot to do with this. There is a complex interaction that taking place for you there, including idealization and perhaps illusion; it is tempting to put them on a pedestal. Relating to a significant other, one that after all cannot be completely controlled, is potentially scary, but could also prove to be a blessing.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Greek Political Satire

Aerial viewing of Greece (Full HD) MESMORIZING!!


(April 18th, 2012) - Stephano Barberis has been selected to direct the follow up to Dean Brody's #1 hit single "Canadian Girls."  That track became the first song by a Canadian artist to hit the top of the country radio charts in four years.    The follow up is slated for release next month, and  the groundbreaking director is thoroughly excited about putting his unique and "bigger-than-life" cinematic touch on the project, which is shooting within the next two weeks.

Coming off a #1 music video for Dallas Smith and a top three music video for Gord Bamford, Stephano has just finished lensing projects for pop radio maven Stef Lang, rock-turn-country messiah Dallas Smith, and excitingly fresh upstart AJ Woodworth.

Three additional videos are also about to be announced for Barberis, making it the director's busiest time ever in his career.  In fact, since early October of last year he has, on average, shot one music video every three weeks. 

Now having directed 105 music videos (56 of them official Top 40 video chart hits on various national channels!), the synaesthesia-diagnosed Stephano Barberis has garnered 21 Video and Director Of The Year awards, including a Leo Award, thirteen consecutive BCCMA's (including 2011), and four out of the last five CCMA’s (including 2011), in addition to 54 nominations (including two MuchMusic MMVA’s). What started off as a one-off project has turned the re-inventing, unique director into one of the most slick, captivating, and sought-after visual wizards in North America, having been described in the industry as a "once-in-a-lifetime visual auteur."

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ancient Secrets

CBS Documentary - A Visit To The Holy Mountain ATHOS, Greece

Greek Financial Crisis

Comedic mastermind Yannis Pappas aka Mr. Panos

Papademos resigns

Greece's Prime Minister Lucas Papademos has resigned, setting the stage for early elections on May 6 after a five-month rescue mission to save the country from bankruptcy. Reactions from the street in Athens. 

Singer Dimitris Mitropanos dies

Singer Dimitris Mitropanos died in an Athens hospital on Tuesday, the Athens-Macedonia News Agency reported, after suffering pulmonary edema caused by a heart attack.
He was 64.
Mitropanos was considered one of the foremost interpreters of Greek rebetika and popular folk music, known for his smooth vocals and dignified delivery.
He was born on April 2, 1948, in a village outside Trikala in Thessaly, and began working as a singer after moving to Athens in 1964.
He sang alongside rebetika masters Grigoris Bithikotsis and Giorgos Zampetas, and later worked with internationally acclaimed Greek artists such as Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hadjidakis and Stavros Xarchakos.
More recently, Mitropanos sang with a number of well-known younger acts, and continued to perform live to packed houses all over Greece.
In 2010 he did a tour of the United States, playing to a near-capacity crowd at the Radio City Music Hall in New York in July of that year.