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Saturday, February 25, 2012


The Australian aboriginal Dreamtime is a timeless mythic ‘world’ that exists for all eternity. In the Dreamtime, the Ancestors walked the earth, and created everything – plants, animals, geology and landscape. Many rituals in Australian aboriginal culture allow the tribe to contact the Dreamtime, to once again ‘live in it’ and be renewed, if only for a short time. Modern development that bulldozes and reforms a landscape destroys the ‘world’ of the Dreamtime, that is its most terrible result, according to the aboriginal people.
In recent years, scientists in Australia have found three new species of unusual extinct kangaroos. At least one of these species was a creature of the Dreamtime. Added to the list of ‘known’ kangaroos, are a long legged galloping ‘roo with long fangs that was an aggressive hunter, a horned ‘roo, and a giant, leaf-eating kangaroo. The giant short-faced kangaroo is the largest leaf-eating kangaroo species on record. Standing three meters tall and weighing 200kg, its blunt front teeth were well adapted to chewing leaves and resembled those of koalas. Living in forests, it went extinct about 45,000 years ago, a date coincident with the those for the earliest human evidence in Australia.
This giant ‘roo was certainly known to the first Australians and likely survived in legends and folk tales after it became extinct. Kangaroos are depicted in aboriginal rock art, they are ancestors and creatures of the Dreamtime

Kangaroo Moon by Louise Macaulay


Paulo Coelho's Blog

by Priya Sher

Two young kangaroos were playing in the forest when they fell into a very deep pit. They tried to jump out but couldn’t jump high enough to get out of the hole.

Meanwhile, a big group of kangaroos started gathering above the pit – the pit was very deep and the gathered onlookers shouted to the two young kangaroos that it was impossible for them to get out. The older one of the two kangaroos heard the disheartening words of the spectators and after a while gave up and fell asleep, whilst the younger kept jumping and trying harder.

Finally, he managed to jump out of the hole – the spectators were shocked and asked the kangaroo,
“When we had told you so many times that it was impossible to get out, what was the reason that you tried even harder?”

The kangaroo was shocked because as he was partially deaf. He told them:
“Looking at all of you standing there cheering me gave me the strength to succeed in my mission of getting out of the pit.”

Always remember the affect your words have on others.

General provisions:

A – Whereas the saying “all is fair in love and war” is absolutely correct;

B – Whereas for war we have the Geneva Convention, approved on 22 August 1864, which provides for those wounded in the battlefield, but until now no convention has been signed concerning those wounded in love, who are far greater in number;

It is hereby decreed that:

Article 1 – All lovers, of any sex, are alerted that love, besides being a blessing, is also something extremely dangerous, unpredictable and capable of causing serious damage. Consequently, anyone planning to love should be aware that they are exposing their body and soul to various types of wounds, and that they shall not be able to blame their partner at any moment, since the risk is the same for both.

Article 2 – Once struck by a stray arrow fired from Cupid’s bow, they should immediately ask the archer to shoot the same arrow in the opposite direction, so as not to be afflicted by the wound known as “unrequited love”. Should Cupid refuse to perform such a gesture, the Convention now being promulgated demands that the wounded partner remove the arrow from his/her heart and throw it in the garbage. In order to guarantee this, those concerned should avoid telephone calls, messages over the Internet, sending flowers that are always returned, or each and every means of seduction, since these may yield results in the short run but always end up wrong after a while. The Convention decrees that the wounded person should immediately seek the company of other people and try to control the obsessive thought: “this person is worth fighting for”.

Article 3 – If the wound is caused by third parties, in other words if the loved one has become interested in someone not in the script previously drafted, vengeance is expressly forbidden. In this case, it is allowed to use tears until the eyes dry up, to punch walls or pillows, to insult the ex-partner in conversations with friends, to allege his/her complete lack of taste, but without offending their honor. The Convention determines that the rule contained in Article 2 be applied: seek the company of other persons, preferably in places different from those frequented by the other party.

Article 4 – In the case of light wounds, herein classified as small treacheries, fulminating passions that are short-lived, passing sexual disinterest, the medicine called Pardon should be applied generously and quickly. Once this medicine has been applied, one should never reconsider one’s decision, not even once, and the theme must be completely forgotten and never used as an argument in a fight or in a moment of hatred.

Article 5 – In all definitive wounds, also known as “breaking up”, the only medicine capable of having an effect is called Time. It is no use seeking consolation from fortune-tellers (who always say that the lost lover will return), romantic books (which always have a happy ending), soap-operas on the television or other such things. One should suffer intensely, completely avoiding drugs, tranquilizers and praying to saints. Alcohol is only tolerated if kept to a maximum of two glasses of wine a day.

Final determination:
Those wounded in love, unlike those wounded in armed conflict, are neither victims nor torturers. They chose something that is part of life, and so they have to accept both the agony and the ecstasy of their choice.
And those who have never been wounded in love will never be able to say: “I have lived”. Because they haven’t.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Omorfa Logia

Leei Leei Leei

Greek folk songs of Thrace

Θρακιώτικο τραγούδι, συνδυασμένο με εικόνες από τις χαμένες πατρίδες του Ελληνισμού (Μικρά Ασία, Πόντος, Ανατολική Θράκη, Ανατολική Ρωμυλία).
A Greek folk song of Thrace, combined with pictures of Greek motherlands that have been lost (Asia Minor, Black Sea, East Thrace, East Romelia).

Mikrasiatikos Karsilamas

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Running out of time
The people of ancient Sparta, an old story has it, were one day called upon to vote on a certain issue. A citizen who was much disliked among his fellow Spartans came up with a reasonable and quite convincing proposal. It was rejected, but two months later the same proposal was put forward, this time by a different person. It met with comfortable approval.
The same principle applies to the changes and reforms laid out in Greece’s new bailout deal with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, which was voted in the country’s Parliament last Sunday.
A large proportion of the public -- most probably the majority -- remain unconvinced by the political status quo and the pundits who dominate public debate. People are naturally frustrated. They see party officials rushing to protect their political cronies in the public sector against layoffs or early retirement. They have experienced the extent of incompetence and corruption of party officials who use the familiar tricks to navigate their way around the relics of a bankrupt state mechanism. Watching Greek politicians stage the same old play is comical and frustrating.
There is no one out there to inspire confidence, who can guide the nation out of the current misery, who can lift the nation out of this state of humiliation to a new national confidence, and from poverty to a robust production and economy.
Some older, more experienced pundits say: “Don’t bother. Inspiring hope is up to those who win the next general election.”
Maybe they are right. But can we really afford to wait until then? Europeans will be better prepared for a Greek default in two to three months. The most likely scenario is that we will make it to June before we stand for the final judgment.
Can Greece’s main political parties carry out the many necessary reforms using those tired old tools? Will they finally realize that unless they join hands, they will never be able to live up to the seriousness of the situation? It’s a tough wager. Barring some exceptions, Greeks have responded to crises with maturity and prudence.
It’s hard to predict how they will react this time, because of their unchecked anger. It will take time, a spectacular improvement in the economy, and an end to uncertainty to restore calm and moderation.
But there is very little time for this at home or abroad.

Patrida mou - Sfakianakis

Εκείνο το πρωί
λες και δεν ήθελε να ξημερώσει
κι η μέρα φοβότανε
λες και δεν ήθελε ο ήλιος ν' ανατείλει
να μη δει το κακό που ερχότανε.
Τα πουλιά λουφάξαν στις φωλιές τους
αισθανθήκαν το μεγάλο κακό
τις χιλιάδες ανάσες
και μεμιάς των σοφών τα χαρτιά
τα τυλίξανε πύρινες γλώσσες.
Αστραπές και βροντές
χαρακώνουν στυγνά το κορμί σου.
Λυσσασμένα σκυλιά
να ξεσκίσουν ξανά
θέλουν τώρα σαν σάρκα τη γη σου.
Αστραπές και βροντές
χαρακώνουν στυγνά το κορμί σου.
Λυσσασμένα σκυλιά
να ξεσκίσουν ξανά
θέλουν τώρα σαν σάρκα τη γη σου.
Πατρίδα μου αγαπημένη
ποια κατάρα σε βαραίνει πόση μοναξιά.
Τα παιδιά σου διαλεγμένα
σ' ένα θάνατο ταγμένα και στη ξενιτιά.
Πατρίδα μου ...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bravo Kiria Kanelli !!!!!!!!!!!! PESTA!!

We the citizens of Greece

Our nation is not for sale. We, the citizens of Greece are not obligated to pay anything! 
We Greeks can never be anything else but Greek. No one can change our 10,000 years DNA! 
Why the heck do you want one world order?
Maybe in another life time but not for the Greeks ever!
We will always be Greek!
We are proud of our heritage!
We are proud of our way of living!
We are proud of our work ethics!

Charlie Chaplin - Wise Dictator

Se mia zoi toso mikri, taksidia makrina, emeis

Σε μια ζωή τόσο μικρή, ταξίδια μακρινά, εμείς! 
Σε μια ζωή τόσο πεζή, δυο άστρα αλαργινά, εμείς!

Σε μια ζωή τόσο ρηχή, μαγεία και ανατολή, εμείς!
Σε μια ζωή τόσο αδειανή , δυο κόσμοι ονειρικοί, εμείς!

Δως μου το χέρι έρωτα , σεργιάνι πάρε με μαζί σου
να ξαναλουστώ στους ασημένιους ήχους των φιλιών
στις μεθυσμένες νύχτες των κορμιών 
στη μουσική που τραγουδούν τα «σ αγαπώ»...

Σε μια ζωή τόσο στενή ,δυο ορίζοντες αντάμωσαν, εμείς!
Σε μια ζωή τόσο κενή, δυο σώματα ενώθηκαν, εμείς!

Σε μια ζωή τόσο πικρή, ανατολή του έρωτα, εμείς !
Σε μια ζωή τόσο ρηχή ,δυο βυθοί απύθμενοι, εμείς!

Δως μου το χέρι έρωτα, σεργιάνι πάρε με μαζί σου
να ξανακουστώ, στους ασημένιους ήχους των φιλιών
στις μεθυσμένες νύχτες των κορμιών 
στη μουσική που τραγουδούν τα «σ αγαπώ»...

Να ήμουν η σκιά σου , στο νου σου κάθε σκέψη
να σ΄ είχα παγιδέψει σε ένα σ΄ αγαπώ

Με στάλες της αγάπης , να σου΄ πλενα τα χείλη 
και στου κορμιού τα μυστικά να σ΄ έπαιρνα ταξίδι

Να ήμουν η πηγή σου ,να πιεις να ξεδίψασες
ποτέ να μη διψάσεις , να ήμουν το νερό

Με χρώματα του πάθους , να έβαφα τη ζωή σου 
να ήμουνα δική σου, σώμα ,καρδιά, ψυχή σου!

Taxidepse me skepsi mou


Ταξίδεψε με σκέψη μου...στην αγαπώ να φτάσω...
Οh my thoughts and desire carry me far away to the one I love.....

έχω καιρό να τη νε δώ...και να την αγκαλιάσω...
so long without seeing of her ...without her loving embrace!

Ταξίδεψε με σκέψη μου,αχ να την αγκαλιάσω
Οh my thoughts and desire carry me far away to cuddle her!!

Κάνε με χάδι απαλό...κι'ο νούς μου ν'ακουμπήσει..
Turn me into a gentle touch... and let my mind rest on

στα δυό της μάθια ερωτικό...το δάκρυ να κυλήσει.
her two adorable eyes ... let the tear flow out!!.
Ταξίδεψε με σκέψη μου...
... Οh my thoughts and desire carry me far away

....κι'ο νούς μου ν'ακουμπήσει...
..and let my mind rest on her!

Arabic Instrumental

O ponos nikise pali - Andreas Kappa

Sakis Rouvas and Nomi Ruiz on Madwalk

Greeks will suffer further wage cuts

Blind protesters march during an anti-austerity protest in Athens on Tuesday. Photograph: Dimitri Messinis/AP
Greeks will have to suffer further wage cuts than the 15% planned for the next three years in order to restore their country's competitiveness, senior EU officials have admitted.
The size of the IMF's contribution to the €130bn bailout – finally agreed on Tuesday after 14 hours of negotiations – has also yet to be decided, while the European commission will only present proposals for "an enhanced and permanent presence" of debt inspectors in Athens later this week.
Repeatedly conceding that their forecasts were subject to high risks, the officials said the Greek economy would contract by 4.5% this year after a fall of 7% last year and would stagnate in 2013 before growth resumed in 2014.
Unemployment, now running at more than 18%, is expected to remain above this level this year and next, be just below 17% in 2014 and remain above 15% in 2015. But wages will have to be depressed even further to reorientate the Greek economy towards exports.
The government of Lucas Papademos, or its elected successor, will also have to find savings equivalent to 5% of GDP by the end of 2014, with officials talking of stepping up the fight against tax evasion.
Greeks have already suffered a 30% cut in wages and can look forward to steep cuts in the minimum wage as well as pensions as the price for securing the latest €130bn bailout which, with €34.4bn rolled over from the original €109bn rescue package, gives €164.4bn available over the next three years.
The sheer scale of the fresh dose of austerity, doubts over the ability of both the Greek government and the eurozone to reach targets and gaps in the eurogroup deal prompted cynics to suggest the agreement would hold together for only a few months. Some non-eurozone diplomats have already begun speculating about when a third package will be required to keep Greece within the euro.
Papademos, who flew to Brussels to help broker the deal, secured significant backing from a large group of private bondholders for the increased 53.5% nominal "haircut". He also won an extra €10bn in the package for the recapitalisation of Greek banks which now see €50bn set aside.
The proceeds from privatisations, already scheduled to raise €50bn, have so far been a paltry €1.6bn from five transactions and the new programme envisages raising €19bn from 35 transactions. But the full proceeds will only be raised if the Greek state sells off huge tracts of land and buildings, the officials conceded.

Greeks embarrassed and Humiliated

ATHENS- Greeks resigned themselves on Tuesday to a 130-billion-euro EU/IMF bailout that won their country a last-minute reprieve from bankruptcy at the price of a decade of austerity and humiliating foreign scrutiny of national finances.
Agreements among euro zone ministers during all-night talks in Brussels secured a second rescue package since 2010 in return for a new round of spending cuts that have already cost thousands of jobs and eroded public services.
Relief mingled with a sense of shame on the streets of Athens as Greeks who in two months could be choosing a new government digested what the deal means for a country now being treated as the sick patient of the 17-nation currency union.
“We are like drug addicts who have just been given their next dose, this is what they’ve reduced our country to,” Ioulia Ioannou, 70, a retired nurse, said of the country’s politicians.
“I don’t know who I will vote for. I’d vote for a new party if someone had the courage to create one,” said the life-long voter for the ruling Socialist PASOK party, whose popularity has been hammered by the crisis.
“For the first time, I’m embarrassed to say I’m Greek.”
Fellow pensioner Vasia Angelou, born to Nazi occupation of Greece during World War II and who saw harsh junta rule during the 1960s and 1970s, said the deal at least averted the risk for now of Greece leaving the euro and even the European Union.
“I’m relieved,” the retired advertising firm employee said.
“We have lived through worse times in Greece and many people don’t realize life would be much harder if we were kicked out of Europe. I have some hope at least my children’s lives will be better,” she said of two grown-up children studying in Britain.
But the Demokratia tabloid that has run computer-generated pictures of Chancellor Angela Merkel in a Nazi uniform splashed the front-page headline: “130 billion in chains.”
“Salvation under conditions,” ran the headline of the centre-left Ta Nea newspaper in a front-page editorial.
Austerity measures have already triggered mass street protests in Athens and street clashes between security forces and masked youths who this month torched dozens of buildings.
In a possible foretaste of tensions to come, dozens of fuel station owners and truck drivers blocked roads on Tuesday outside a finance ministry building with banners attacking international lenders to Greece as “thieves and smugglers.”
The country’s two main unions, GSEE and ADEDY, called for protests on Wednesday and leftist parties enjoying a rise in popularity said the price of avoiding default was too high.
“The other side of the coin is the disorderly default for the people,” Aleka Papariga, head of the communist KKE party, told a news conference. “A new hell awaits them.”
Lucas Papademos, Greece’s technocrat caretaker prime minister, had told lawmakers to back the deeply unpopular international financial rescue or condemn the country to “uncontrolled economic chaos and social explosion.”
Unemployment has leapt to 20 per cent and street crime is up as the Greek economy has shrunk by over 16 per cent since a 2008 peak, weighed down by spending cuts, the global downturn and the cost of servicing debt now at 160 per cent of national output.
The Brussels deal was only secured after private holders of Greek bonds agreed to take deep losses on their investments and after northern states led by EU paymaster Germany demanded, and won, unprecedented rights to inspect Greece’s finances.
The EU’s executive European Commission arm said it would finalize arrangements this week to send in new officials from other European countries to monitor how Athens acts on agreed reforms, including in sensitive areas such as tax evasion.
“I am embarrassed as a Greek citizen to have a permanent surveillance committee,” said fruit vendor Raptis Michalis.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dark clouds over Greece

Ιtalian Mayors Donate their Salaries in Support of Greece

In a symbolic act of  solidarity towards Greece and its people, plagued by the economic crisis and struck by their lender’s excessive demands, two mayors from Italy have announced their decision to donate their salaries in support of the Greek people.
Marco Galdi, mayor of the Cava de’ Tirreni, outside Salerno, offered his 1,100 Euros salary per month to the Greek people, as he stated in a letter to the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schultz, the Italian PM, Mario Monti, and the Greek PM, Lucas Papademos.
The payment of the mayor’s salary to Greece will commence in March.
In his letter, Galdi wrote that “only one people across Europe claim not having brothers or sisters, and those are the Greeks. And in this particular moment in history they are absolutely right. Nobody in the world treats the Greek people with any sentiment of brotherhood.”
The same solidarity gesture was repeated by the mayor of the small town of Baronissi, Giovanni Moscatiello, who offered his salary of 780 Euros per month to Greece.
“All leaders of Greece have definitely committed serious mistakes over the years. We would be as irresponsible as they were, if we did not support the country that gave birth to the Western European civilization in any way we could” read Moscatiello’s letter.
The voices of those who support Greece increase in number and volume day by day! Francois Olland, the French socialist candidate for the presidency, stated that if he is elected, he’ll renegotiate the terms and conditions of the economic package. Francois strongly supports the Greek people during these crucial and severe times for our country. He states that all the sacrifices that the Greeks have made so far and the progress that Athens has shown up to this stage should be rewarded…only to carry on by saying that a lot of foreign ministers already have doubts over the austerity measures that Germany wants to impose, not only on Greece, but on the rest of the EU countries.
Another French national turned Greek supporter is Patrick Hyaric, who is actually the president of the French newspaper “L’Humanite”, and the list doesn’t end there….
Even the Italian prime minister Mario Monti supported our country in one of his speeches declaring that “…Greece had serious responsibilities in the past, but she has made serious steps towards improvement and it’s only crucial to turn the page in her favor…” In a move that clearly shows dissatisfaction with the whole EU failure, Mario Monti has withdrawn Italy’s candidancy for the 2020 Olympic Games!
One can only wonder how this will end, or what dawns for every one of us…One thing is for certain…unity brings people together…isn’t that what Alexander The Great did after all? Where are You now to see the state of Your country? Where are You now to see the state that certain “prime ministers” have reduced Your country to?
I guess we have to close with what Patrick Hyaric wrote in his paper “… Yes we are Greeks through unity and solidarity, we are Greeks simply because we refuse to live in the very same misery they have to live in at the moment.”
YES WE ARE GREEKS!!! We should finally wake up and claim back OUR OWN COUNTRY!!!

This is all I have left...will it do???

Greece is not for Sale !!!!!!!!!!

I am Greek

God and unemployment

Etsi se dextika - Kokkinou

S'agapo Se Miso - Mixalis Hatzigiannis

Μιχάλης Χατζηγιάννης - Σ΄ Αγαπώ σε Μισώ 

Apenanti - Natassa Theodoridou