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Friday, November 11, 2011

Anastasia Fontaines

Anastasia Fontaines has worked in casting with Kirsten De Wolfe Casting located at Shoreline Studios as well as contributing to Eco Divas T.V., Pink Elephants, various organizations, foundations and causes. CEO of Angel Era Productions CEO and partner of Contrast United with Long time friend Lindsay Maxwell. Anastasia is currently (2010) developing and producing films as well as continuing her work as an actress, voice over artist and diverse performer.  Look for Anastasia playing the disturbed Ms. Dora in cult film Director Gregory Hatanaka’s “Violent Blue” Current Film in Development “Three Women Talking” where Anastasia plays lead role of Rachel (a role that was written for her)

Guys! It never ceases to amaze me how often the women's equality schtick is used in order for y'all to be LAZY and not be held accountable. 

I will insert a HUGE "For your information" before I continue with this. the FYI is I LOVE MEN. Now having said that I will continue

You have done a CRAP job of running our planet or governments our eco system and your short term memory and thinking does not serve the Greater Good of the Whole. So, really. Can you find it in yourselves to face this obvious truth and start empowering the Women Leaders in your world to take over and clean up absolute mess you have created. Guys, it is not in your MAKEUP to run countries and governments functionally. Get the girls out of cleaning the Kitchen and IN to cleaning up our WORLD. We know what we are doing in this department. It is time y'all came to terms with that.

SO, when your FEMININE and I don't mean (Margaret Thatcher) powerhouse, leader or politician comes to town or rises to the occasion to take over. SUPPORT her and move out of the way. Hand her the reigns. Let her do it.

If your company is a MESS, appoint the girl you know will do the job and do it right. Donate to women who are behind movements for your worlds children, environment, humanity for the Greater Good of the Whole. EMPOWER your Female Leaders. 

BUCK UP BOYS, then sit and watch things get better. 

Give Credit where credit is due and leave ego's at the door. This is now become about our existence and it is time you just cut the crap out and let the women do their thing.

Said with love.

well said Anastasia :-) We love you 2

"Step out of neurtic Love.Love someone how they are asking & really needing.JUST for them.Then step back and allow" Anastasia

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Taurus Full Moon, 11/11/11 and Eclipse

The Full Moon of Thursday, November 10th – taking place at roughly noon on the West Coast – while intense, is almost deceptively quiet as well. So much is happening beneath the surface. It is in any case the nature of this phase to represent a flowering plateau of the driving vigor from the very beginning of the cycle, a balance point between the various forces surging around in support and in contrast to the originating impulse from the New Moon time. The push of that onrushing energy finds a comforting moment of calm. 

This particular configuration also has Mars opposed to Neptune, reminding us of a more laid back and cosmic perspective on all our experiences. Mars is at the same time also contra-parallel to Neptune, so that their brief opposition – lasting about a week – is quite potent. Mars with Neptune brings idealism very much to the fore, and heightens our ability to align compassionately to others, with also the possibility in working that out of deception or self-deception. 

The latent intensity comes from Uranus and Pluto, still square to each other and triggered by the Full Moonwhich makes minor aspects to each. Jupiter is also trine Pluto and in forming semi-sextile to Uranus. These powerful archetypal energies remind us that there are obviously still important changes that we need to make in our lives, and in the life of the surrounding society. The idealism that Neptune brings might enable a relatively peaceful transition in the direction that your Higher Self feels sure that it needs to go. 

Mars is opposed to Chiron during this week also, and we may find that old patterns are rising up to haunt us, impeding our own confidence, self-worth and self-assertion, until and unless we can accept these wounded places within us at deep levels. We might need to integrate the driving force behind them, namely ancient trauma from the long-dead past; dead but not forgotten, or in many cases not forgiven either. 

At some point it pays to recognize that we have a powerful ally in that wounded and split-off disobedient child, however disenfranchised it might seem to feel much of the time. When we can accept all our parts, and by implication some of the more difficult parts of others as well, we are enabling greater forward motion in our own best interest, and greater joy along our way.

How to Interpret 11/11/11 aka 11-11-11; Friday, November 11, 2011. + Eclipse Schedule. + Metaphysics Experiment

Most predictions and opinions concerning 11/11/11 are based on or rooted in its mathematical uniqueness as a number.
11*11*11: There are three possible scenarios:
1. Something good happens— There is absolutely no scientific basis for this belief. There are no known logical premises for this belief. The belief that something good will happen is based solely on spiritualism, faith, and/or innate optimism. This belief is not necessarily a bad thing; we don’t know everything; the probability is not zero.
2. Nothing happens— This is the most likely scenario. Just because an unusual date number sequence occurs doesn’t mean that something extraordinary will happen. Usually it’s a non-event.
3. Something bad happens— There is absolutely no scientific basis for this belief. There are no known logical premises for this belief. The belief that something bad will happen is based solely on pessimism of reality. This belief is not necessarily false; after all, things are generally/usually a mess. The probability is not zero.

Solar eclipse of November 25, 2011

A partial solar eclipse will occur on November 25, 2011. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partially obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. A partial solar eclipse occurs in the polar regions of the Earth when the center of the Moon's shadow misses the Earth.
This eclipse will be visible across Antarctica in its summer 24 hour day sunlight, and New Zealand near sunset with less than 20% of the sun obscured. Parts of the western Antarctic Peninsula will experience nearly 90% obscuration of the sun.
This will be the last of four partial solar eclipses in 2011, with the others occurring on January 4, 2011June 1, 2011, and July 1, 2011. Wikipedia

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Greek Crisis Analyzed

To most observers, the current Greek crisis has primarily been a fiscal one. There is by now an impressive number of accounts about the deficits and public debt accrued by successive Greek governments, the conditions of the bailout package offered the country, the bond spreads in Greece and elsewhere. Such a focus is of course understandable when taking into account both the enormity of the problem the Greek economy is faced with and the possibility of a spill-over in other Eurozone economies or, indeed, the world economy. But what has caused the crisis? Was that a matter of disastrous economic management or did the crisis originate in the malfunctioning of the country’s political system? The question is not inconsequential. For, if the crisis were simply due to economic mismanagement, then an economic prescription, no matter how bitter the pill, should be enough for putting the house in order. But if, as I am going to submit, the crisis has its origins in grave pathologies of the political system over the last three decades, recovery will require much more than wise economic management. It will in fact require the remaking of Greece’s whole political and institutional system.

The impact of the global economic crisis on Greece has been devastating. Greece would have defaulted on its debt back in May 2010 had it not been for the joint EU-IMF-ECB (the so-called troika) bailout of 110 billion euro. The bailout itself came with a long list of prerequisites relating to the adoption of strict austerity measures.

This regime proved to be a failure as the Greek economy went into a deeper recession while the fiscal situation of the Greek state never improved. Thus the Greek government was forced to adopted a second pack of stricter austerity measures coupled with a massive plan of privatizations of state property. The privatizations would include ports, roads, tax collection powers and others that are essential for the well-being of a state. With respect to the privatizations plan Jean-Claude Juncker, the Eurogroup's chairman, said that Greece will have limited sovereignty.

After the adoption of the second pack of stricter austerity measures, the so-called medium-term programme, the markets reacted positively. However as I explained in an article, market relief would be short-lived over the new measures which proved to be the case.

Now Greece is in need of a second bailout from the troika otherwise default or restructuring of the debt will be the natural consequence. The EU stuck in its complex bureaucracy, has so far failed to reach a consensus over this issue.

The factors that have shaped the Greek crisis in this way are four as I explained in my article about the four dimensions of the Greek crisis. In short those dimensions are the global economic crisis, the systemic flaws of the euro, the endogenous factors that made the internalization of the crisis very severe and last the nature of the policies to deal with the crisis (the bailout with its austerity regime).

Adding to these four dimensions of the Greek crisis, I explained the reasons why Greece cannot avoid default as things currently stand (if course the EU does not come up with another "safety" pack) in my article about the dual nature of the Greek crisis, where I explain that Greece faces two crises in one. On the one hand it has to deal with a non-sustainable sovereign debt together with a non-viable budget deficit and on the other hand it has an uncompetitive, non-expanding economy. To cope with these issues, measures towards different directions need to be adopted.

Karma and Eating off People

Torch Bistro
Punta Gorda, FL

The Art of Eating Off People

Sushi bars and even tables themselves sometimes seem so passe -- so it's only natural that food lovers seek out adventurous alternatives to conventional dining. Enter the Nyotaimori dining experience at Torch Bistro. As a well-accepted Japanese tradition, Nyotaimori has been part of the Geisha culture for hundreds of years. At this Torch, you can try it ... but you'll have to make sure you abide by the rules. So, no speaking to the models and always use chopsticks to take food off their bodies. After all, it's the polite thing to do.

Karma Kitchen
Berkeley, CA

Wait, there is such a thing as a free lunch?

As a volunteer-driven experiment in generosity, Karma Kitchen takes place at three separate restaurants across the country: Taste of Himalayas (San Francisco), White Tiger Restaurant (Washington, D.C.) and the Klay Oven Restaurant (Chicago). Whereas the D.C. and Chi-town locations only operate on select Sundays each month, the Berkeley location operates each week. The concept? You receive a delicious lunch and a check that reads $0.00. The caveat? Since they're self-sustaining through cash donations, they hope you'll contribute something for your anonymous gift to keep the chain of peer-to-peer generosity alive. Now that's karma.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dalai Lama

Love me and I may be forced to love you

Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you. Love me and I may be forced to love you. - William Arthur Ward

Ti mou'xeis kanei - Natassa Theodoridou