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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Greek Crisis Ground ZERO

7,7 earthquake off Coastal British Columbia

A tsunami warning has been issued for coastal British Columbia following a magnitude 7.7 earthquake that struck near Haida Gwaii on Saturday night, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said no destructive tsunami was expected from the quake but the West Coast-Alaska Tsunami Warning Centre issued a warning for coastal sections of British Columbia and Alaska. To the south, the warning extended south to Washingon, Oregon and Northern California.
Emergency Info B.C. confirms two tsunami waves have been measured at Langara Island on the the northern end of Haida Gwaii. Both measured under 50 centimeters.
The quake was felt across a wide area of north-central B.C., including Prince Rupert, Sandspit and Kitimat, and was felt as far away as Quesnel, Houston and Kamloops. It was followed by multiple aftershocks as high as 5.8 in the following minutes.
There have been no reports of damage.
The quake was centred 198 kilometres south-southwest of Prince Rupert at a depth of 10 km, the USGS said.
Natural Resources Canada seismologist John Cassidy says this type of earthquake occurs when two tectonic plates slide against one another, and says it's not the kind that usually causes substantial tsunamis.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said there was the possibility of “widespread dangerous coastal flooding accompanied by powerful currents.”
“A major earthquake occurred in the Haida Gwaii region (formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands). It was felt across much of north-central B.C., including Haida Gwaii, Prince Rupert, Quesnel and Houston. There have been no reports of damage at this time,” Natural Resources Canada said in a statement issued Saturday night.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jab Tak Hai Jaan music preview

Gypsy Soul

I am a gypsy soul, a free spirit. Independent,one who loves everything that's out of the ordinary. The key to sharing a wild soul is to make him or her feel like they can be freer with you than with anybody else

Free spirits don't like the idea of being judged. Once you start judging them, they feel it's a personal attack and will back off and may even vanish so be careful with your words and actions. But once you meet him/her on the same level (learn to accept them) they can become the most extraordinary individual you ever met.

Get your priorities straight. What do you want most out of the relationship? Think about what your top three expectations are: Commitment? Respect? Honesty? Affection? Companionship? Passion? Security? Stability? A free spirit is not the kind to twist and turn to meet your every need (although some can at times, once they feel they can completely trust you). You'll have to make it simple for them by coming to an understanding of what you want most out of a relationship and asking for that, and nothing else.

Don't sweat the small stuff. Things like punctuality, precautions, and any other kind of minor limit or inhibition will be of no concern to an independent mind. They like to flow through life, following their whims - and this often makes them extremely creative and fascinating individuals, which is what probably attracted you to them in the first place. By imposing dams, as little as they may be, you could very well suffocate the qualities that make this person desirable to you, if you don't manage to scare them off first.

Choose your battles wisely. Don't nitpick. If they're 15 minutes late and you end up missing a movie, roll with the punches and see the next one. But if they're 45 minutes late to pick you up in the middle of the night in a bad neighborhood, that's serious. In general, if it doesn't directly threaten the priorities you established in Step 1, then let it go and just enjoy the ride.

Avoid setting rules. Restrictions are like chains, and will send this wild horse running towards the horizon. Instead of saying, "Don't ever cheat on me," say "You'd be a complete idiot to risk losing such an awesome person like me just so you could get a little extra on the side."

Get to know the person inside out. Study their tendencies, their quirks, their deepest desires, and their worst fears. Always be accepting and open-minded. Knowledge is power. The better you know this person, the less you'll feel the need to control them. Moreover, he or she will sense this and feel like you're the only person who truly knows them and thus, the only person they can be their uninhibited selves around. To a free spirit, this is the jackpot.

Give them the benefit of the doubt. A person who values his or her independence will truly test your ability to trust. You need to determine early on whether or not you trust this person, and then trust them completely. Sure, you might get burned, but you also might capture the heart of a person that no one else could touch.

Get in touch with your own free spirit. Don't sit at home, wondering what he or she is doing, or when they're going to call. Get in your car and take a road trip. Visit an old friend. Watch a new movie. Taste a different kind of food. Your free spirit will respect you for it, and feel a sense of kinship with you when you both get home and recount your adventures.

Appreciate their free-spiritedness. The number one condition that all free spirits demand of their relationships is acceptance. If you don't accept the free spirit, the free spirited person takes that as an assault on his/her freedom. If you accept them exactly as they are and place no expectations/conditions on them, then they can trust you. And only in trust can a relationship develop. Just remember that independence is something to be appreciated, not just tolerated, you'll be giving a free spirit exactly the kind of nourishment that it needs.

Don't try to change him or her. This is a classic mistake, in any kind of relationship, but especially when you're dealing with a rugged individual.

Give them time to themselves and to their projects.Independent individuals tend to have a burning need to progress alone - sometimes you have to let them go down a path by themselves and just let them know you'll be there for them when they get to the end.

And remember you can never trully "tame" a free spirit. What you want to do is have the free spirit close to you. Think of it as changing your location (bringing yourself out into the wild) rather than theirs (bringing them indoors).

Ruby Slipper Astrology

With so much emphasis on Scorpio lately, it’s easy to forget that other signs are being activated by transits. Fortunately, there’s some upbeat energy coming at us to balance out Scorpio’s weight.
October 28th gives us Venus’ entrance into charming Libra (the sign she rules). And a sky’s the limit opposition between Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Gemini (at 15 degrees).
Venus in Libra shifts the energy of relationships, money and self-esteem to a social level. If someone or something looks and sounds good, they’re in. Libra gets a bad rap for being superficial (and she can be). But without Libra’s balance, diplomacy and social sugar, life would be pretty unbearable. Sometimes you need to take a break from emotional napalm and just enjoy yourself. Enjoy the company of others. Treat yourself. Yes, this is allowed, even with the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio. Venus will be in Libra until November 21st.
And Mars opposite Jupiter? This is the crazy-confident influence. Jupiter expands, and when it touches Mars, there’s an explosion of initiative. Mars in Sagittarius wants to start something big. Jupiter (Sagittarius’ ruler) will turn that want into “Do it now!” The houses in your chart with Gemini/Sagittarius are where you might get an inspiring idea or exciting message. There might be a touch of the crusader to it (Jupiter/Sagittarius is about beliefs). Even a bit of fanaticism. Should you go for it? Yes. But use some caution. Jupiter in Gemini is notorious for missing important details, so do your homework before you dive in. Jupiter is retrograde (so some of its energy will be muted). But still. Check, check and double check. There’s some red hot potential here, but it must be handled carefully.
Venus in Libra may suggest that you shy away from looking too deeply. It’s impolite to pry. It’s pretty, so you’ll take it. But you’ll want to do your research. This doesn’t mean that the sizzling, new opportunity/relationship won’t be for real. Just trust me when I say you’ll want to know the whole story.
Overall, these two influences are a real nice antidote to Scorpio’s swamp. Thereare possibilities out there. You can make them work.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Independent Film - Walk Away

Walkaway is an English-language, independent American film, made with Bollywood flair and influences. A light and humorous drama, Walkaway, mocks the cliché of social obligations on young Indian Americans professionals settled in New York City.
Releases October 22nd, 2010

In this South-Asian male version of Sex and the City, Darius, Vinay, Shridhar and Soham - single, dating, engaged and married, strive to maintain some semblance of sanity while questioning themselves, their desires and choices, and the importance of unshakeable traditions. Join them and their loved ones on this journey fraught with ethnic and generational differences, and the pressures of modern relationships and careers. What will they choose to walk away from – family, love, or their roots?

Isoun Eisai kai Tha Eisai - Stanisi

Once upon a dream

Why are there chemtrails in Athens?????

Ptolemaic Aspects of Marriage Synastry Research Study

Gators’ Observations of Ptolemaic Aspects in Marriage Synastry
Most Aspected Chart Points (based on the 20-roll study)
  1. After Pluto, the ASC was the most "OFTEN" aspected point in the Male Natal Chart File.
  2. The trine occurred as the most "OFTEN" aspect in our Male Natal Chart File.
  3. The 3 most aspected "SELDOM" points in our Male Natal Chart File, in order, are: Uranus, North Node and Mercury.
  4. The square occurred as the most "SELDOM" aspect in our Male Natal Chart File.
  5. The top 4 most "OFTEN" aspected planets in our Female File were: Neptune, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn.
  6. Sextile and Trine were the top 2 most "OFTEN" aspects in female natal charts.
  7. The infamous "marriage" asteroid, Juno came in as the lowest of the most "SELDOM" aspected points in our Female natal chart file. The Sun came in the highest.
  8. The square was the highest of the most "SELDOM" aspects in the female file, followed by the sextile.
Sun – Overall, there are more aspects to the Sun than to any other planet. 1 There are 15 Often aspects and 13 Seldom aspects. Of these, there are 11 Often occurrences to the wife’s Sun and 9 Seldom occurrences to the wife’s Sun, compared to 4 Often occurrences to the husband’s Sun and only 4 Seldom occurrences to the husband’s Sun. It would appear therefore that the Sun is more significant an indicator for marriage in a woman’s chart than in a man’s. Neptune, Mercury and Juno are involved in the greatest number of aspects to the wife’s Sun. Mars, Uranus and Pallas are involved in the fewest number of aspects to her Sun.
Juno – After the Sun, Juno is the next most aspected heavenly body. There are 10 Often occurrences and 5 Seldom occurrences. The occurrence frequencies are divided more evenly than the Sun’s; Juno is a significant indicator of marriage for both men and women. The wife’s Sun and Mars Often oppose the husband’s Juno; the husband’s Venus, Mars and Mercury Often trine the wife’s Juno.
Jupiter – The planet receiving the third greatest number of aspects is Jupiter. There are 12 Often occurrences, 9 aspecting the wife’s Jupiter. And there are 12 Seldom occurrences, 7 of which are aspects to the husband’s Jupiter.
Moon, Mars and Venus are all significant in the husband’s chart, more so than the wife’s, as indicators of marriage: 6 of 8 Often occurrences for the Moon, 7 of 10 Often occurrences for Venus, and 8 of 10 Often occurrences for Mars are aspects to the husband’s natal planet.

Strongest Compatibility in Synastry (weight 4)

Sun conjunct Descendant 4
Sun conjunct or opposition Vertex 4
Sun conjunct North Node 4
Sun hard aspect (conjunct, semi-square, square, opposition) Sun/Moon midpoint 4
Sun in 7th house 4
Moon conjunct Descendant 4
Moon conjunct or opposition Vertex 4
Moon conjunct North Node 4
Moon hard aspect (conjunct, semi-square, square, opposition) Sun/Moon midpoint 4
Ascendant conjunct North Node 4

Very Strong Compatibility Factors in Synastry (weight 3)

Sun trine or sextile Sun 3
Sun conjunct, trine, or sextile Moon 3
Sun conjunct Venus 3
Sun trine Venus 3
Sun trine or sextile Mars 3
Sun conjunct, sextile, or trine Jupiter 3
Sun sextile or trine Saturn 3
Sun conjunct, trine, or sextile Chiron 3
Sun conjunct Ascendant 3
Sun conjunct South Node 3
Sun in 1st house 3
Moon conjunct, sextile, or trine Moon 3
Moon conjunct, sextile, or trine Venus 3
Moon sextile or trine Mars 3
Moon conjunct, sextile, or trine Jupiter 3
Moon sextile or trine Saturn 3
Moon conjunct, trine, or sextile Chiron 3
Moon conjunct Ascendant 3
Moon sextile or trine Ascendant 3
Moon conjunct IC 3
Moon conjunct South Node 3
Moon in 7th house 3
Moon in 1st house 3
Mercury conjunct, sextile, or trine Jupiter 3
Venus conjunct, sextile, trine, or opposition Venus 3
Venus conjunct, sextile, or trine Mars 3
Venus conjunct Jupiter 3
Venus sextile or trine Saturn 3
Venus conjunct, trine, or sextile Chiron 3
Venus conjunct Ascendant 3
Venus conjunct Descendant 3
Venus hard aspect (conjunct, semi-square, square, opposition) Sun/Moon midpoint 3
Venus in 7th house 3
Mars hard aspect (conjunct, semi-square, square, opposition) Sun/Moon midpoint 3
Ascendant conjunct South Node 3
Ascendant hard aspect (conjunct, semi-square, square, opposition) Sun/Moon midpoint 3
Ascendant in 7th house 3
Vertex hard aspect (conjunct, semi-square, square, opposition) Sun/Moon midpoint 3
Nodes of the Moon conjunct IC/MC 3

Saturn and Neptune Relationships

"The conjunction is the most powerful aspect, of course, and only recently (in the past two years or so) have I been working with more of the Saturn/Neptune conjunctions. From what I have learned, they are quite similar to the opposition in nature but sometimes even more intense as the two energies fuse and create a feeling that there are no boundaries between where one person begins and the other ends...this can be terrifying for a Soul in body, and particularly for one who is still early in the process of his or her own becoming. Because of this, the Saturn/Neptune conjunction may be the most difficult relationship of this type to solidify or let go of."

So you are sure you've met before and not only that, you feel as though you may have been lovers at least once in a past life, maybe many times over. When your eyes met for the first time this life, you knew he or she was 'the one'. But wait, the lightning can strike even without seeing each other. In the Age of Aquarius, karmic lovers are meeting on the web without even the benefit of a photograph first. Yet the lightning strike is so powerful, so consuming, so intense, you fall and you fall hard. At first you are floating on air, sky high in your romantic bliss, everything is simply perfect. New vistas of the divine open before you. 

Then reality strikes. One or both of you are married. You live thousands of kilometres apart. There are children, or perhaps an illness, involved. No matter what the complications, and there are bound to be plenty, you know that somehow you and your lover must be together. You feel it in your soul. It is a deep and painful longing, a longing no one else in the world can understand unless they, too, have met a karmic lover with a Saturn-Neptune connection. 

Does it read like a tragedy? Romeo and Juliet? Tristan and Isolde? Guinevere and Lancelot? Chances are all of these couples,  if we could erect a synastry chart for them, would have a Saturn and Neptune connection. These relationships are the blissful, yet complicated and painful type of relationship.  If there is a distinct Saturn-Neptune connection within the Synastry chart, it is quite likely that the Saturn-Neptune connection also touches the Sun, Moon, Venus, or Mars in both of the partner's individual charts.  These relationships appear to offer both heaven and hell to the people involved in them. I consider these types of relationships ‘dangerous loves’, not necessarily violent or abusive relationships, but rather relationships that cause great internal fear. The safe loves are easy to manage and allow a person to work freely and go about their business. The dangerous loves are consuming and passionate, yet frightening. The dangerous loves are often relationships with heavy karma, and the very essence of the Saturn-Neptune connection is one that suggests that the two people have come together to heal and evolve as individuals. 

If you are working on a synastry chart and you find this connection look for the deeper ties to the personal planets. By noting and examining the ties to the personal planets, you can obtain some idea of how the current relationship is manifesting for each individual and how they can approach the healing that needs to take place in the current life. The lovers meet again to clear negative karma and to rekindle their love, however briefly the actual relationship may last. If a person finds this passionate love in the current life but runs from it, he or she is running from their own personal evolution. We can learn a great deal from dangerous relationships. When that special love comes upon us and we indulge in it for a brief time and then choose to escape because the fear is too strong, then we are choosing to turn our back on love. Avoiding these heavy karmic Saturn-Neptune relationships is akin to avoiding life itself. If we avoid love and strangle it within our hearts and souls, not allowing it to blossom and grow, then we will face the same person again in the future under a similar, or perhaps even more complicated, situation. 

Working Together

The Saturn-Neptune connection will not resolve itself on its own, both souls must be willing to work hard to heal together.  To confront the 'danger' takes a very evolved soul and often I see one soul who is ready to deal with the karma and rekindle the relationship yet the other soul is not ready. This can be unbearably painful for the person who is ready to tackle the work. I should mention here that even if the relationship ends quickly, the two lovers will often continue to long for each other no matter who they are with or how far apart they are.  That is how strong and binding this aspect is within a relationship.

As you continue to work with a Synastry chart containing this configuration, look at the house placements of Saturn and Neptune. This will give some clue as to which area of life brought tragedy in the past. Ask yourself, why were these two souls ripped apart so abruptly? In many cases, one of the partners died a dramatic, sudden death, especially if the 8th house is directly involved. Often their very love for each other was their undoing, and the step towards their own destruction in the past. No wonder that these loves feel so dangerous and frightening! 

So how does the energy of the Saturn-Neptune connection manifest for the two people currently entangled in such a relationship? So much depends on other factors in their charts and their current circumstances. If they are married to someone else, should they divorce? If they live far apart, should they relocate? These are tough decisions and it could take years of dedication to one another to make happen. Often, one partner is terrified of the other after the initial blissful honeymoon (Neptune) phase. When the reality (Saturn) of the situation strikes this partner, his or her emotions may become unbearable and he/she must close down emotionally out of self-protection. The partner cannot see immediate results emerging out of the connection because it seems so complicated and he/she isn’t sure that they are willing to walk through the fires in order to reach the heavenly love this aspect promises. 

The frightened, less evolved partner may even sever the ties. The person willing to break the connection is often the partner who was left behind, who lost his or her only love  because this person may have been drastically punished, forced to marry another, or he/she may have taken an oath to never love again. A deep entrenched wound is hindering the growth of this soul. While this soul is hiding and running away from his or her karmic lover, there can be no healing. The scorned lover (the lover who died or was ruined in the past) is once again hurt, grows desolate, and may even give up on living if he or she is not very spiritual. How can something so wonderful, so beautiful and divine come to such an abrupt halt? Why doesn't he or she call? Why the disappearing act?  This wounded soul longs to experience the blissful aspects of the relationship and despite the challenging reality of the situation, this soul feels that the end result is well worth the torturous journey that must be taken to get there.  A stalemate (Saturn) is reached between the partners, and if Neptune is the weaker planet in the Synastry and in the individual charts, it is likely that there will be no resolution in the current incarnation.  However, if Neptune is stronger than Saturn in the Synastry, it is possible that the Neptunian energy can diffuse and permeate Saturn to the point where healing can begin to take place.  In this situation, the couple can work together to form a more solid relationship built on spiritual growth, music, healing the self as well as others, inspiring the human race, compassion, and any other activity that grounds (Saturn) the sublime (Neptune) on the earthly plane.

Karmic astrology can help lovers understand the push-pull effect of their karmic relationships. It may not end the pain, it may not sweep away the hollow emptiness left when one karmic lover suddenly deserts the other, but it can help transform the bitterness left bobbing in the wake of abandonment into something much more bittersweet, that of spiritual understanding and acceptance.

3MIN News

Apenanti - Theodoridou - Afieromeno

Twin Flame Blessing

Eagle takes flight and rainbows

Message from the "ancient ones"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Confusion over greek austerity agreement

ATHENS — Greece has reached an agreement with its international lenders on a harsh new austerity package and a raft of controversial labor market reforms, the country’s finance minister said Wednesday.
The long-sought deal is aimed at releasing billions of euros in additional financial aid for Greece and could also alleviate fears that the country might leave the euro monetary union.
The deal still requires passage by the Greek Parliament, where it is certain to test the viability of the country’s shaky governing coalition.
The finance minister, Yannis Stournaras, also said Wednesday that Greece’s European partners had agreed to give Athens additional time to carry out the austerity program — about 13.5 billion euros ($17.5 billion) of spending cuts and tax increases — instead of adopting it all immediately. The point would be to soften the blow to Greece’s moribund economy, which is heading for its sixth consecutive year of recession.
But Simon O’Connor, spokesman for the European economic affairs commissioner, Olli Rehn, rebuffed reports that an extended timetable had yet been agreed to.
The austerity package, months in the making, has fueled sometimes violent street protests by Greeks who are facing their third round of belt-tightening in three years. And getting the three-party coalition of the prime minister, Antonis Samaras, to approve the package remains an uphill battle.
Mr. Samaras has warned members of his own New Democracy Party to approve the package or face being ousted. But some members of the coalition’s junior partners — the Democratic Left and the socialist Pasok parties — are refusing to support wage and pension cuts, although they have pledged not to jeopardize Greece’s access to more financial aid.
Passage would require 151 of the Parliament’s total 300 votes.

Eurozone crisis live: Confusion over Greek austerity deal, amid anger over German budget demands - as it happened

Closing summary
Time to end the blog after a lively, and quite confusing day.
To recap...  
• Greece does still not have a deal with its lenders (whatever Yannis Stournaras may have told parliament at one stage). See 14.33 backwards
• Leaked details of Greece's memorandum of understanding have leaked. See 9.12
• As has a controversial proposal from Germany to take more control of Greece's finances. See 10.01
• Mario Draghi has smoothed the Bundestag's ruffled feathers over his bond-buying programme. See 15.11 onwards for highlghts from his press conference, and 13.51 for his opening statement.
• A grim set of economic data has shown that Europe is sliding deeper into recession. See 10.57 onwards
• The US Federal Reserve has left interest rates and quantitative easing unchanged. See 19.19 onwards.

Tomorrow will be a big day in the UK when the first estimate for GDP for the last quarter is released (although David Cameron has rather let the cat out of the bag - see 16.12).