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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Taurus Full moon Nov 17/13

By Sarah Varcas 

17th November 2013: Full Moon in Taurus 3:17 pm GMT 

This Taurus full moon occurs at the end of the eclipse season to bring about closure on the past month which has seen a number of very intense astrological configurations and a powerful taste of what’s to come in 2014. Conjunct the fixed start Algol, affectionately known as ‘the most malevolent star in the heavens’ (!) we could be forgiven for thinking this particular full moon is going to pack quite a punch. However, its relationship to Jupiter and Mars provides for a creative take on what once we may have deemed merely bad news.
One thing’s for sure: the cosmos is keeping us on our toes at the moment and this moon is no exception, for it gives us the opportunity to create something of substance out of recent challenges; something we can take forward onto the next stage of our journey. Which is where Algol comes in, because until we can recognise the value in looking our deepest fear, our biggest challenge, our greatest trauma square in the eyes in all its fearsome glory, we will be forever diminished by those aspects of life which rise up as if to break us. And we cannot afford to be diminished right now. There’s too much at stake and much more to be done!
The central message of this full moon is one of endurance. It alerts us to the need to endure in order to transform; that change does not come out of the blue in the blink of an eye, but step by step as we face our apparent demons to find them dissolving before our steady and unflinching gaze. The transformation required of us now is not one that changes the surface of our lives but the very depths of our being, the very roots of who we are. It rewires us so that we can no longer live in denial or ignorance of the consequences of being who we are, where we are and when we are. This is an age of awakening and as such we have to step up and take our part in what it means to be alive right now. And if we fail to do so, we still play our part regardless – quite literally – and that lack of regard will, itself, deliver its own consequences for us to navigate in due course.
Algol combines with the Moon at this time to remind us that the pain which we try so hard to avoid isn’t going anywhere until we encounter it and see it for what it is. Only then can it begin to shift and change into something altogether more creative, insightful and productive. Any lack of willingness to do so merely freezes it into stone, and a part of our heart along with it, until such time that we can turn towards it and invite it to speak its truths, which is how the healing begins.
So whilst this is not as comforting as some Taurean moons, it comes with a powerful kind of reassurance: that the more willing we are to feel the pain, the lighter our load will be. Such is the paradox of suffering: the very thing we go all out to avoid, in the moment of its acceptance, becomes a seed of grace. This Moon tells us there is nothing to fear if we can face the fear itself, for then we can act with clarity and wisdom, not from a diminished and intimidated place inside which cowers from the truth, but from a place of courage and strength which recognises the gravity of the tasks ahead and the importance of completing them to the best of our ability.

by Kathy Biehl
Taurus-full-moon_OMTimesNovember 17, 2013 7:15 AM PST / 10:15 AM EST / 3:15 PM GMT 6  Taurus 45 / 6 Scorpio 45
This month’s Taurus Full Moon casts light on the physicality of your existence. How satisfied are your appetites? Do you have enough? More precisely, do you have enough of what you want?
Your current answers to those questions differ wildly from what you would have said last summer, and probably even last month.  They’re already on your mind, too, because desires and satisfaction of same have been dominating the radar all week. The Taurus Full Moon’s ruler, Venus, has been on tear with the two cosmic change agents, Uranus (unpredictability, genius and liberation) and Pluto (unavoidability, primal, non-rational impulses and metamorphosis).
Her journey this week has freed you from some desires and connections. It’s awakened you to others, or blasted barriers or them. It finished off some, for good, while a few have drawn you in with the power of a tractor beam. Even though the process created rubble (and may have triggered tears), the Moon is growing full in a soothing, therapeutic environment, with cooperation and mutual support flowing between the masculine and feminine, willpower and hearts, and, in some cases, men and women.
The potential is high for feeling good and comfortable with your life at this point — not in some distant, dreamed-for future, but here and now. The Taurus Full Moon reminds us of the fact and importance of physicality. Spiritual energy does imbue physical existence, but the earth plane is where that takes place. We are, in the words of the French philosopher Pierre Teilhard du Chardin, spiritual beings having a human experience.

Abraham Hicks - Believe in your dreams

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Neptune in Pisces 2012 - 2025

On Friday, February 3rd, Neptune moves into Pisces, where it will be for the next 13 years. This is an important transition and change as Neptune emphasizes the spiritual connection that encompasses our being. Regardless of the beliefs we currently have, the veils that separate the different levels of life will begin to dissolve to reveal all of life. This will generate a new understanding as the perceived separations that create differences in beliefs will begin to melt away. As all of life begins to be visible the different realms and levels of life meld into one reality.
Neptune moving into Pisces unveils the golden light, dawning a new era of spiritual understanding and awareness. Neptune moves into Pisces in February 2012, where it will be for the next 13 years. Neptune in Pisces aligns the inner connectivity and spiritual awareness, which is strongly emphasized during this shift. The cocoon of understanding that held our awareness in suspension now unfolds many possibilities as our new perceptions expand beyond previous concepts. Through our response to this new phase of understanding, more options appear and will call us to explore and discover a new reality.

The last time that Neptune was in Pisces was within a few years after the planet of Neptune was discovered. Neptune moved into Pisces in 1849 and remained until 1862. This created a dramatic upswing in the spiritual awareness that gave birth to many new concepts at this time that continued to evolve. As it was reported that a surge of spiritualism began "... and by 1853, the Spiritualist movement had spread to San Francisco and eventually to London, and by 1860 there were Spiritualist churches around the world ..."
Neptune's passage into Pisces will become visible in the outer world in many ways. The obvious awareness of the various separations of life and death that will see the veil between them fade. Neptune will begin to reveal that all of life is one. The death event is the death of the body but the true essence of the spirit is still very much alive. This will create many expansions of awareness, wanted or not, that even as people leave this world, the body is the aspect that leaves, but the true essence is still present and begins to be visible as still a resident within our sphere of awareness. Similar to the rays of light we can't see or the sound levels we can't hear, we will begin to see and hear all that is a part of life and the many aspects that represent life.
This transparency of spirit begins to become a haunting event for many who have thought that all that they have said or done are not visible. But the visibility of these aspects of each person will begin to be seen and actually take shape, as if the inside is now visible on the outside. Neptune in Pisces has a purpose of uncovering the many levels and barriers that we use to create the delusion of separation and life being contained in areas that we can't or don't want to see. The levels and barriers begin to fade and the delusion of separation will no longer be viable and will instead become a major factor in transparency of people; their motives, ethics and value.

Uranus in Aries sets the stage for change, breakthrough and freedom

Uranus in Aries sets the stage for change, breakthrough and freedom

With Uranus moved into Aries on March 11, 2011, the new stage was set to shift a generation of events. Uranus square to Pluto in Capricorn has been pushing for changes in business, government and industry. Uranus brings in the changes that have been emerging since early 2011 with the changes, overthrow and transformation of regimes and power heads. The fact that Uranus moves to square Pluto exactly begins the first of SEVEN times for this aspect to occur (from 2012 - 2015). It is as seven powerful waves of complete transformation of business, industry and governmental regimes. The seventh wave will be the largest and the most powerful wave. We will see the sweeping effect come into action; moving out the dictatorship that holds leadership as a position of overlord instead of protector, benefactor and grantor of freedom and rights. The major change that comes with each of these aspects addresses the dictatorship and overlord use of power. Uranus requires change and the square to Pluto brings in the hammer of revolt, uprising to overthrow and knock off the rust of the fixed ways of dictatorship that causes undue suffering of people from the use of misused power. These events are just the beginning of the complete transformation of power regimes in business, industry and government. , there will be another major surge of energy creating significant events and changes for the Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn folks.Uranus assesses situations and assists in the process to reveal the true self. Aries is the beginning of the zodiac and thus provides the seeds of self expression, motives, ethics that determine the response and "karma" of reaping the seeds that are sown. If there are issues that require adjustments or disclosures before this can happen, Uranus will bring total perspective of the inner and outer workings of situations to facilitate this revealing process. Usually Uranus assesses and reviews the seven-year events that occurred while Uranus was moving through the previous sign (Pisces from 2003 - 2010) that determine the seeds planted and the reflected events that are now ready to reveal the appropriate harvest. Uranus in Pisces prompted many delusional events that when Uranus moved into Aries, the shift into the reality of transformations needed reality hit hard.


Venus will be at 9 degrees Capricorn, conjunct Pluto at 9 Capricorn, squaring Uranus at 9 Aries on November 14th and 15th.  Whenever Venus meets Pluto, old lovers come back to haunt.
With Uranus involved, surprise is pretty much a given. The surprise may be who pops up. It may be how they pop up. It may be when they pop up.
The surprise may be the sheer number of old lovers you hear from, or it may be the intensity of the contact.
Hearing from an old lover is not always a negative thing but typically it stirs a person on a deep level.  With Uranus involved, these scenarios are likely to be disruptive.
For example, your partner’s  Uranian or Jupitarian ex-lover might contact them, in which case you may be deeply (Pluto) pissed (Aries). Challenge (Aries) and possessiveness (Pluto) play here.
Sometimes these contacts are  fairly benign.  In the age of facebook, it’s easy to find your high school boyfriend.  Many people do exactly that, pinging the person to check their availability.  So that’s one scenario. But other corpses contact ex-lovers, maliciously, knowing it will disturb and upset them. Keep this in mind!
Betrayal is also possible here, if not likely!  That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to you.  But you’ll probably hear of it, or witness it.  Expect power struggles to erupt as well, and if you do mix it up with someone, it’s going to be “lite”.
It’s not going to help, that the moon will be in Aries at this time.  People will be more than willing to act (Aries) on their emotional (moon) impulses. This an intense configuration. I can see a lot of damage resulting from it.  If you want to avoid that, try to detach and examine a person’s motive as opposed to being overly reactive.
Some will meet their love (or money) karma at this time….for good or ill.  Volatility in the stock market / financial markets is pretty much guaranteed at this time as are reversals of fortune, both good and bad.