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Thursday, November 14, 2013


Venus will be at 9 degrees Capricorn, conjunct Pluto at 9 Capricorn, squaring Uranus at 9 Aries on November 14th and 15th.  Whenever Venus meets Pluto, old lovers come back to haunt.
With Uranus involved, surprise is pretty much a given. The surprise may be who pops up. It may be how they pop up. It may be when they pop up.
The surprise may be the sheer number of old lovers you hear from, or it may be the intensity of the contact.
Hearing from an old lover is not always a negative thing but typically it stirs a person on a deep level.  With Uranus involved, these scenarios are likely to be disruptive.
For example, your partner’s  Uranian or Jupitarian ex-lover might contact them, in which case you may be deeply (Pluto) pissed (Aries). Challenge (Aries) and possessiveness (Pluto) play here.
Sometimes these contacts are  fairly benign.  In the age of facebook, it’s easy to find your high school boyfriend.  Many people do exactly that, pinging the person to check their availability.  So that’s one scenario. But other corpses contact ex-lovers, maliciously, knowing it will disturb and upset them. Keep this in mind!
Betrayal is also possible here, if not likely!  That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to you.  But you’ll probably hear of it, or witness it.  Expect power struggles to erupt as well, and if you do mix it up with someone, it’s going to be “lite”.
It’s not going to help, that the moon will be in Aries at this time.  People will be more than willing to act (Aries) on their emotional (moon) impulses. This an intense configuration. I can see a lot of damage resulting from it.  If you want to avoid that, try to detach and examine a person’s motive as opposed to being overly reactive.
Some will meet their love (or money) karma at this time….for good or ill.  Volatility in the stock market / financial markets is pretty much guaranteed at this time as are reversals of fortune, both good and bad.

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