What, and he wasn't invited to Prince William's and Kate's wedding? Outrage! He'd have worn a better hat than Princess Beatrice.
The Oscar-nominated actor is still more than an ocean away from the throne. Nick Barratt told the UK's Sunday Mirror that Depp, 47, and Queen Elizabeth II, 85, share the same great-(repeat last word 18 times) grandfather, making them 20th cousins. The Mirror reports Depp's more immediate forebears were farmers who settled in Virginia in the 1700s.
"I believe the balance of probability is that there is indeed a link between Depp and the royals," Barrett explains. "I doubt we'll ever be able to prove it 100 percent." Not even if Lillibet has a "Wino Forever" tattoo?

"All I can say is for a guy like me, who's been dangling in this business for the last twenty years, to finally have something hit,it's unexpected and very touching." --Johnny Depp

Your talent speaks for itself johnny boy ;-)