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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines day

Perfumes as Love Potions
In popular parlance, terms like "love elixir" or "love philter" and even more commonly "love potion" have come to designate perfumes that have such mysterious effect ascribed to them as to be capable of arousing extreme sensual thoughts and even invite deeper amorous feelings through the sheer power of their scents. The very word "philter" speaks of love as it comes from Latin "philtrum" which borrowed the term from Greek "philtron" which in turn is derived from Greek "phileo" meaning "to love".
We see a transfer of meaning from the original notion regarding what a love potion is.  Originally - and nowhere else is it more famously illustrated than in the myth of Tristan and Isolde in the West - a love potion would have had to have been ingurgitated so that the magical combination of the various ingredients contained in it would have had the effect of securing eternal love through their absorption.....

Learn Greek Online - FREE


 Learn Greek Online is a course provided by Kypros-Net in collaboration with the CyBC to teach the modern Greek language online.
Learn Greek Online is currently composed of 105 real audio files (around 15 minutes each), online student notes, a collection of collaborative learning tools and an online greek dictionary and a greek spell checker.
The text version of these lessons has been contributed by students of this course.
The course is offered absolutely free of charge. All you need to do is register and enjoy !.

A Greek crisis is coming to America

It began in Athens. It is spreading to Lisbon and Madrid. But it would be a grave mistake to assume that the sovereign debt crisis that is unfolding will remain confined to the weaker eurozone economies. For this is more than just a Mediterranean problem with a farmyard acronym. It is a fiscal crisis of the western world. Its ramifications are far more profound than most investors currently appreciate.
The writer is a contributing editor of the FT and author of ‘The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World‘

Please help Haiti

How to be greek - LOLOLOL

Stavros wins Xfactor Greece 2010

Free Podcast - The Fall of Troy

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Luck Shahrukh, Kajol and Karan

Fox Star Studios will market and distribute in India, while Fox Searchlight will market and distribute the film in the United States and 20th Century Fox International will distribute across the rest of the world.
The film will be opening globally this weekend, and producers say they are hoping for strong showing due to Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Pass the flame

Vassilis Dimitriadis (born August 22, 1978) is an athlete from Greece. Vassilis Dimitriadis is competing for medals in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Olympic Alpine Skiing.
Olympic skier Vassilis Dimitriadis holds the olympic torch and olive branch as the first torchbearer during the Ceremony of the Lighting of the Olympic Flame for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games at the Ancient Olympia site on October 22, 2009 in Olympia, Greece. Torchbearers will carry the Olympic Flame from Ancient Olympia on a 2180km relay through Greece for eight days before a hand-over ceremony at Panathenian Stadium in Athens on October 29 to members of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for its transfer to Canada.

During the coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relay, is giving you the opportunity to share the values of peace, brotherhood and friendship.

Every day - from October 22, 2009 to February 12, 2010 (Olympic Torch Relay) and from March 3 to March 12, 2010 (Paralympic Torch Relay) - you can "Pass the Flame" to your Facebook friends. Each time you Pass the Flame, it will be like running with the Torch for 300 meters (just like the actual Torch Relay).

Monday, February 8, 2010

I will never love again - We love you xaroula

My god, the second time
that I will come to live
However much my heart yearns
I shall not love again. 

Haris Alexiou is not just any greek singer, she's one of the best examples of the deep, throaty style of Greek Byzantine singing. Above all, she sings about the inner loneliness of human being