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Saturday, January 16, 2016


Γιώτα Νέγκα, Θ. Καραμουρατίδης, Ο. Ιωάννου - Χώμα στα φτερά

Οι ONIRAMA feat. Γιώργος Μαζωνάκης παρουσιάζουν το soundtrack της πρώτης ελληνικής 3D ταινίας!

Ευανθία Ρεμπούτσικα & Γιώργος Μαργαρίτης - Νοτιάς - Από την ταινία Νοτιάς - Official Audio Release

Ancient Cultures used Healing Crystals

Ancient Greeks: Crushed hematite was often rubbed upon soldier’s bodies prior to entering battle with the idea that it made them invincible. Interestingly, the word ‘crystal’ is thought to derive from the Greek word ‘krustullos,’ – meaning ‘ice’ – and until the 1500’s many ancients believed stones like clear quartz crystals were eternal ice sent from the Heavens. The mythological story of Amethyst plays a vital role in the story of the God Dionysus and Goddess Diana, and the word is said to be the Greek translation of ‘sober’ or ‘not drunken’ – something Dionysus could have spent more time being.