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Friday, October 26, 2012

Ruby Slipper Astrology

With so much emphasis on Scorpio lately, it’s easy to forget that other signs are being activated by transits. Fortunately, there’s some upbeat energy coming at us to balance out Scorpio’s weight.
October 28th gives us Venus’ entrance into charming Libra (the sign she rules). And a sky’s the limit opposition between Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Gemini (at 15 degrees).
Venus in Libra shifts the energy of relationships, money and self-esteem to a social level. If someone or something looks and sounds good, they’re in. Libra gets a bad rap for being superficial (and she can be). But without Libra’s balance, diplomacy and social sugar, life would be pretty unbearable. Sometimes you need to take a break from emotional napalm and just enjoy yourself. Enjoy the company of others. Treat yourself. Yes, this is allowed, even with the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio. Venus will be in Libra until November 21st.
And Mars opposite Jupiter? This is the crazy-confident influence. Jupiter expands, and when it touches Mars, there’s an explosion of initiative. Mars in Sagittarius wants to start something big. Jupiter (Sagittarius’ ruler) will turn that want into “Do it now!” The houses in your chart with Gemini/Sagittarius are where you might get an inspiring idea or exciting message. There might be a touch of the crusader to it (Jupiter/Sagittarius is about beliefs). Even a bit of fanaticism. Should you go for it? Yes. But use some caution. Jupiter in Gemini is notorious for missing important details, so do your homework before you dive in. Jupiter is retrograde (so some of its energy will be muted). But still. Check, check and double check. There’s some red hot potential here, but it must be handled carefully.
Venus in Libra may suggest that you shy away from looking too deeply. It’s impolite to pry. It’s pretty, so you’ll take it. But you’ll want to do your research. This doesn’t mean that the sizzling, new opportunity/relationship won’t be for real. Just trust me when I say you’ll want to know the whole story.
Overall, these two influences are a real nice antidote to Scorpio’s swamp. Thereare possibilities out there. You can make them work.

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