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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chronos - Saturn

Saturn’s Greek name is Chronos, meaning time. Saturn gets a bad rap for causing delays, heartache, pain, and frustrations, until we submit our will and do what is demanded by the world in which we live. The planet Saturn represents the limitations, of our bodies, the consequences of our actions, and the laws that govern them, in the world that we live in. Karma, keeping the records, and noting all your actions is what Saturn does. It is the last planet of our universe that we can actually see with our naked eye, it is our limit. The planets that come after, like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto we can’t see with the naked eye. They are spiritual and influence us on a spiritual level. While we are on Earth, we have to bow to the ways of this world. We don’t have to agree we just have to be humble and humble our wills. We are ruled by time, our bodies succumb to time, and it is time that ultimately takes us. What are delays but time interrupted, standing still or seemingly in reverse? Denied that which we want, until we do what is appropriate, called for and demanded of us. Saturn doesn’t ask you to agree, just submit. When you were a child your father didn’t ask you for your opinion, he said do it or else. Once you did what your father wanted you to do, father gave his approval. So does Saturn. It rules hard work, very hard work. As we grow older your physical father cannot make you do things, Saturn does. By doling out the consequences of this world, he is your father. Once you can govern yourself though, you don’t need your physical father or Saturn to discipline and guide you. Once you can discipline yourself, guide yourself, and then are you ready to go beyond Saturn to the outer realms of Uranus, Neptune and to the planet Pluto. Then you can move confidently and safely into the spiritual realms. 
Saturn demands that we submit our wills to the realistic, material plane, and bend in humility to something bigger than ourselves. Saturn rules the knees, knees bend and bow down. Saturn is also exalted in Libra the sign of marriage and relationships and no where else are we tested more and required to submit ourselves to another. Sometimes, we as humans like to dive right into thing things we are not ready or prepared for, and run away when it gets too tough. The very things we desire most are held back, and denied under Saturn’s influence. We haven’t learned enough about it, we may be going about obtaining it the wrong way, or we lack the experience, we may have been unwilling to subjugate ourselves or bend, bow and act humbly enough. We might not deserve that which we desire so much. So Saturn delays the activity. Delays make us think more about what we want or feel we lost. They humble us. Saturn answers the question, “Why?” Saturn’s lessons are not in vain though and after the tears and the struggles, we bend, and submit to the world and Saturn gives back three fold, it’s up to us to decide that if after all that time we still need or want that which Saturn delayed. Saturn is the gateway to the spirit world, towards greater spirituality and truly being a spiritual being. Saturn is the door to what is beyond it; beyond Saturn and our world. This defines one of the differences between Vedic, or Eastern astrology which doesn't’t acknowledge or use the planets past Saturn. Eastern or Vedic astrology, is concerned with marriages, and succeeding in this world and fulfilling material ambitions. It is concerned with the visible or the world in which we see. Western astrology is concerned with the invisible would as much as the visible world. Western astrology goes beyond, the planet Saturn and deals with the invisible influences of all the planets past Saturn. The world we don’t see, beginning with Uranus. You cannot succeed in the spiritual world without hard work, succeeding in the material world, on the earthly plane, in the visible. You have to prove yourself worthy before you are allowed past the gate keeper Saturn, to the outer realms and the invisible. How can you succeed on the spiritual plane if you cannot bend to this world? You don’t and you can't.
We are in a pivotal time in our collective incarnations that demand we submit our wills to the material world that we live in, and then move on the outer realms of our spiritual destinies. It's no coincidence that we are experiencing a financial meltdown of sorts. We have to stop and fix the things of this world before we can call ourselves spiritual beings. It's no coincidence then that Saturn is opposing Uranus, standing at the threshold of our spirituality and saying "focus on what's wrong with the Earth first". Don't ignore the financial problems or the corruption or the filth that's around you. Work hard, clean it up, fix it and then and only then can you get your freedom, to go beyond, into the spiritual realms.

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