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Friday, June 10, 2011

June 2011 Eclipse

Astrological Trends for JUNE 2011

The Hub of Activity
By Dipali Desai
The month of June blasts off with a turbo-charged Solar Eclipse in Gemini at 11 degrees on June 1st, 2011. Quick zip fly by of communications happening. Share your ideas, exchange information and networking highlighted. The influence of a Solar Eclipse is felt for over a twelve month phase if you have set a clear intention. On June 14th/15th a Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius at 24 degrees will be felt on an emotional level. This influence of the Lunar Eclipse is noticeable waves for up to six months from the day of. We must examine which limiting beliefs keep emotional wounds festering.
Drifting into daydreams, shying away from mundane details we feel the energy shift of Neptune (June 3rd/4th) and Chiron (June 8th/9th) in Pisces both move into Retrograde phase. Our energy in relation to those themes becomes introspective. We may feel a bit disoriented or spacey as well as sensitivities increase. It is wise not to over-indulge in alcohol or mind-altering substances such a drugs as there may be unusual reactions. Take your time to ground your energy before venturing out into the world.
Other big news on the astrological front is Saturn in Libra at 10 degrees going Direct / energy moving outward in expression again. Wherever Saturn in Libra is planted for now, a seriousness or concentrated energy may be felt in tangible ways. We will begin to address relationships of all types again and make concrete changes to establish harmony. Jupiter enters Taurus until 2012 and activates a “Trine” aspect to Pluto in Capricorn retrograde.
Upside down, right side up, unleashing creative energy, theTides of Change moving things all around and washing away what is no longer serving us. Some food for thought: The Solstice gateway at 0 degrees Cancer, (considered to be a power point), is a connector from the Total Lunar Eclipse on June 15th to the third Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 1st while keeping the Uranus Pluto Square buzzing with energy! The month ends with rockin' and rolling energies towards incredible new beginnings and turn of events helping us to get our appetite for Life going. Stay tuned...

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