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Friday, June 10, 2011

Cobram Estate - Oil from the Gods


Cobram Estate Fresh & Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Established in 1998, Cobram Estate is Australia's largest olive farmer and producer of extra virgin olive oil. Its world-class olive groves are located at Boundary Bend and Boort in north-west Victoria which offers superb year-round conditions for olive growing.
The business is the leading producer and marketer of premium Australian extra virgin olive oil and owns Australia's number one home-grown olive oil brand. It is also a manufacturer of olive harvesters, owners of Australia's largest olive tree nursery and olive oil bottling, storage and laboratory facility.
Cobram Estate's Fresh & Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil was awarded Champion Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Show and Champion Commercial Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the Spring 2010 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.


Cobram Estate is proud to have been the first local olive oil producer certified as ‘Extra Virgin’ under the Australian Extra Virgin Code of Practice. Since our earliest beginnings we have also voluntarily adhered to the highest Australian and international standards for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our difference is that we are vertically integrated, giving us absolute control and full traceability over all stages of production.
From tree to table, our in-house experts such as agricultural engineer Leandro Ravetti and olive specialist Pablo Canamasas ensure we produce only the best range of olive oils. Following our strict and exacting standards, Cobram Estate produces award-winning oils in 2 ranges,the Premium and Everyday Range. The Premium Range is our boutique range, showcasing the best oils selected from the year’s crop. These contain single origin oils with purity of flavour and a full manifestation of varietal characteristics. The Everyday Range is our range of freshly pressed and blended oils, crafted by our expert tasters and blenders to suit a variety of palettes and dishes.

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