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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Solar Eclipse Nov 13, 2012

Solar Eclipse Aspects
The eclipse is opposite Sedna. Sedna may feel victimized and project the bully onto their mother or other women around them. Initially the drama gets them the attention they crave. Eventually though, people get bored with the wailing and they have to accept they have been cut off. This is a blessing! Instead of endlessly replaying the drama, this eclipse gives us time to shift our attention to a more worthy cause outside ourselves and our soap opera lives. This is where we may find our calling. That is if we can resist drowning our sorrows with Unukalhai’s drink and drugs first. Sedna is about turning our inner victim into the Savior. Sedna can be fearful of hitting the icy depths, but go there she must if she is to defrost the bounty.
Mercury square Neptune in the chart is worry, psycho-somatic illnesses, and paranoia. The mind is foggy, but it is also poetic. This is an ideal time to do creative writing, to go into solitude, go on a meditation retreat, detox. Socially it will be hard to resist the snakes and seducers in the world. Everything will seem more glamorous then it really is, one glass of wine will feel like a bottle, even sugar will make you high. Unukalhai makes one so, so sensitive to toxins. In the mundane world this could mean more people suffering from allergies, autoimmune diseases and food intolerance. The toxins in our environment now are at such a high level that our livers are overloaded, we don’t need to add any more if we can help it.
Solar Eclipse Horoscope
There is an interesting aspect pattern in this chart which esoteric Astrologers call “The irritation rectangle” I used to call this a “Rack Of Doom”, but we already have enough hammer horror, so off with the doom. The rack actually stretches us, it’s like accelerated spiritual growth. Yes, we will have growing pains and yes, it will leave us aching. But we all know a good Yoga session makes us feel wonderful too. Forewarned is forearmed, we just need to warm up our limbs. This is a feminist rack boys so get your leotards on! The traditional“light” goddesses are on one side and the raging “dark” goddesses on the other.
Men may feel pulled between wife and mistress, mother and daughter, virgin and whore…Too much Unukahlai-hol and they could blur into one…Is that two of you there love? And what of us ladies? We may feel split in two. Are we Mother or priestess, good girl or slut? Do we go celibate or go celebrate? The Mercury square Neptune doesn’t make it easy to choose. All things mystical are well starred though, so seeing a psychic or your favourite witch may help clarify. Whatever you do, keep your eyes, (all three of them), open for messages and synchronicity from the universe. All is not what it seems.

The next big wave we see will be on November 13th . . . the second total solar eclipse ( Now that the heart model has been fully anchored into your new heart, as well as into your world and our universe, this eclipse will be quite important and very potent as it makes necessary adjustments based on our collective consciousness. This will make the universe self-justifying. What we are saying here is that anything that is still not in alignment with unified love will be reprogrammed to make adjustments for human error. This is not a judgment on humanity. But we know that holding a perfect love space in your wobbling world will be hard to accomplish 100% of the time. So the universe is giving you a break for any mis-qualified energy you may have anchored. We also tell you this to be easy on yourself. It is difficult to hold perfect space in a radically morphing world. Relax and just be your truth as much as you can. The universe will clean up anything you might have done that came from anything but love. In this eclipse path, there will be a temporary no-time space in which to reboot all the upgrades. This eclipse will be quite intense, and we are glad that most of the passage of this eclipse is over the ocean to soften its impact. During this time, we can see that there is going to be a lot of upgrading. Stay in a place of peace and neutrality as the reboot washes across the Earth. Now you are running on a fully upgraded and re-calibrated system. It is time to give this new world a test run. You have been ready for this for eons.

Eclipses in your Chart

If you’ve followed the steps in Forecasting Tips, you have your chart in front of you and know the outstanding themes in your life as shown in the progressions.
Now, use asterisks to mark where eclipses are falling in your chart. Eclipses are a prelude to important events and by house position indicate where change is coming due. While eclipses can be relied upon to point to areas of change regardless of other techniques, they often corroborate the findings in the progressions, providing more clarity.

Recent & Coming Eclipses:

  • Solar Eclipse, May 20, 2012 at 0° Gemini
  • Lunar Eclipse, June 4, 2012 at 14° Sagittarius
  • Solar Eclipse, November 13, 2012 at 21° Scorpio
  • Lunar Eclipse, November 28, 2012 at 6° Gemini
  • Lunar Eclipse, April 25, 2013 at 5º Scorpio
  • Solar Eclipse, May 9, 2013 at 19º Taurus
  • Lunar Eclipse, May 25, 2013 at 4º Sagittarius
  • Lunar Eclipse, October 18, 2013 at 25º Aries
  • Solar Eclipse, November 3, 2013 at 11º Scorpio
If an eclipse falls within 3º of a planet or important point in your chart, by conjunction or opposition, it is of special personal significance and there are experiences ahead that are in keeping with the nature of that planet. Check the keyword symbolism of the planet to learn the issues or people it describes. For example, Venus is naturally associated with the Second House of finances but this planet also rules loved ones. The Sun rules your physical vitality but it also symbolizes the important men in your life, especially the father. Sometimes an eclipse brings a focus to some matter that has been crying for attention as it’s been neglected or a situation has gone on too long. An eclipse brings a turning point.
     November 13, 2012              21° Scorpio 57‘               10:12 pm
      An eclipse occurs when the orbits of the Moon and the Earth align closely enough together with the Sun and the Moon to block the light of the Sun from the Earth (a Solar Eclipse), or the Moon (a Lunar Eclipse).  Every month we have a New Moon, but only every six months do we have eclipses.  A Solar Eclipse is when the Moon is exactly between the Sun and the Earth and blocks the light of the Sun from the Earth.  Solar Eclipses are very powerful New Moons and are known to herald significant and powerful endings and beginnings. Events that are triggered by an eclipse usually take six months to unfold, so you can expect this process to continue as you begin to feel like a flower opening its’ petals.  Special opportunities to break old patterns become apparent as you begin to make major changes in your life. Metamorphosis is another word associated with eclipses. 
The Solar Eclipse on November 13, 2012 will occur at 10:12pm at 21° Scorpio 21’. All Scorpio Sun Sign people will be most affected by this Solar Eclipse as will those with Scorpio rising. If you are a Taurus or have Taurus rising you will feel this Eclipse more strongly than most because in our sky the constellation of Taurus is opposite the constellation of Scorpio and is in direct alignment with this Eclipse. Overall, you will find yourself redoing your life from your toes to the top of your head and your appearance will be changed radically as you enhance your image to reflect the massive changes going on within you!! Remember, Eclipses are about endings . . and beginnings!!  Ultimately the changes in how you see yourself will affect how you are perceived by others thereby affecting all of your personal AND business relationships!!   Response to an Eclipse is both psychological and physical as each individual responds in a unique manner.  This is all good as you review your life, let go of past aspirations, recommit to what works and plant fresh seeds for personal growth!!   
    Depending on the part of your chart (house) that is activated, we can determine exactly what part of your life will be most affected. 
 If you are a Scorpio almost every part of your life will be affected, but all of us will feel a shift of some sort coming on. If the Eclipse falls in your 1st/7th houses, you are working on yourself, on your marriage or your relationship.  If it is the 2nd/8th houses, it is your earnings or joint finances that are affected.  If it is the 3rd/9th houses, it could be a year of travel or educational pursuits.  For more information on how this eclipse falls in your personal chart, give me a call.  With any eclipse, what is hidden will come to light and your secret desires may not be secret anymore.  You may break away from a relationship that no longer suits your needs, or you may be faced with changes beyond your control.  The six months ahead will give you the time to sort through your feelings and explore other options. 
     Remember:  change is good!  Change in thought, manner, speech, dress, lifestyle, career, health, family, expectations and goals are all part of the plan and the process of you creating a more fulfilled life.  You may feel uncomfortable as you let go of what is familiar and you step way outside your boundaries to make room in your head and your heart for new ideas and ultimately a new lifestyle!                             
Read on to see how this eclipse will affect you personally!!    

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