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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Moon at 24 + degrees of Sagittarius is closely conjunct its North Node, and also aspects Chiron

June 15th Full Moon Full Moon Chart
This Full Moon, taking place on Wednesday, June 15th, at 1:14 PM PDT, is caught in Earth’s shadow, an eclipse that can be seen in Asia and Australia where the Sun has gone to bed, although not in sunny mid-day California, nor for that matter anywhere in North America. Because this eclipse is part of the same cycle as the one that occurred 19 years ago, on June 14, 1992, it might be fruitful to review the changes in your life since then. If any issue was prominent at that time, it could return now in a different way, as appropriate to a different level of evolution and the accumulated insights gained.

The Moon at 24 + degrees of Sagittarius is closely conjunct its North Node, and also aspects Chiron, bringing old patterns of behavior and reactivity more fully into our emotional field and our consciousness. Painful parts of ourselves might potentially be revealed. The goal is acceptance of these dark places within our psyches and moving past them. Note that this is not by ignoring them or pretending that they are not there, but in moving on with life by honoring these wounded places and allowing them a place at the table of our conscious awareness.Pluto aspects Chiron, and Mars as well, while the Sun is conjunct Mercury as the Moon opposes it, so that our understanding is increased of our most secret urges. Anger could get out of hand if we do not consciously check it. Neptune is also prominent in this configuration, with Jupiter, so that it is also indicated that we might yet have an ultimately spiritual and peaceful take on our experience.

These planetary energies merely remind us of what is inside of each one of us for good or for ill. It is currently quite difficult to get along and even to rise above, amidst the swirling energetic factors that lead to clashes everywhere we look; and yet we have the basic wisdom to do so. These days of polarization sometime bring out the worst side of humanity and yet in the heat of these fractious times we have also the great potential for bringing out our best. It’s a choice that when made carries reverberations to all corners of the planet and reinforces the choices made by others out of of our common kinship.

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