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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hockey or Afghanistan????? Social Media and Pride over Destruction in Vancouver

Comments from various blogs on the Internet

"These aren't 'fans', they're idiots and they don't represent Vancouver Canucks fans. The fans inside Rogers arena are true fans with class, they cheered on the Canucks after the game ended, then they applauded the Bruins and stayed to watch them in their glory. True hockey fans, not the very few immature idiots on the street."

"Hey, i admit this is pretty sad and they need to grow up but these people are just drunk/high idiots that wanna cause trouble. But you must know that us other canadians and canucks fans are just sitting at home mad at them too because the truth is that this is not what vancouver or canada is about. Their sore losers but dont let it reflect on who we are as a city or a country :) "

"It's pretty sad that the people downtown have resorted to a riot. GROW UP! At least the fans in the arena were mature and respectable, they cheered the Bruins and gave a few standing ovations. Vancouver Canucks gave us a good run! It's been a long time since they made it past even round 2. Be thankful they made it all the way to a Stanley Cup Game 7."

"Do you really think that people take a hockey loss so seriously that they would do damage to their own city? NO... these are just drunk sh*t disturbers that are using the loss as an excuse to cause havoc... shame on them, although I'd like to see the VPD taking stronger measures asap, zero tolerance!"

"As a Canadian, I am embarassed that anyone is doing this. I am not a huge hockey fan but I was cheering for the Canucks. HOWEVER, Boston played hard and deserved to win, congrats! Please don't let the behavior of these idiots reflect on the rest of Canada. We are not the only ones to have started riots during sporting events, and sadly, won't be the last. It is a sporting event, yes tempers do flare but seriously, grow up! I try to teach my kids who play other sports that you play fair and someone has to win, someone has to loose. No one likes to loose but Boston deserved to win. Again, deep apologies for these idiots ruining this. It seemed planned from the start. And remember, most of us are adults and know how to act!"

"Sad thing is...16 of the 22 Bruins ARE CANADIANS!! Only 3 Americans played that game...such a sad day in Canadian history.I don't care who started it,they should be held accountable for all the senseless damage & destruction!! I feel bad that our children hafta see this kind of unsportsmanlike behaviour!!"

I saw this guy. People around him started gathering around him and getting on cell phones.

There were people there not interested in the hockey game. Holding 2011 Riot signs and gas masks -- not interested in the hockey at all.
I'm riding the train back home and I get to hear a group of 20-somethings brag about the damage they caused and talk about picking up their car at a station, then driving back across the border to Washington.

I'm shocked. Vancouver had viewing parties for 3 games before this, and then some *******s come to crash our party.

Our economies are about to go bankrupt, corruption is at an all time high, wars all over the world....but we riot only after a *ucking hockey game! !!!!

MyGreekSpirit *Rolls her eyes*

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