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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kelly Cutrone - Not your Normal average girl

“I’m more of an ancient feminist than a modern feminist. I believe in the goddesses. I like that whole warrior tribal thing. I’m happy. There aren’t that many strong women on TV. Even if you look at Sex and the City…. if you look at women on television… Sarah Jessica Parker’s character is obsessed with Mr. Big and Kim Cattrall is getting banged 20 times a day.”

3. FM: The book is supposed to be a guide for girls to make it in the real world. Does it mostly speak to the PR industry, or did you try to include advice for any career?
KC: It’s not really about PR. There are a lot of fashion stories about the fashion industry. But it’s mainly a book to make people realize they’ve been programmed. I talk a lot in the book about how mothers, the life-bringers themselves, sing songs to their daughters like, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage.” It’s excessive.You have to be skinny, pretty, make good grades. Says who?
4. FM: How does this apply to kids at Harvard?
KC: Kids at Harvard, I’m sure there are some that are living their dream, but there are people there experiencing someone else’s dream. And if there are people around you who aren’t listening to you, who don’t believe that you can manifest what it is you are dreaming, or don’t want you to, then you should get the fuck away from them.
It’s a book about deprogramming, about intuition, about taking risks—especially when you are young.

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