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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

SCORPIO! New Moon Solar Eclipse 2013 – November 3, 2013
 It’s All About Scorpio!!! If you’re uncomfortable with Scorpio energy, you are going to have a rough time beginning October 23, 2013 when the Sun enters Scorpio. And even those of us who are familiar with the depth Scorpio requires, this may be a bit much. At that time, there will be 4 bodies in the sign: Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and the North Node. By the time we get to the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 3, 2013, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, and the North Node will be in Scorpio. AND in the Eclipse chart, Scorpio is rising because the New Moon is exact at sunrise. That makes 6 planets and points in Scorpio! 

 Scorpio ≠ Sex 

The final angle I want to talk about is that of sex and intimacy. Scorpio is erroneously associated with sex. I’d actually associate Leo with sex. Scorpio is about the exchange of energy. And for some sex is the ultimate. But being a water sign, Scorpio should more appropriately be associated with emotional energy. What is emotional energy? Emotional energy is the force underlying the motivation for our actions. Emotions give us the fuel to act upon our will. This is why for Scorpio, and for all of us during this Scorpio season, we are challenged to master our emotions. We are often tasked to honor our emotions and get in touch with them. It’s definitely important to name our emotions as a means to externalize the energy rather than letting it swirl endlessly without resolution. That is the first step in mastering our emotions. But the challenge we have right now is not about those fleeting emotions that change as often as the moon changes sign which is every couple of days. 

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is exposing ingrained and unconsciously repeated emotional responses. More often than not, this is fear. Our fears motivate us to seek escape when we encounter unfamiliar emotional territory. Yet we never explore that territory because we’d prefer to remain where we are comfortable. Many times, comfort comes in the form of wounds. Our deepest inadequacies that come as a result of wounding at earlier times in our lives is what keeps us from our desires. Our desires are beckoning us to grow. For if it is love we want, we must confront our fear of vulnerability and intimacy. 

We must face how we felt unloved as a child or in previous relationships. If it is success we want, it is our fear of failure and mediocrity that we must confront. We must define success in terms of our capabilities and limitations (Saturn). Not just in terms of familiar paths we’ve seen others take. If it is stability that we desire, we must confront our fear of losing control and our fear of the unexpected. The erratic roots upon which our lives seem to be built, moving often or moms and dads who were in and out of our lives, too often define what we are capable of or even what we desire as a means to escape the past. Well, I told you I like to dig deep. And that is what this Eclipse is all about.

 Dig deep in your own life. Expose your own weaknesses. Liberate yourself from your unconscious emotional responses. That is the bridge to your desire. And you may find that once you cross that bridge, you may no longer want what you thought you wanted. You’ve transformed from being motivated by fear to being driven by your soul’s longing. Now, that its authentic desire!

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