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Monday, January 7, 2013

Scorpios 2013


2013 practically screams Scorpio. This year your intense traits are up in lights, just like your name. Transformation, metamorphosis, passion, and sexuality are all heavily pronounced right now. Saturn, known as the Cosmic Taskmaster, has taken up long-term residency in your stars until 2015. You can expect nothing less than a total overhaul of your former self. Add to this the fact that your ruler, Pluto, is in what is known as a “mutual reception” with Saturn (they’ve essentially swapped signs). The force for change and the need to rebuild your life from its very foundation is doubled. This is a year for uncovering your greatest resourcefulness and relinquishing any skeletons from your psychic closet. Death and rebirth become daily themes as you shed layer upon layer of the former you. The speed at which your life is moving, evolving and changing is unprecedented, Scorpio. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on 3 November marks the most dramatic push of the year. Strap yourself in for the most intense ride you’ve had in at least a decade.
The commitment theme extends into all life arenas this year, but especially love. Saturn demands that you stick with the relationship you've started if you ever want to learn deep and meaningful lessons about intimacy, Scorpio. It might feel like it will kill you to trust someone again, but think of the rewards when deep passion and connection are possible, if you're willing to take the risk. Neptune continues to bring a longing for a soulful merger with your romantic partner again this year. Chiron takes up residence in your love zone so the themes of illusion, delusion and the desire for divine romance continue. You want a love that inspires poetry, art, music and cinema. You want a love worthy of the gods. Nothing less will do.

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