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Monday, January 7, 2013

San theo sagapo / Kizim Seni Aliye

This well known Turkish song was very popular among Anatolian Greeks and Armenians. It was recorded with Greek lyrics in 1960 by the popular laika duet of Manolis Angelopoulos and Yiota Lydia. The two Turkish versions presented here were both recorded in Greece - the first in 1960 by Ali Ugurlu as part of a series of 45 RPMs issued by RCA Victor and Olympic with Greek Anatolian musicians. The second Turksih version is a collaboration CD between the Turkish singer Dilek Koc and various Greek musicians produced by Music Corner in Athens. The second Greek version is a recording by the former Ethnic Folk Arts Center of NY of the Greek Pontian Papadopoulos Family Orchestra. Lazaros Papadopulos was at first a zurna player and then a clarinet player. His roots are among the former Pontian communities of the Siva/Sevastia region.

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