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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Moon in 22 Degrees Scorpio

Scorpio is based on eeriness, mystery, intuition, revival, durability. The emotions are intense and can be uncontrollably flowed upon the surroundings.
When the Moon is in Scorpio, the subconsciousness becomes very active, intuition increases, the ability to understand the unexplainable, the mysterious.
The time contributes to the concentration, increase of the sharpness of mind, criticality. It’s a favorable period for the science workers, psychologists, people with extraordinary abilities.
The family relationships are sophisticated. The emotional tension can lead to a scandal. It’s better to postpone the family gatherings and celebrations for another period.
The Moon in Scorpio encourages the loss of the sense of measure, food, alcohol, but mostly in sexual relationships
Avoid surgical intervention in the area of the reins, sexual organs, excretory system, endocrine glands, large intestine, kidney dishes, urinary tract.
Scorpio New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse, SuperMoon
Tuesday, November 13, 3:09 PM MST
(10:09 PM Greenwich Mean Time)
Sun and Moon in Scorpio 21º
With this New Moon, we enter the last six weeks – the home stretch, of 2012. We enter an eclipse portal with a total solar eclipse now at New Moon and a partial lunar eclipse at Full Moon at the end of the month. As a SuperMoon, every effect is strengthened, as the Moon is closest to the Earth and in exact alignment with the Sun/Moon. The Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun during solar eclipses essentially blocking out the Sun's electro-magnetic and radiant energies that are vital to life and allowing a momentary empty moment that can clear and reset our energetic bodies. Anything can happen; release takes place. We realign to this present moment. The universe is offering you an empty vehicle to fill with whatever you want to let go of.
The month is shifty.   Three planets change direction. Mars changes signs. Mercury, as you may have noticed, is retrograde (Nov 7-27) allowing weeks of loose connections to realign in new ways (or just tangle around your ankles). Mercury, too, changes signs on 11/14 retrograding back into Scorpio. We just can't move forward in our usual ways with the Messenger and Communication planet looking backwards over his shoulder, although our inner networks just might expand in ways we hadn't imagined.
Neptune and Chiron turn direct Nov 10 and 14 having been retrograde since early June. Reflect on how active our collective unconscious (Neptune) has been since June and how much healing you have experienced since that time. Old stories and issues that hold our magnificent expression in check rise up into our faces and cannot/will not be denied. Saturn is benevolently working with Neptune to dissolve our deep emotional inadequacies and limitations. An exact square from Mercury to Neptune in the New Moon Chart is making it difficult to focus on the purely logical, forward-moving aspects of life. So there may be some frustration as we lean toward the strong pull of the emotional centers and the desire to take time to listen to our intuitive inner voices for direction and guidance.
Scorpio is traditionally ruled by the fiery, aggressive action-oriented Mars and ruled in the modern era by transformative, depth loving, psychologically powerful Pluto. Mars, in this chart, is aligned exactly with our Galactic Center (27º Sagittarius). Because the Black Hole at the Galactic Center emitting powerful forms of electromagnetic energy and absorbing equally massive amounts of energy is aligned with our most physical archetype, Mars, huge shifts in consciousness can be absorbed by this masculine planet and old forms released. This eclipse along the Great Female Dragon Line that circumnavigates the planet mirrors the eclipse of May 20, 2012 that crossed the Great Male Dragon Lei Line at Mt. Fuji and Mt. Shasta.
Huge emphasis is upon the Scorpio archetype. Sun, Moon, Eclipse, Mercury, North Node, Saturn. Scorpio calls in the big mysteries of life: death, transformation, intimacy, sexuality, union with something greater than ourselves. Saturn in Scorpio for the next two years will push us to confront and free what we would normally avoid – places where we are vulnerable, raw, where we have no control, and where our ego is most fragile. Scorpio also holds the opportunity for deep surrender and rebirthing yourself in a powerful new way.
Be ruthless with choking off your old story, wah, wah, wah...
Be disciplined about letting go of associated wounds, raw deals and scenarios where you lost personal power. Drop what you're dragging from the last century that most of you were born in (unless you're under 12 years old). Feed your heart with whatever makes it swell with love and courage. Transformation is shamanic work. Facing the dark; surrender; strengthening your essential core; gaining personal power. You are participating in one of the most monumental transitional times ever experienced on the planet. Now through 2015 the heat is really on. We all must be as fresh, alive, conscious as we possibly can be to channel what is asked of us and to stand grounded and spiritually connected (to source and each other) in the face of the acceleration of the times.
Saturn was in Scorpio in the 'Roaring 20's' (1923-26) when Victorian sexual repression was freed with abandon. 1953-56 Saturn in Scorpio brought us birth control, Playboy magazine, the Kinsey report.* Those of you born in those years will be experiencing your second Saturn return, and those of you born 1983-85, we welcome you to astrological adulthood and your first Saturn return. The Lord of Karma, Saturn, has made one full revolution around your natal chart exposing you to the full panoply of influences in your life and now 'returns' to its original place in your chart.
Keep an eye on the week before Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on 11/28. The Uranus-Pluto square remains very active and is being triggered by Mars during that time. This can be very disruptive energy and can trigger aggressive actions or power struggles especially where there has been resistance to change or egos feel like they have been denied.   Hopefully we can utilize this time for constructive end of the year projects.
Earmark the next six weeks until the end of the year, to personally become as conscious and loving and open as you can be. We have the collective power to diminish the need to trigger a catastrophic event like we saw Hurricane Sandy do to bring this country together and wake it up to cooperation.

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