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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Eclipses bring emotional cleansing

Solar Annular Eclipse – 20th May 2012
Total Solar Eclipse – 13th November 2012

This Eclipse in southern Pacific mirrors the May Eclipse. Being a Total Eclipse, the shadow does touch the Earth’s surface. Its astrological pattern resembles a Kite, with its head open like a flower to receive new frequencies from Mars, Pluto and Juno.

Mars is conjunct the Galactic Centre, aligning our personal will with our spiritual will (Pluto), enabling us to be in Right Relationship (Juno) with the Universe. Grounding and balancing these powerful energies, at the tail of the Kite are Ceres, Vesta and Jupiter.  Ceres in Cancer challenges us to release emotional resistance to manifesting our spiritual will. Vesta in Gemini challenges us to relate to others in ways that honour the truth within our own hearts. Jupiter challenges us to release dualistic belief systems of ‘this is true’, or ‘that is true’; if we are in Right Relationship with ourselves, others and the world, then both ‘this and that are true’. This means honouring our own perceptions of truth as well as the truths of others.
At the ‘wings’ of the kite are Venus, on one side and Chiron–Neptune, on the other. Venus holds the pattern in harmonious balance; Chiron and Neptune bring the healing potentials of Unconditional Love into our day-to-day lives.
The Sun, Moon and North Node in Scorpio bring commitment and self-discipline to confront our deepest emotional fears, so that we can understand the best ways to move forward. The key is that it is time for us to take full responsibility for our own future, realising that our beliefs, attitudes and deeply held inner patterns create the circumstances of our lives – we literally create our own reality.
The outcome of these Eclipses will be to remove barriers and veils that have existed within consciousness since time immemorial, enabling us to live at one with ourselves, the Earth and the Universe.

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