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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mercury Retrograde Nov 2012

November 6th to November 26th, 2012
  • Shadow: 18 Scorpio, October 19th
  • Retro Station: 4 Sagittarius, November 6
  • Direct Station: 18 Scorpio, November 26th
  • Release: 4 Sagittarius, December 15th
This is a retrograde when you might lose sight of the shore, as insight comes in that takes time to integrate. Layers of reality can be revealed that are shocking or unlock what's been too painful to deal with. The gifts come later, with wisdom and a full sense of the big picture.
The Prequel - Mercury in Shadow
Mercury is direct, but moving across retrograde degrees of Scorpio starting October 19th. That meansMercury is in its shadow phase. Mercury Scorpio peers into dark places and has a radar for what's worth drawing out. This foreshadows many dramatic revelations through the (extended) Mercury retro period to mid-December.
Mercury's Flash Light On
  • Denial of something too dark to face gives way to the courage to see what's there.
  • Sensing there's more to the story.
  • Seeing through false fronts and tuning into the undercurrents of power.
  • Becoming aware of drains on energy (psychic pulls, unfinished business, manipulation).
  • Resussitation of a deadened part of the self -- recovery from trauma, entanglements, psychic drain.
Main Feature
Mercury's official retrograde is November 6th to November 26th. It begins at 4 Sagittarius and dials back to 18 Scorpio (through the shadow degrees). If you're traveling, factor in that there may be delays. Take soul food with you -- a nourishing book or MP3 interview, for example.
If Mercury messes with time, though, see what's there to experience. There can be scenes of surprising poignancy, out of the blue -- random sharing that seem significant and sticks with you. More heart-to-hearts, even if its messy and "not appropriate" for the workplace or suchlike.
There can be purging, venting, raging -- a volcano of emotion that's been capped is opened. Be cautious about making decisions, if you experience a personal meltdown. Along with it being Mercury retrograde, the emotional force that's unleashed can lead to acting from peak intensity. I'm sure you've experienced that sense of being blinded by rage. It's wise to give yourself time to deal with (transform) and integrate all that's rising.
The upside of Mercury dancing back into the psychic epiphany degrees teases out deeper understanding. We see a pattern, for example, of how we've narrowed our choices, to keep certain impulses under control and unexpressed. Mercury retro is often a flash back to a missing piece. In Scorpio degrees that missing piece could be the emotional truth of a situation. It's time to weave in emotional intelligence, if that's been dropped along the way.

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