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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ready for something nice?

Ready for something nice? This is an underrated word. Most people associate it with “bland”. But the New Moon at 22 degrees Libra (on October 15th) will not be bland. It will be harmonious and happy. And, it will be supported by a softly sparkling trine from optimistic Jupiter in Gemini. New Moons are new beginnings, so you can confidently (Jupiter) launch a new relationship/association (Libra). Especially if it involves lots of chatter (Gemini). This is a friendly, talkative New Moon…get out and socialize. Ask someone out. Send a lighthearted email to someone you want to know better. Trines are positive feedback loops, and Libra always reflects what you put out. So the more sociable (or flirtatious) energy you give off, the more you’ll get in return, which will make you feel even friendlier/more attractive…you get the picture. And Jupiter will expand this river of goodwill. Yes, even though it’s retrograde. Isn’t it nice (there’s that word again) to have a drama-free influence after all the heaviness you’ve been through? Think of this as an island of happiness and serenity. Work it, but most of all, enjoy it. But keep in mind…this is a light influence. It’s not the time to go deep or get dark. No one will be in mood for that. I know, I know…Saturn’s in Scorpio. But take a break (see the house in your chart where Libra resides, to figure out what area you can kick back in and socialize). If you have planets between 16 and 22 degrees Libra and Gemini, you’ll be in the New Moon happy place.

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  1. It's easy to become closed off socially. The new person in town, school or work may have no one to talk to, but strangers are only strangers when you don't know them. You can become sociable by taking in your surroundings, and making an effort to befriend those around you.


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