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Sunday, July 10, 2011

If the Buddha Dated Notes from a book by Charlotte Kasl

Am I being guided by Spirit or my rigid ego?
Loving Kindness for yourself and others

© Reflects a warm open heart: grounded in knowing we are the same
© Becoming critical affords the moment to back off and reflect so that
you don’t have two people removed from their heart.
© Creating distance from someone else creates distance from oneself
© When I see someone back up in fear: they are backing up from me
and themselves.
© When we are driven to change in any way how someone is doing
what they are doing to keep themselves apart from us or themselves
it is a sign that we are not accepting of ourselves.
© Apologizing, not groveling is an intimate practice.
© No matter how different someone is from us, they have gone through
many of the same experiences we have, just differently; uniquely
their way as uniquely as we did our way.
© Love relationships thrive when both partners support, trust, and yield
to the other partner’s path. Adaptability, devotion, and unconditional
support given in equal measure to each other bring the essence of
© Feelings of subordination lead to fears of being left and compromised
integrity; a lack of challenges that lead to arrested growth and
boredom, misplaced parenting, continual effort to fix someone and
childlike dependency

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