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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Luanda Angola most expensive city in the world

1. Luanda, Angola
2. Tokyo
3. N'Djamena, Chad
4. Moscow
5. Geneva
6. Osaka, Japan
7. Zurich
8. Singapore
9. Hong Kong
10. Sao Paolo, Brazil
11. Nagoya, Japan
12. Rio de Janeiro
12. Libreville, Gabon
14. Sydney, Australia
15. Oslo, Norway
16. Bern, Switzerland
17. Copenhagen
18. London
19. Seoul
20. Beijing
Canadian cities: 59. Toronto
65. Vancouver
79. Montreal
96. Calgary
114. Ottawa

Luanda Angola at night

Toronto has surpassed Vancouver as the most expensive place to live in Canada, according to an annual report released on Tuesday, with Calgary listed as the 96th most expensive.

Cost-of-living research firm Mercer released its global survey of 214 cities this morning, revealing the most expensive places to live for 2011. Overall, the Canadian cities are becoming more expensive, mostly due to the strength of the Canadian dollar.

The report said Toronto pulled ahead of Vancouver this year due to high rental costs.

Overall, African, Asian and European cities dominated the rankings, occupying all but one spot in the top 10. Mercer analysts say that, while gas prices pushed prices higher in North America, that growth was outpaced by what was seen in the previously mentioned three continents.

Luanda, Angola and N'Djamena, Chad were ranked first and third respectively. Mercer said expats' accommodation and food costs drove the high placement of many African cities.

Beyond Africa, Mercer said Australia saw some of the sharpest jumps in cost of living in the last year, with Sydney surging 10 places to 14th, Melbourne to 21st from 33rd, and Perth jumping a staggering 30 spots to rank 30th.

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