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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Animals in this world do not only have four legs - Husband blinds his own wife

Blinded UBC student arrives back in Vancouver

An emotional and humble Rumana Manzur tearfully thanks Canadians for their support as the disfigured UBC student returned to Vancouver.
The woman, a victim of a horrific domestic assault in Bangladesh that left her blinded, was wheeled off a plane in a wheelchair at Vancouver International Airport.
She was wearing dark sunglasses over her gouged eyes, the but scabs and sores over her nose and face showed the lasting results of the alleged beating at the hands of her husband.
But even in her condition, Manzur was grateful to be back in Canada, where she will receive treatment at UBC in an attempt to save her vision.
“It feels great to be great here among you beautiful people. I want to see you beautiful people again, I really do,” Manzur sobbed. “I want to thank all of you for supporting me in this crucial period of my life.”
Several family, friends and fellow students greeted Manzur at the airport.
The emotional homecoming was a powerful moment for student Mohsen Seddigh.
“Seeing her up close, I know what she must have been through. It must have been devastating for her,” he said. “I told her we’re glad to have her back and that we love her.”
After her brief remarks to a throng of awaiting media, Manzur was whisked away from the airport surrounded by family and driven away.
She asked people to pray for her successful recovery.

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