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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moon in pisces

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Moon in Pisces Teaches Compassion
The Moon entered watery Pisces today at 8:24am ET (12:24pm GMT). It’ll remain in this highly sensitive zone of the sky for about 60 hours or until Thursday evening. This may bring a rise in feelings of nostalgia. Memories of bygone days will come to the surface.
You can also expect a rise in feelings of compassion and love. Pisces is sensitive to the suffering of others. In light of the massive tornadoes sweeping through the US, we are likely to notice a commensurate growth in sympathy, kindness and consideration. It will bring an appreciation of the good things in your life and how lucky you actually are.
The Full Moons since December have been resonating deeply with the Galactic Center. The celestial current is moving us swiftly towards unpredictable changes.
The next couple of days will provide the perfect atmosphere to mull around in your unconscious – a sort of meditative zone – and get a good understanding of developments in your life that have taken place during this current lunar month.
Today’s Last Quarter Moon means there is one week left in the 29.5-day lunar month. Next Wednesday brings the New Moon and the start of a new Lunar Month that will culminate in an extremely potent and powerful Full Moon that will also be a Total Lunar Eclipse. The Icelandic volcano eruption and extreme weather in the US are cosmic punctuation marks of exclamation as we prepare to see what June will bring.
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