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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jaynes husband Jimmy is a Saint - Bless you for loving her so much

*I found this blog in my travels, It touched my heart and I felt I had to share it, and carry on Jaynes message,  the blog is a true account of her turmoil and battle with cancer, which eventually takes her life. Its very raw, and her suffering was very real, internal therapy through the internet. Jayne you are now an angel, your karma is done. Be blessed * MyGreekSpirit*
*From Jaynes Blog*
I'm also very avid supporter of good karma and doing good things for others while promoting peace.   I live in the moment and I always question; what is the best way to spend this  very moment and I always lean towards making others feel better about themselves.  I don't pity myself in anyway; I just use my situation to make others more thankful for what they already have.   My main question about life is "Why can't we all just get along?".   I live very strictly by the Golden Rule "Treat others how you would want to be treated".  I can always imagine putting myself into the shoes of others I would expect others to do the same. 
I feel that life is way too short to be disgruntled or to feel hatred towards others; so when you are sitting in traffic and the person in front of you drives too slow or just makes you mad; always remember that person's life is worth waiting for. You don't know them just by sitting behind them at a stop light. I also don't sweat the small things in life and I always love a good laugh, no matter what the situation. I'm always laughing at myself as I do and go through so many silly things in my life.
The Big Question: So what is this Shopping Kharma all about.? Where in the hell did I come up with such a stupid name? Well, I started a website ( several years ago in hopes that my bright spirit might just make some peace in this world, raise some money for all the good causes that I believe in, and I just had to shut it down.  Well I didn't make a dime on anything; but it sure was fun.  I lost quite a bit of money but making others feel better about themselves is priceless! Everything on the site; gone.  All that hard work; for nothing; but I did start this blog so I guess some of it wasn't all for nothing.  I got to save some horses too which I am such a lover of!
 I have always had this dream of helping others in this big world of ours just through my writings. or from my website, you could shop for ways to give good kharma in hopes they could feel the warmth of helping others or just being a good person with a warm soul. Perhaps I could make people who feel violent and hopeless; cheerful and appreciating life once again. I could stop violence with my spirit. It really does feel wonderful when you make someone else's day by just helping them out or just giving them your time.

MONDAY, MARCH 7, 2011  To All The Friends Of My Sweet Jayne
This is Jayne's husband Jimmy.  This is my first post to Jayne's famous blog.
Jayne passed away peacefully this morning.  She did not appear to be in any pain.
This blog was very important to her in chronicling her battle with this terrible disease.  Your support and love she received through the comments on the blog were truly inspirational to her and helped her to continue to fight and to continue to enjoy her life.  I loved hearing her recite all your comments to me.  It was very important to Jayne to use this blog to share knowledge so others could learn through her experience:  including patients, loved ones, and medical professionals alike.  For so many people who are newly diagnosed, it is the unknown things to come that are the scariest.  This was a way for Jayne to share her ideas and experiences in combatting this disease.  It is my hope that this blog will continue to be a resource for people.

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