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Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Lord is my shepherd

The Lord Is My Shepherd portrays our Lord as a good shepherd, feeding and leading his flock.  The “rod and staff” are   implements of a shepherd.  A  shepherd must know each sheep by name. Thus when psalm 23 portrays the Lord as a shepherd, God is not only a protector.  In addition, He is our caretaker.  Our Lord, as caretaker, leads His sheep to green pastures  and still waters, because he knows that each of his sheep must be personally led to be fed.  Thus, without their Shepherd, the sheep, known for stupidity, would die, either from predators or starvation.(From: Wikipedia, Psalm 23)

Humans have become their predators.
As a member of the Greek Community and a heritage that traces back to Ancient Civilization, I have endured a ceremonial ritual that has disgusted me since I was a child. We are in the 20th century and we still practice barbaric old rituals, we condemn others for torturing animals around the world, while we are carrying home on our backs the carcass of a newly slaughtered baby Lamb.
Kokoretsi, sousoukakia, keftedakia, paidakia, magiritsa etc etc, sadly we celebrate death as a great thing, I know I might offend people with these thoughts but they have tormented me since I was a little girl and many witnessed my anguish growing up year after year. Bloody carcasses hanging in my home every Easter, Lamb heads boiling in pots, watching people and their joy while they poke the eyes and testicles on the spit and peel and eat the flesh of an innocent baby lamb who's body is slowly being cooked spin after spin after spin, tied to a metal bar and left to melt and drip in front of children and family. It cooks until it is taken and chopped into mouthwatering chunks for everyone to stuff themselves until full. 
Needless to say, Easter was never a special day for me, it was painful, sickening and ugly. I just can't connect the concept of the kindness of God and Jesus to the enjoyment of this barbaric ritual, he was the lamb of god they say and in his lap, he is portrayed holding a baby lamb, not eating it !!, So why do we keep killing millions of innocent creatures, when his message was love and kindness? 
Somewhere along the way some sick mind associated his sacrifice with using Lambs as martyrs to his death and tangled it together and it still remains today as something sacred. In all honesty, I prefer the Anglo Saxon version of Easter, cute Bunnies, Chocolate and a lit Candle. 
( My Greek Spirit )

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