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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Signs of a Highly Sensitive Person

Comment from an article I read lately.......your thoughts????

Sensitivity is a good character if it is polished and tamed to the person's own benefit. This has to start by self-awareness first and working on the emotion control before the "knee-jerk reaction". You're absolutely right that a sensitive person in a leadership place may not the best choice but knowing how many emotionally dull leaders can fail a whole department, I'd prefer the sensitive leader, at least he/she can feel and see through people. On another note, I think sensitive people are passionate lovers too. Sadly, their love relations can consume them, if it doesn't get under control. This basically due to being even more sensitive towards those they love. i.e. the pain from a beloved one is worse and happiness is triple size when experienced with someone they love. Sensitive people experience emotions in mega size; laugh and cry from their heart; and rarely can be fake. That is great, if people around them understand who they are and not misinterpret their behaviour as insanity!! or " inappropriate" On the downside, their relationship with others can be destroyed by the super-senstivity and high expectations of others. They think everyone can feel them and should accomodate how they feel and when that doesn't happen, the continuous disappointments in others break their relationships. I must say living in the current world that is full of stimuli, shocks, and fakes must be very exhausting, to a sensitive person. Sooner or later they either get desensitized to survive, or burnout from overthinking.

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