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Monday, August 31, 2015

Healing Waters: Full Moon in Pisces

" Full Moon in Pisces has been affecting me this week..this article says it all...I am feeling it all, and so intense, without thought without reason, its hitting me one right after the other." MyGreekSpirit
Skin thins. Thoughts move towards the suffering of others and onto how theirs collides with our own. Memories are triggered. Body stirs in the recall. Throat tightens. Chest constricts. Eyes well up with tears.
Maybe the waterworks are a natural outcome of the latest installment of Venus retrograde. The once-every-18-months-or-so cycle has been hard at work this summer, revealing every truth that we have ever tried to outrun as it pertains to how our heart works. Those that we have loved, lost or never had at all seem to re-enter the scene, bringing with them pathways to ancient feelings. Feelings we thought we had long since let go.
Or maybe it’s the next full moon in Pisces that is urging you towards weeping at the drop of a hat. On August 29th, at 11:35 AM PDT, the moon will fulfill its monthly course and peak in the mutable water sign of the fish.
Pisces is the most sensitive, caring, nurturing, kind, understanding, confused, wishy-washy, dreamy, deluded romantic that ever was. Seeing pain is as hard as feeling it personally. Seeing suffering is as hard as experiencing it. There is no difference between us and Pisces perceives these connections. Pisces cannot un-know them. This sign which carries with it the energetic cleansing and creativity of the primordial waters of life has no protection. This is quite possibly its greatest strength. Its vulnerability and its transparency may not win at hand to hand combat but it will win the hearts of its opponents. It’s almost impossible not to fall for the charms of this fish.
Pisces is open to everything: every feeling, thought, experience, person and being on the planet. Pisces wants to feel connected to all, reminds us of our connection to all and engenders opportunities to cry your eyes out for the pain of it all.

This super moon (super moons occur when the moon is closer to the earth than normal) in Pisces has an interesting set up. It is conjunct Neptune, a planet known for its ability to emphasize feelings of anxiety, a planet that has the tendency to erode the concrete and a planet that creates the illusion that life is coming apart at the seems. Being overwhelmed, feeling extra sensitized and less than focused are also effects that Neptune is famous for. It’s not all bad though. This outer planet can lend us its creative genius, psychic talents and all kinds of kindness.
Neptune in Pisces reveals issues that we have around water, both the sources of water that we depend upon to stay alive as a planet and the sources of emotional healing that we need to address both publicly and personally.
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