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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Greece in shock - father kills his own daughter in Gruesome details

Detailing the gruesome events, a report from defencenet noted that the after murdering his own child, he cut up the body, cooked it in a pot with potatoes, onions and rice, flushed a good portion of it in the sewage system and slowly disposed of the rest at various trash cans around Athens where stray dogs are abundant.

Authorities pointed out that Ani's father, is a heavy drug addict, has confessed to the killing during questioning. Initially, he had said that he found the child dead after waking up from a drug induced haze and amid panic disposed of her body.

Attica prefecture police chief Christos Papazafiris described the case as unprecedented and a first in Greek history. Police officers were shocked by the gruesome details of the desecration of the child's dead body, Papazarifis said.

As such, they released an official statement with the following hair-raising conclusions (here they are in a brief form, more details can be read further down):

  • No trace of Ani’s body is likely to be found as her father effectively destroyed it, by cutting it up, cooking it, and disposing of it in the toilet and in other locations.
  • Savvas had put towels on the windows to absorb the steam
  • On the 12th of April Savvas disposed of the last trace of Ani’s body
  • Trace’s of Ani’s blood was found on various objects and in the house
  • Savvas’s blood was found on a knife and a sheet
  • Following the murder, Savvas bought new furniture and new mops and brooms to conceal the crime
  • Savvas then sold Ani’s stroller, toys and crib to a Romanian owner of a store in the area on the 16-17th of April for 55 euros.
  • According to police, the motive for the crime was Savvas’s jealousy of the little girl
  • Savvas cleaned the pipes of his house and had planned to have them replaced
  • Savvas also transported portions of the body in food containers to conceal their true nature.
  • The first indications are that Dimitria did not know of Ani’s death
  • There was no indication that the child had any significant health problems that may have contributed to her death.
The gruesome crime has shocked the public in Greece. As the 27-year-old was taken to be arraigned before magistrates he was heckled by a crowd calling him a ‘monster’.
    "It is highly unlikely that we will find evidence (a bone, etc.) from the four-year old victim's body", said Papazarifis said, leaving it to be understood that the 27-year old disposed of all traces of his child.

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