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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Saturn Retrograde 2015

Saturn is now retrograde which is a very much needed event in people's lives right now, it will show or "unearth" the hidden truth about ourselves that we didn't know about previously or forgot to discovery during the past 4 months; this is due to the position of Saturn in Scorpio. When planets are retrograde in our birth chart we have to constantly go back and do things many times to achieve them. When planets are retrograde during yearly transits, they tend to have a different effect. Saturn currently being retrograde from March 14th to August 20th will have us go back and unearth the hidden truth about us, the truth which we have ran away from or ignored since the last time Saturn was retrograde. This is one of the most needed retroaction right now in our current times in personal and mundane ambience.

Saturn in Scorpio shows the root cause of our suffering, when it's retrograde it makes us double check if we did clean out our karmic baggage which he bought upon us since he entered Scorpio. Asking yourself "Did I really change myself after finding the problem" would a good start.

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